Team work discussion

About Coverdale

Few years ago, the man behind Coverdale has dreamt of having and building his own empire that will help thousands of people worldwide. Though it has not been a one-day decision and a lot has been taken into consideration; discouragements, negative comments, thoughts, and ‘what ifs’. These things did not matter, they made him push harder and go for what he truly wants in life.

Who would have thought that being discouraged and pulled down many times could create someone who stands up for what he truly believes. The statement to create a human connection, heart-to-heart bond, to excel in providing services and never stop improving. To strive for 100% client’s satisfaction and recurrence.

Our Mission

To build a horizontal, multi-cultured organization, established around the client and the trustees of the firm. The organization will provide services directly or by outsourcing, and will supervise and ensure complete satisfaction during all stages and at the end of the service.

To reduce as many obstacles for the client and the firm to make the transactions and the services with the least resistance and without any obstacles for the clients to reach an automated system within the organization.

To create measurable feedback on every service provided and a data-storage to reflect on and facilitate decision-making by studying the statistics, feedback and suggestions.

To build an understanding of different cultural factors which affects the client’s decision-making and tailor the services to their acceptance and liking.

Team work discussion
They Believe In Us

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We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential.

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You are in good hands – 30 years of translation experience in the UAE on local and international levels. 100% human translation and heart-to-heart connection. You are important, that is why we will dedicate a personal project manager, who will keep in contact and update you about every stage, from the start till the completion and delivery.


To add value to people’s life by asking ourselves before providing solutions or suggestions, “Will this add value to

their life and business”?.

To become the most trusted organization in Iran and Persian Gulf for immigration, company formation, legalization and real estate.

To bring “Providing Solutions” into action and create big impact in people’s lives to make them remember us. To challenge their perspective in life, to support customer business grow through more intentional, more aligned with our own values actions.

To create multiple services and organizations with the same underlying leadership, values and management.

To keep inspiring, motivating each and every one and be the reason why every individual in our organization learned the real meaning of Trust or to Trust the Process.

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