The provision of specialized legal translation services is in the highest demand in many countries!Why? Because most international treaties, trade agreements and many other things are written in legal language.

To translate specialized legal texts, in any field, you can trust the specialized translators of Coverdale, the largest online specialized translation Website in Dubai. We understand the importance, delicacy and complexity of specialized legal texts and sources. Therefore, we leave the specialized translation of the sources related to each of the specialized legal trends to the translators and specialists in that field. Request accurate translations of specialized legal texts from Coverdale.

Legal knowledge is a discipline that encompasses all social relations. These relationships may be between the people and the government or the people’s private relationships. People active in the field of law need to be fluent in English, French and Arabic literature. They must be able to deduce jurisprudential and logical books.

Since jurisprudence intertwined with other sciences, specialized translation of these texts considered a difficult task. Translating legal texts requires having a wide range of words in this field and familiarity with legal language. If you also need more complete information for specialized legal translation services, we suggest that you join Coverdale in the continuation of this article.


Coverdale legal translation services in Dubai

It can be said that the field of law is one of the most lucrative. At the same time the most difficult fields of the humanities, which many candidates choose to continue their studies.

Characteristics of a lawyer include boldness, high reasoning power and, most importantly, excellent articulation, without which there will be no success in this field. Jurists should be aware of various sciences including sociology, psychology and philosophy. Fluency in Arabic language and literature is also one of the basic needs of this field.

The scope of the field of law is very high. Some of the trends in this field are as follows:

  • criminal law of children and adolescents
  • oil and gas law
  • international economic trade law
  • criminal law and criminology
  • jurisprudence and law and
  • so on.

Anyone who wants to take on legal duties must be able to handle them. Research in the field of law has always been one of the main tasks of every lawyer and law firm, regardless of their working methods. Identifying issues should be a vital part of effective research.

In addition, lawyers must have sufficient and accurate skills to conduct the necessary research. We provide a variety of language services to users and offer you the order at the speed and quality you want.

Legal Translation Services

Legal translation services in Dubai

Translation of academic legal terms

Most law students need specialized translations of all their academic texts to translate all of their student projects, including scholarly articles, textbooks, textbooks, and scientific proposals. Law students need to study and translate specialized foreign language resources. For this reason, specialized translation is one of the main needs that every law student needs.

Translation of International Law Articles

International law is a set of rules and principles that accepted between different nationalities and states. It is one of the main trends of law at university. From which many students have graduated and entered the job market. International law has many scientific and specialized articles. So that experts in this field are familia with the new teachings and findings of this specialized science.

The translation of a specialized article on international law seems to be one of the most sensitive types of Legal translation services! Because these specialized texts contain many legal materials and notes. Each of which covers specific legal issues. For this reason, not every translator can translate it correctly and completely.

Coverdale, together with professional translators in the field of law, has made it possible for individuals to use the translation services of this system to translate all foreign articles.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Translation of Intellectual Property Law texts

Translation of Intellectual Property Law texts

Translation of specialized books on intellectual property law is one of the most important and valuable services that Coverdale provides to its clients. In this way, you can easily translate and publish all kinds of specialized books in the field of law and receive the translation of your specialized books according to a regular and section-by-section schedule.

Professional translation of criminal law and criminology

Undoubtedly, criminal law and criminology are the most well-known branches of law. Due to the fact that each texts, books and specialized articles written in the field of crime and criminology have unique characteristics and sensitivities, its translation is more difficult and specialized than other trends in this field.

However, Coverdale by providing the best legal translation services in Dubai (in the field of crime and criminology), has made it possible for lawyers and researchers in this field to seek help from experienced translators in this field.

professional translation of criminal law criminology

Criminal Law Document Translation Services

Translation of legal cases

Most lawyers whose legal cases rely on non-English evidence need to read a translated version of their client’s documents to better understand and translate their evidence. For this purpose, Coverdale acquaints lawyers and clients with the content of legal cases of natural and legal persons by translating all cases, including power of attorney, affidavit and related documents.

Translation of legal summonses

Legal translation services are very important and valuable for those who have a complete command of the Arabic language to attend formal court hearings. We can accurately translate this category of sensitive texts for people who need it. Trust us.

Translation of power of attorney, testimonials and legal letters of commitment

The legal translation team of the Coverdale translates all types of legal power of attorneys that contain notarized seals. Local and organizational testimonials and letters of commitment that contain valuable content can be translated informally in the best possible way in this company.

Informal translation of these legal documents use for those people who only need to know the content of the document! Because the unofficial translation of these documents lacks a judicial seal and official translation, and this document cannot be presented to embassies.

Translate the official newspaper advertisement of the companies

The translation of the official newspaper advertisement of companies and private and governmental organizations is useful for those businesses that want to cooperate with international companies.

For this purpose, the translation of all the content of the companies’ establishment announcement can be translated in the most professional way in the Coverdale.

Sending an interpreter at the time of the trials

Simultaneous translation services of the Coverdale are very useful for those basic lawyers of the judiciary who are in urgent need of simultaneous translation of legal rulings during formal court hearings.

In addition, the translators of this system will attend all seminars, events and private meetings between the client and the lawyer. They will maintain the confidentiality of all the content of the secret legal sessions. They will perform the process of interpreting the content of the session.

Sending an interpreter at the time of the trials

Translation in the Courtroom

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the level of knowledge and experience of the Coverdale legal translators?

In the field of law, professional and experienced translators translate your text with more than 10 years of experience in the field of translation.

2- How many days does it take to translate texts in the field of law?

On average, a ratio of 1000 words per 24 hours consider for translating legal texts.

3- How are legal terms translated?

In the field of translator law, first, with sufficient mastery and skill in translating texts, he tries to read and understand the general text of the original text, and in the next step, by extracting specialized terms and words of the text, he performs the equivalence steps in the best possible way.

4- How will the translation fee calculate in the field of salary?

The price of translation services in the Coverdale calculated according to the number of pages and the number of words. You can upload your order file in the user panel section to know the exact cost of your order before paying.

5- Is there a possibility of immediate translation if there is an urgent need for the content?

Yes, keep in mind that the quality of instant translation is no different from normal translation. The translator puts the utmost care and focus on translating the text into Arabic, Persian or other languages to ultimately deliver a fluent text to his client.

6- Do you translate the article according to the format of valid journals?

If you send us the format you want, it will included in the translation process of the article. Otherwise it is simply delivered within the Word file.

7- I have an article to translate and submit to a foreign journal, this process takes 3 months. What is the task if the article rejected due to the low quality of the translation?

We guarantee the quality of translations. Academic articles to be published in foreign journals will covered by the Coverdale guarantee until publication.

8- I have a text pdf file but I do not know how many words it has, please help.

We do the word counting process for you. All you have to do is register as an employer and place your translation order. The number of words will counted for you in less than half an hour.

9- Do you translate other content such as movies, video and audio files, infographics, etc.?

Yes, of course, media translation is one of the activities of the Coverdale translation Website.

10- Do you also do editing?

Yes, to edit, zip the file and register the order. First, it will be reviewed and priced, and after the deposit, your project will be done.

11- I have a text that I do not know exactly in what context. How can you help me?

It is better to choose a context that is closer to the subject of your text. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can send the text to the Coverdale to get the necessary instructions.

12- How are translations guaranteed?

Good and very good level projects are guaranteed by the Coverdale. Especially in non-bidding projects, where the Coverdale appraiser reviews and modifies the file before delivering it to the client.

13- What translators translate specialized texts and contents?

Keep in mind that only translators who specialize in your content will do the translation. Translators whose field of study is entirely related to the field of specialization. Who, due to their extensive translation experience in this field, are fluent in its specialized terms. Then safely register your translation order.