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Celebration of Icons of Porsche will come back this year for a second edition at Dubai Design District on November 26 and 27. The highly expected festival will invite participants to a trip that will appreciate Porsche’s rallying legacy, whereas accentuating the many enthusiastic Porsche communities in the Middle East region. This year’s event commits to present an even larger accumulation than last year. The 17,000 square meter place is devoted to accommodating an exhilarating combination of experiences, the greatest exhibition of classic Porsches anywhere in the region, artwork installations from famous artists, sought-after F&B sellers and thrilling entertainment activities from all around the region.

Following last year’s festival which was held with the attendance of more than 7,000 visitors and 1,000 Porsche cars to the initial festival in 2021, the celebration of Icons of Porsche will provide an opportunity for Porsche lovers to come together.  Families and a broad diversity of global and local communities that are attracted by common enthusiasm such as classic cars, art, music, off-roading and exhilarating experiences will also attend this festival.

Celebration of Icons of Porsche is an appreciation of Porsche’s wonderful heritage. Last year’s festival was one of the most extraordinary car exhibitions this region has ever experienced, where over 200 classic Porsche sports cars attended. The safari theme for this year’s festival will offer a lot of exhilarating moments and appealing experiences. Participants can anticipate watching some well-known Porsche cars from its whole rich heritage. They are determined to offer a calendar event that is not to be lost. It will be the final platform to experience classic car nostalgia in relation to art, culture and the community.

Dubai celebration of icons of Porsche

Marking significant events and unveiling new model

The extraordinary festival will present numerous celebrations of important events. This involves 20 years of Porsche Cayenne, the brand’s first SUV model, and 50 Years of Porsche Design and will provide a meeting session for Porsche Clubs from around the region as they mark an unbelievable ’70 Years of Porsche Clubs.  In addition to marking the past, the newest addition to Porsche’s model heritage will attract the attention of the attendees during the festival. Getting its regional premiere, the new model is privileged to become another idol amongst the adventurous Porsche communities of the Middle East and beyond. Its presentation during the festival will emphasize how Porsche offers unforeseen, new and unusual brand moments.

Experience zones | celebration of icons

New aspects that intend to captivate an even broader attendee consist of the parts of real-life and virtual driving experiences. An Sports area will provide visitors with the chance to try out their racing skills in a Porsche against other contestants, while a particular off-road course will provide a venturesome passenger ride experience in Porsche Cayenne models.

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The festival will be divided into five disparate thematic zones for attendees to use. This includes:

Experience zones | celebration of icons

Adventure Camp: An exploration of Porsche’s venturesome and uncontrollable side. Here visitors can anticipate a blend of off-road, overland and rallying shows, with well-known museum race cars, exceptional modified cars and driving experiences.

Community Village: A marketplace for all visitors who are attracted by car culture and desire to accept willingly the Porsche lifestyle. This shopping center presents sought-after brand partners, a one-stop center for Porsche pieces and activations that will offer every attendee a piece of the festival to take home.

Design Factory: A center devoted to car-making artistry and its effect on lifestyle. Presenting Exclusive Manufacture and Porsche Design, this area displays the brand’s design process, legacy and a variety of amazing sports cars manufactured to perform and captivate a great deal of attention or interest.

Electric Field: A modern desert city for all to explore the exciting speed of Porsche cars in-game at the Sports area and to be amused with special installations that manifest how Porsche formed the world of pop culture in movies, digital art and gaming.

Art Valley: A galleria of unparalleled artworks from famous international and regional artists who have been stimulated by Porsche. Here attendees are ensured to be encouraged and will have chances to get inventive themselves.

Last year’s festival captivated more than 7,000 attendees and more than 1,000 Porsche owners, displaying the largest accumulation of Porsches ever in the region. It consisted of some of the most exhilarating highlights from the brand’s inexhaustible racing legacy as well as rare classic road cars and design studies attending a public event for the first time outside of Porsche’s home country Germany. Providing something for everyone and welcoming regional and international visitors and artists, the celebration of Icons of Porsche is an exactly unparalleled event that addresses a broad range of audiences – from classic car owners to automotive lovers. It is a testament that Porsche not only delivers great sports cars but also is a symbol of enthusiasm, inspiration, and wishes.

What makes Porsche quality so specific?

What makes Porsche quality so specific?

The name Porsche is equal to quality. It always has the purpose of pleasing the customer to the highest degree – as is suitable for a premium brand. It goes without saying that Porsche stands for quality in every way, in all features, in all products, in customer connections, and with regard to the brand. There is a large number of questions about Porsche. For instance, what is so specific about Porsche quality? Why is it so wonderful? How is it accomplished? How can we experience it and see it? It all reaches the essential question: What makes Porsche quality so specific?

1.Test winner

A routine day can be monotonous. Once customers begin utilizing a product they have gained, they are in fact trying it out constantly. They have meticulous standards and are resolute in their judgment. Testing companies and organizations undertake the same responsibility on behalf of customers. They have even more rigorous criteria and even more unflinching judgments. If a producer gets their sanction, they’ve actually achieved something with their product.

Dubai celebration of icons of Porsche

2.Reliability | celebration of icons

Porsche manufactured its first car in 1948. The tradition hence returns more than 65 years. That alone doesn’t deserve a top score because there are much older car manufacturers. Still, they cannot make a similar claim as Porsche: Most of the cars it has manufactured, two-thirds in fact, are still on the road. Quality produces value. Stand back and extol it, or better yet, drive it for years, decades even.

This special quality is a testament to previous periods as well as the company’s innovation and engineering work. Porsche regards this fact as an honor and a responsibility to keep manufacturing cars in the future that are worth maintaining and are maintained – with wonderful care. Indeed, that is made possible because of their quality and the gathering of many other factors like technology, design, trustworthiness, and durability – all of which have gained the trust of customers.

3.Good sportsmanship | celebration of icons

Every Porsche is a good athlete. Two of the most significant components that prove this claim are the drivetrain and the chassis. For the Porsche brand, these are visibly some of the most crucial seals of quality in every model, and that is why every new expansion also sets new standards in these areas.

icons of porsche dubai


A Porsche is extraordinary and makes for supremacy. It enables one to willingly choose one’s personal mobility, especially with regard to balancing street and race track performance. It is something that every model presents and it is certainly something only Porsches can do. No other car manufacturer can provide such capabilities in all of its models in such perfection, and hence one can claim that supremacy is for Porsche an emblem of quality.

5.Design | celebration of icons

A Porsche is not just a sports car. It is the most gorgeous sports car in its segment. Clearly, that’s a very biased opinion, but it’s correct. It makes the point that Porsche invests the highest time in its designs and their every detail. Every item and line is carefully and meticulously designed. Furthermore, the design is such that it provides a challenge for the engineers to change the perfect concept into a real car.

icons of porsche dubai

6.Qualified employees

To preserve the highest quality, the skills of all employees must always be up-to-date and at the highest levels. To do so, Porsche retains an inclusive qualification program. Here, too, Porsche acts in a typical way: fast and concentrated.

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