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How to renew the Dubai residence?

To be able to live and work in the UAE as a resident, you must have an appropriate residence visa. Still, irrespective of the kind of residence visa you have, it will be valid for a few years. Hence, you should be familiar with the UAE residence renewal process so you can extend your residence whenever needed.

How to renew the UAE residence?

What is a UAE residence and why is it needed?

Those who want to live and work in the UAE for a couple of years must get a residence permit. With this kind of visa, all foreigners can reside in the UAE and conduct their business activities. And this legal document is ideal for them, it does not make any difference whether they are entrepreneurs, investors or employees. And although the residence renewal process is not very difficult, it is recommendable to hire an immigration agent or specialist. This way, they can manage the process meticulously and successfully renew your residence in a short time while obeying the rules.

What are the necessary points to know about the UAE residence renewal process?

A residence visa will expire after just a few years. But if you want to live longer in the country, you must conduct the UAE residence renewal process. You must also know and be familiar with the grace period, renewal fees, requirements, and other issues. Being familiar clearly with these details enables you to finish your process on time and without making errors.

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How to renew the UAE residence?

What requirements must applicants meet to extend their residence?

To carry out the UAE residence renewal process, you must meet some specific requirements and prepare the required documents. Some of the obligatory requirements for extending the residence in UAE include:

  1. A valid residency permit must be submitted by the sponsor.
  2. For applicants who are over 18 years old, passing a medical fitness test is needed.
  3. In addition, it is obligatory to hold a valid insurance card if you are living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
  4. Finally, you need to have an extended identity card. Or else, you should have an original receipt that shows that you will get a renewed one.

Remember that some extra requirements must be needed based on the location where you carry out the process. For example, to renew a residence in Dubai, you may need a health insurance card or certificate.

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How to renew the Dubai residence?

What documents are obligatory for residence renewal in the UAE?

You must also submit some documents before getting your renewed residence card. For instance, the necessary documents that you must submit during the process include:

An online application. You can also apply via a registered typing office. This is the residency permit renewal application which the sponsor must sign it.

Furthermore, the original passport and a photo of the sponsored will be obligatory.

Still, remember that some extra documents may be required in some cases.

Extra documents

In some specific cases, it will be mandatory to provide extra documents to carry out the UAE residence renewal process. For instance, if you are employed in the private sector, your sponsoring company is required to submit these extra documents:

First of all, a copy of a valid company card and trade license.

Then, a copy of the extended labor card of the sponsored will be mandatory.

Finally, it is obligatory to provide a copy of the labor card renewal receipt. Still, this is applicable to applicants who are 60 years and above.

On the other hand, there is another case in which the process needs extra documents. If you sponsor family members, more specifically, first or second-degree relatives (spouses, children, parents, and brothers and sisters), you must provide the following:

  1. A copy of the spouse’s employment contract. If they are investors, it will be obligatory to submit a copy of their company contract.
  2. In addition, a salary slip from the employer will be needed. And it must express the employee’s monthly salary.
  3. A valid marriage certificate is also required in this case.
  4. Finally, submitting the latest utility bill is obligatory.

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When an applicant can apply for the renewal of their UAE residence?

If the validity of your residence expires, you will be given a grace period to renew it. Thus, you must complete your residence renewal in Dubai or any other emirates before that period ends. However, the relevant authorities can exempt those who must renew their residences a few months earlier. Typically, it is for traveling purposes that some people must renew their residence as immediately as possible.

And the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner’s Affairs is in charge of granting specific authorization and approval. With this approval and authorization, you can get your residency renewed between 1 and 6 months earlier. On the other hand, it is suggestible to know the requirements you need to meet to receive this permission. Otherwise, you cannot renew your residency months before it ends.

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How long can an applicant remain in the country after the validity of their residency ends?

The UAE residence visa just lets you stay in the UAE for a specific period. And once it is not valid anymore, you will be given a grace period to stay in the country. And you can make use of this grace period to either carry out the UAE residence renewal process or leave the UAE. Still, you should be aware that the grace period is short; it will be just 30 days. And if you do not apply for renewal of your residency or leave the country before it ends, you may encounter specific penalties. Thus, you should renew your residence in the UAE during the determined time.