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Those people who want to immigrate to the UAE will certainly experience one of the most important and attractive issues of their life. Like many other countries, you may experience some enjoyable challenges like the consciousness of local customs, language, climate, and business in the UAE. The UAE’s economy is very successful and advanced which is dependent on financial services, hospitality, construction, real estate and tourism. This variety as well as strategic location, and excellent infrastructure, has made this country a leading destination for foreigners and those who intend to immigrate for a better life.

Different ways to immigrate to the UAE

To apply for a UAE visa, many expatriates must have an entry permit. You can benefit from the sponsorship of your employer, or a family member who has gained citizenship or permanent residency in the UAE.

the easiest way to immigrate to the UAE

1.Employment visa

Most expats who enter the UAE have received a job offer from an employer before applying for any visas or permits. Typically, the UAE companies who hire them will follow and do all employment visa and work permit processes. Employment visas can be valid between one and 10 years, based on the contract and how required the applicant’s skills and experience are. You must revoke your employment visa before you decide to leave the country forever. Or else, you could possibly be registered as an absconder, and you could even be captured if you ever come back to the UAE. You may be arrested upon return for reasons such as inability to pay back the debts and leaving the country with any important legal cases against you.

2.Investment visa

The investment visa is suitable for people who want to establish new businesses in the UAE or for those who buy property in the country. You must be capable of meeting the minimum investment requirement to be eligible for an investment visa. Applicants who want to gain an investment visa via investing in a company are not allowed to work for any other company.

the easiest way to immigrate to the UAE

3.Residence visa

If you are determined to apply for a residence visa, you must pass an obligatory blood test. Applicants whose HIV or Hepatitis test is positive will be detained and finally expelled from the country. Unfortunately, no appeal process is applicable in this instance. Employers and employees who have valid UAE residence visas can sponsor residence visas for their families. The only precondition is that the sponsor can gain a determined minimum salary in addition to accommodation. Furthermore, any sponsored family members over the age of 18 years old will must pass a medical fitness test.

4.Retirement visa

If you are 55 years old or over and meet the determined requirements, you will qualify for a five-year retirement visa.

Student visa in uae

5.Student visa

Expatriate students who are over 18, and want to study in or live in the UAE, are eligible for student visas. Distinguished students can also be eligible for a long-term visa for up to five years. You must have a letter of acceptance/enrollment so as to apply for a student visa, and will also be needed to complete a medical fitness test. Proof of adequate funds or a guarantor will be also required.

the easiest way to immigrate to the UAE

6.Tourist visa

As you may know, some nationalities will need a tourist visa and some will not need one. This kind of visa does not allow you to work; working on a tourist visa is illegal and those working on a tourist visa (rather than a work visa) and without a valid work permit will be severely penalized, incarcerated, or deported.

Foreign visitors who want to reside in the UAE for more than 14 days (based on nationality), or who are inclined to visit family members or for business goals except for commerce, can make an application for visit visas. The validity of this visa is either 30 days or 90 days. Both types of visit visas cannot be renewed.

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The easiest way to immigrate to the UAE

Apply for a visa/permit

All foreign individuals arriving in the United Arab Emirates must get a visa before arrival, except for those people who are a citizen of a visa-free country. So it is necessary to make sure whether you need a visa to immigrate to the UAE or you do not need any visa. People who want to enter the UAE are required to have a passport that is valid for at least six months. GCC nationals, excluding Qataris, are required to just show a government ID or a driving license so as to be able to travel between any of the member countries. If you want simply to transit through UAE, and are not immigrating to this country, then your passport must be valid at least for three months.

Citizens of some countries are eligible for a visa on arrival, which enables them to remain in the UAE for up to 30 days. This kind of visa can be extended for a maximum of two times. This will make your visa valid for additional 30 days, while you are not required to leave the country. Some foreign people may qualify for visit visas on a multiple-entry basis.

The easiest way to immigrate to the UAE

If none of your first-class family members reside in Dubai, you can acquire a residency visa only through three ways. You can either be an employee of a local company or purchase a property in Dubai. The third option is via setting up a company or taking part in a company. With this permit, you can acquire an investment visa. If you do not intend to possess an affiliate business or buy a property, you are allowed to permanently live in the UAE by running a business. This can be the easiest way to immigrate to the UAE. You must choose the easiest way to immigrate to the UAE based on your personal conditions.