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Dubai is one of the best migration targets for nurses in 2022. As demand for healthcare professions is growing globally, Dubai city is getting to hire more and more nurses to improve its healthcare system. Dubai has one of the best public health systems in the world, offering high standards of healthcare in state-of-the-art facilities.  Dubai Health Care Service is run by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which oversees both public and private health care. So, if you are a professional nurse, you can move to Dubai and benefit from Dubai’s unique welfare system.

Stay with us in this article on the Coverdale blog to uncover how you can move to Dubai as a nurse in 2022.

In this article, we have reviewed all the tips you need to immigrate to Dubai as a nurse. Have the required documents, the conditions you need, and also the advantages that nurses in Dubai have. Stay with us until the end of this article.


Why move to Dubai as a nurse?

If you have visited Dubai just once, you probably found it extraordinarily growing in everything from science and technology to tourism and healthcare. Dubai is one of the biggest hubs in tourism and business in the Middle East and is trying hard to strengthen its infrastructure. In this regard, many professionals are hired for required jobs in Dubai. Along with other experts, nursing jobs have become one of the most important and in-demand jobs in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. A nursing job in Dubai is a great opportunity for nursing professionals who want to advance their careers in a new and exciting way. The United Arab Emirates has a great demand for professionally qualified nurses with vacancies across the country.

Read the complete guide for doctors who want to migrate to Dubai in 2022.

How to move to Dubai as a nurse


How to move to Dubai as a nurse?

How to immigrate to Dubai as a nurse?

If you are a nurse, you should think of Dubai as one of your best choices to improve in this high-demand job. Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and the most growing Middle Eastern economy. Because of that, there are a lot of opportunities in Dubai for all professionals in their job.

Every country has its own rules for accepting different experts. You, as a nurse, should have certain qualities and be eligible to be taken as a nurse in Dubai city. What are these rules and conditions?

To qualify for the nursing profession in Dubai, you must have relevant nursing qualifications and licenses obtained in your home country from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). In addition, the nursing work has not been interrupted for more than 2 years. Then, you will be subject to an assessment from the DHA.



Mandatory requirements for moving to Dubai

First, you should meet some requirements to approve as a nursing applicant in the Dubai job-seeking process. Requirements for applying as a nurse in Dubai are:

  • Having a graduate degree in nursing and having documents confirming it
  • Proven experience of at least twelve months in your field of work
  • Thorough knowledge of English (because it is the language you use to communicate with other health professionals in hospitals)
  • Mastery of the Arabic language (knowing Arabic well helps you to improve your positions very fast)
  • Having a work visa issued by Dubai Immigration Office
  • Being less than 35 years old
  • No criminal record or conviction

Necessary documents for moving as a nurse to dubai 

After you meet all the conditions mentioned, you should send some documents to be considered as a nursing applicant in Dubai city. The documents are:

  • Valid passport (be valid for 6 months)
  • Passport size photo with white background
  • Birth certificate
  • Educational qualifications and nursing or midwifery registration certificate
  • Confirmations from all fields in which the applicant has practiced or previously registered
  • Registration certificates of any field where the applicant has practiced or registered
  • Proof of applicant’s health and character by employment authorities
  • Transcripts of training for all related nursing or midwifery programs completed by the applicant


What are the benefits of moving as a nurse in Dubai?

Benefits of nursing in dubai

Experts are highly valued in Dubai. Especially if you work in important and high-demand jobs like nursing, you will have many advantages. Some of the benefits of being a nurse in Dubai are:

Nursing salary in Dubai 

Your salary as a nurse will be different based on your years of experience, qualifications, and expertise in different areas. But always you can increase your salary as a nurse by working in Dubai.

The salary offers to these nursing specialists is one of the highest salaries in the world. Nurses who work in this country have the best salaries and benefits in the world. A nurse who has at least twelve months of work experience can receive an amount equivalent to 25 euros per working hour for six hours a day, five days a week, in the first year of the contract.

For the second year, the salary increase is 30% for those nurses who have done an excellent job. They can renew their contract again. A nurse with specific experience may earn up to €30 per hour. In addition, all employees receive employee benefits as required by law.

Tax-free income

One of the most exciting aspects of working in Dubai is that you do not have to pay taxes. Tax-free income applies to UAE residents, and you can become a resident if you work for years as a nurse in Dubai.

benefits of nursing job in dubai

Work promotions

Employers in Dubai believe that paying attention to employees improves their function. Because of that, if you work hard and show your commitment to your team, you will be awarded and promoted in your job. You can constantly improve yourself in Dubai.

Working in a highly professional environment

Hospitals and medical centers in Dubai are highly advanced and use the most up-to-date medical equipment. Also, there are many specialized and professional doctors working in Dubai medical centers. Working in such an advanced environment can create new opportunities for you as a nurse.


How to find nursing jobs in Dubai?

Find nursing jobs in dubai

To find a job as a nurse, you can use an online search and use the websites we mentioned below. Use keywords related to nursing and the healthcare system to get a better result.

On each of these websites, you can search for specific jobs such as nursing vacancies and check their requirements and even their salaries.

Work permit and visa for nursing jobs in Dubai

You must migrate to Dubai as a nurse with a working visa. A working visa is issued for one year, and it can be extended in the coming years. To issue the working visa, you should prepare and send your documents to the Dubai Health Authority. But first of all, you need an entry visa, which is issued upon arrival in Dubai and allows you to enter the country of Dubai.

Besides the entry visa, you need to get your health card to be able to apply for a job. Particularly when you want to work as a nurse in the healthcare system.

Applying for a Golden visa as a Nurse

Golden visa for nurses

The Golden Visa is a long-stay visa that allows foreign workers to live, work or study in the United Arab Emirates while enjoying special benefits. Investors, entrepreneurs, academics, outstanding students and alumni, and humanitarian pioneers are eligible for Golden Visas.

Because of the importance of nursing jobs, high-qualified doctors and nurses can apply for a golden visa too. So, they can benefit from the golden visa’s advantages and live for a long time in a developed country such as the United Arab Emirates.

Which nursing specialties are required in Dubai?

The different specialties of nurses required in Dubai include Registered Nurses, Midwives, Community Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Critical Nursing, Neonatal Nursing, Home Nursing, and School Nursing.

Keep in mind that, the more you improve your expertise, the more income you will have.

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