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The migration of doctors to Dubai has been one of the best opportunities for doctors in recent years. This city is considered an ideal destination for medical personnel due to its hospitals, medical centers and specialized medical institutes.

On the other hand, the salaries of doctors in Dubai and UAE are very significant. Considering the current currency conditions in many countries, doctors can earn a significant income if they find a job in Dubai. For this, first of all, you should be aware of the immigration conditions and the work of doctors in Dubai.

The work of doctors and specialists in the field of medical sciences in the Persian Gulf countries is not usually complicated and does not require special conditions. In this article, we intend to clarify the dimensions of the work of doctors and migration of doctors to Dubai.

Working in Dubai as a Doctor or Nurse

Is Dubai a good place for doctors or nurses?

Working conditions of doctors in Dubai: features, income and benefits

Work or labour migration in the United Arab Emirates is one of the priorities of specialists from many countries in any field. The root of this issue can be found in the good income of the UAE and especially in the city of Dubai.

Dubai is the economic heart of the UAE and the Middle East and one of the most important economic cities in the world.

Dubai’s healthcare system, like its powerful economy, is meticulous and equipped with the latest medical facilities. In addition to these, the salaries and income of doctors in Dubai, are very high.

For a doctor, such conditions and facilities, plus the wonderful markets and attractions of Dubai, can be very exciting. Also, due to the huge difference in the currency value of many countries and the UAE, the work of doctors from other countries in Dubai is a great opportunity to earn money.

If you are eligible to work and migrate to Dubai and enter this city, you will usually be given a three-month visa.

If you have an employer and you have already obtained a job position as a doctor, all activities related to obtaining a visa and residence will be done by the employer.

Along with all the advantages mentioned regarding the working conditions and migration of doctors to Dubai, you should be aware that in this country, as much attention is paid to the salary and services provided to a doctor, the result of his/  her work is also paid attention to.

So, if you have the necessary expertise and experience, you can apply for a medical job opportunity in Dubai. Dubai Health Authority has strict rules and doctors are well monitored.

Qualifications required to work as doctors in Dubai

In order to find the qualification to work in the medical profession in the country of Dubai, you must send the documents related to your specialty from your country to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) so that your documents are reviewed by this organization.

Some of the most important qualifications and working conditions and migration of doctors to Dubai are:

Mastering the Arabic language is one of the special advantages that can increase your chances of obtaining a Dubai work visa as a doctor. Of course, knowing Arabic is not one of the main requirements for attracting foreign doctors for most medical centers in Dubai.

Working experience of two to three years in reputable health and medical centers as a doctor is one of the main working conditions of doctors in Dubai. The longer your work experience in terms of time and position, as well as the reputation of the treatment center where you have been, the higher your chances of being accepted.

The most important thing about the working conditions and migration of doctors to Dubai is to participate in the relevant entrance exams organized by the Dubai Health Department. Dubai dha exam registration has a similar process to prometric exam in Oman and Qatar. The name of the dha test is taken from the abbreviation of Dubai Health Authority.

You should also know that everyone should register for the dha exam. and pass it successfully. How to apply for a visa is different for different nationalities. Visa requirements for entering Dubai may change without notice, so it is important to keep your information up-to-date. For American and European nationals, the residency process is very simple, but for other foreign nationals, the process may take longer.

How can I work in Dubai as a Doctor?

How do I work as doctor in Dubai?

Doctor’s work procedures in Dubai

To work as a doctor in Dubai, people must go through the following steps:

Participate in the DHA exam

Passing the DHA Test is mandatory for job applicants in Dubai. Doctors must obtain an acceptable score to obtain a work permit in the UAE. For more success in this exam, studying sample questions of the dha exam of previous years and knowing the most correct sources of the dha exam will help a lot in time management and avoid paying extra costs. You can prepare the sample questions of the previous courses by contacting Coverdale.

Confirmation of DataFlow’s educational and work qualifications

To work in the UAE, people must officially present their educational and work history. This is done through DataFlow. Doctors applying for a job in Dubai must provide their educational qualifications, start and end dates of their studies. Also, they must provide the date of starting and ending work in the centers where the person was engaged in activities.

Getting a job offer

First, you need to get a Dubai entry visa, which is issued upon arrival in Dubai.

A health card showing that you are in good health and not suffering from any infectious diseases is also required for anyone wishing to live or work in Dubai.

If you have a valid health card, an entry visa and a work contract, you will also be given a work card. The work card is your work permit in the United Arab Emirates.

Finally, you will be issued a permanent residence visa, which allows the holder to stay in Dubai for a period of more than 30 days.

Dear friends, in order to know the latest updates and regulations related to visa rules, you can visit the official portal of the United Arab Emirates government or contact us at Coverdale.

In the contact section of the Dubai Government website and the Dubai Visa website, you can ask your questions about the procedure, interview, test and how to get a Dubai work visa in the field of medicine. The link of these two sites is in this section:

Work permit issuance

Immigrants should ensure their residence, financial conditions and other matters related to a comfortable stay in this country before entering the United Arab Emirates.

If you find a suitable job before you leave your country, you have done a very good job.

The Dubai Healthcare (DHCC) website is a government resource that you can refer to to search for medical jobs in Dubai.

Referring to the trusted job directory is another common way to find a job in Dubai.

What are the living conditions of immigrants in Dubai?

There are many people of different nationalities in this city. In general, the country of Dubai welcomes the ideas and cultures of other countries.

Dubai, as one of the top countries in the Middle East and the world in terms of economy, welcomes immigrants and specialists in various fields every year. The required jobs in Dubai are usually divided into the categories of service workers, health workers and technical workers.

Based on this, this city fulfills all its need for skilled, technical and academic forces through expert human resources applying for migration to Dubai.

There are many people who have appropriate academic education and work experience, especially in the fields of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. These people can immigrate to this metropolis by knowing the conditions of immigration to Dubai.

After immigrating to this city and obtaining a Dubai work visa, you can expect a wonderful life. Because the immigrants to Dubai, even the workers in this city, have suitable economic conditions. In Dubai, the health system, education, employment and culture have excellent conditions due to the smart and up-to-date structure of the city.

The salary and income of doctors in the UAE

The salaries of medical and health sector employees are different depending on the type of job, educational qualifications and whether the hospital they work in is a public or private hospital or clinic.

The average salary of general practitioners in the UAE is about 38100 AED or equivalent to 10 thousand US dollars. The amount of salary received can vary depending on the work experience of people. The minimum salary received per month is 20 thousand dirhams and the maximum salary is 57 thousand dirhams.

It is interesting to know that jobs in the healthcare sector often include a living allowance. Dear friends and companions, considering the contents mentioned in this article, you may wonder whether I should migrate to Dubai or not?

To answer this question, it must be said that migrating to foreign countries is a fundamental decision and many factors are involved in this decision.

So, what is important is that you first visit the mentioned sites and do the necessary research in this field and then make the necessary arrangements to immigrate and work as a doctor in Dubai.

Coverdale migration of doctors to Dubai

Contact Coverdale

The most important things about the working conditions and migration of doctors to Dubai have been explained to you. Investigations have shown that if the slightest mistake is found in your documents or conditions, your application will be rejected immediately.

Therefore, it is better to consult with experts and experienced people before applying for a Dubai medical work visa and check the immigration conditions of doctors to the UAE.

Coverdale, with its successful experience in emigrating doctors to Dubai, can inform you about the details of emigrating doctors to Dubai


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