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Driving license in Dubai

Regardless of your living place, driving is a necessary skill that you must acquire. But it is hard to acquire a driving license for different reasons. This driving license guide can help you succeed in dealing with all difficulties by recognizing the necessary processes, procedures and tips for getting a driving license.

how to get a driving license in the UAE?

Who can obtain a driving license in the UAE?

Anyone aged 18 and above is eligible to get a driving license in UAE. Those who are between 18 and 21 are eligible for a probationary license. The applicant must submit a driving license application in Arabic to the RTA. The approved and certified driving schools in the UAE will deal with that for you. According to this application, the RTA grants a temporary license.

What is the procedure for driving license application in the UAE?

If you reach the appropriate age for driving, just follow some steps to get a driving license. The UAE driving license process is easy but meticulous.

  1. Conduct your eye test. Either the driving school or an optician can conduct it.
  2. Enroll at an RTA-certified driving school and submit all required documents.
  3. Obtain your temporary driving license or learner’s authorization and begin training.
  4. All theory classes must be successfully finished; you can take them online or attend driving schools.
  5. Pass successfully the theory test to start practical classes.
  6. Finish the practical lessons and move on to the internal evaluation.
  7. After finishing the internal assessment, you must attend highway and city road classes.
  8. The internal parking test must be passed so that the school will be authorized to apply for the RTA test.
  9. Pass the test and afterward pass the final RTA road test.
  10. Obtain your license!

If you could not get your driving license, you must attend seven extra training classes before applying for the road test again.

how to get a driving license in the UAE?

What are the necessary documents for a driving license in the UAE?

Emiratis just need their valid Emirates ID to be qualified for a driving course.

Expats need different documents for driving licenses. For a foreigner who is living in the UAE, the following documents are needed:

  1. An Emirates ID (both copy and original)
  2. A passport with visa page (copy)
  3. Passport-size photos (at least 4)
  4. The eye test results
  5. A no-objection letter from the sponsor (if needed)

Driving license in Dubai

What do driving license tests involve?

To get a valid driving license in the UAE, some tests must be passed successfully. The driving school enrolls you for the theory test. When you complete successfully all internal tests, particularly the yard parking exam, you can move on to the RTA tests. You can just proceed with the RTA road test if you can pass the RTA theory test successfully. You must exactly know what is waiting for you in these driving tests. Be completely ready before you apply for these tests and save your time, money and effort.

1.Theory tests

Your theory test will be carried out at one of the permitted driving schools (typically the one you’re enrolled at). For conducting this test, you should have:

  1. Valid Emirates ID
  2. Driving File
  3. Two passport-sized photo
  4. The theory test fee

The test consists of questions to assess your knowledge about road/driving risks and dangers, signals and signs, and safe-driving directions and rules.

There will be three parts. The first part includes questions about different traffic situations. You must answer the majority of questions correctly to pass this part.

The second part contains questions that concentrate on driving license details. You must answer two-thirds of these questions correctly to be eligible for the final road test.

The third part – the Hazards Identification Test – is a series of videos showing various environments. The questions in this part concentrate on your game plan to deal with these conditions and their risks.

This test is conducted on a touch-screen computer.

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Driving license in Dubai

Tips to pass the RTA theory test

  1. Completely read and know the RTA handbook
  2. Regular practice on your RTA mobile app can be very helpful
  3. Learn by heart all road and traffic signs
  4. Take online mock exams to evaluate your status

2.Parking test

A completely automated test with thorough parking guidelines can be taken at the smart yard of your driving institute. The parking test usually consists of five steps. These involve:

  1. Slope/ hill parking
  2. Emergency brakes
  3. Angle Parking (60 degrees)
  4. Garage Parking (90 degrees)
  5. Parallel Parking

If you cannot pass the parking test five successive times, you have to attend the internal assessment again.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Get a Driving Licence in the UAE

3.The road test and evaluation

This is the final and maybe the most difficult step of getting your driving license. Since this is where you show that you are qualified for this driving license – and you just have 10 to 12 minutes to conduct that! This is a specific test, and you must drive. So ensure you’re mentally ready. On your determined date for the test, arrive at the RTA driving license center with your:

  1. Emirates ID
  2. Driving file
  3. Two passport-sized photos
  4. The road test fee

On the test day, you must be patient until they call out your name. Go after the RTA examiner along with the other applicants to the selected car. When your turn arrives, drive confidently in a way that shows your general driving skills.

You’ll receive your RTA driving license test results instantly. If you could not pass the test, you must attend seven extra classes before fixing a new date for your road test. If you pass, you will get your approval pape