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Driving rules

Dubai boasts one of the most excellent road networks in the world. It is such a desirable experience to drive on the roads of Dubai. It will give you the chance to experience one of the most unrepeatable moments of your life, one that detaches you from routine driving experiences and take you into an untouchable world. You can also enjoy the amazingly beautiful scenes which stretch out before your eyes while driving. As exciting as it is, the driving experience in Dubai may sometimes be frightening for people who are in this city as tourists for the first time. There are plenty of things one must remember when driving in Dubai. Every tourist must know the driving rules in Dubai for tourists.

Obligatory things to do while driving in Dubai

driving rules in Dubai for tourists

1.Being familiar with traffic signs

Traffic signs in Dubai, like other countries in the world, are useful signs which help drivers to have a better driving experience and stay away from driving dangers to a feasible extent. Traffic signs are available in Arabic and English in all directions on the roads that guide drivers on different issues such as speed limits, road situations, trailblazing and parking in Dubai. Being familiar with traffic signs is the best and safest way to refrain from traffic fines and car accidents in Dubai.

2.Keep a safe distance while driving

It is necessary to keep a safe distance in Dubai while driving. Keep a minimum of three to five-second distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. There may be other drivers trying to ignore the safety distance you created, but avoid trying to overtake. Rather than, just take distance to create the gap again. Keep in mind, you must give priority to your safety.

driving rules in Dubai for tourists

3.Make use of the fast lane prudently

Although Dubai imposes severe fines for overspeeding, some drivers still perpetrate this crime and they most probably commit it on the fast lane. The fast lane is the furthest to the left lane on Dubai roads and freeways. While driving in Dubai, it is not unconventional to see dangerous driving and hazardous lane changes on the fast lane and sometimes you become a reluctant member of that. Be cautious and drive watchfully. Do not give in to risky driving.

driving rules in Dubai for tourists

4.Be cautious when it rains

It is a very wise action to check weather conditions, particularly when you want to drive in Dubai during rain. As essential preventive measurements for rain in Dubai, ensure you drive slowly and make use of the car wipers to keep fair clarity. Besides, keep in mind that the roads may become slippery as a consequence of the heavy fall of rain., thus put your feet on brakes sooner than you usually do. Keep longer gaps between your car and the ones in front of you and don’t be frightened.

5.Watch the road carefully

There is no need to say this, but it is necessary to watch the road carefully at all times. This is one of the basic points that you must pay attention to. The multi-lane roads in Dubai can convert even the smallest mistakes into deadly road accidents. So be watchful. Make use of your side mirrors and avoid being distracted by the things that you can later take time to enjoy or take a look at them.

Forbidden things to do while driving in Dubai

1.Avoid driving on the hard shoulder

It is not permissible to drive on the hard shoulder. You should not be enticed to drive on the hard shoulder even if other people are doing this since you will be fined while driving on it or overtaking from there.  If your car faces a problem or issue, after stopping your car on the hard shoulder, do not linger there for a long time. Rather, move to the rear of the safety barrier and then call the pertinent emergency number.

driving rules in Dubai for tourists

2.Do not slow down to watch while an accident happens

Car accidents talks place sometimes in Dubai. And usually, people driving in Dubai slow down to look at the accident out of curiosity. Avoid doing this. Slowing down to look at the accident result in traffic disruption, bringing about roadblocks and obstacles in the flow of traffic. It also endangers you and other drivers on the road and increases the probability of further accidents that may be deadly. You should avoid any distractions.

3.Do not exceed the speed limit

Usually, the authorized speed on the Dubai freeway is determined between 100 and 120 km/h and the speed limit for the urban divided highways is between 60 and 80 km/h. it is important to set your speed with the Dubai road authorized limits to inhibit unnecessary fines.

4.Avoid drinking while driving in Dubai

Based on the driving rules in Dubai for tourists, there is severe punishment for drunk driving in the emirate. Driving under influence in Dubai can cause you to get imprisoned and a heavy fine to pay. So, it is highly recommended to avoid driving while you are drunk even if you are alert. Drunk driving in Dubai is a forbidden and unforgivable mistake.

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Obligatory things to do while driving in Dubai

5.Do not cross a red light

You are not allowed to ignore the red light. Running a red light while driving on the roads of Dubai is a severe mistake. Crossing a red light at intersections can lead to deadly accidents with too many lives in danger. This is why driving rules in Dubai for tourists have severe fines for crossing the red light.

General points to stay safe while driving on the roads of Dubai

Besides the points which have been mentioned above, it is necessary to remember the following driving points in Dubai.

1.Stay calm and remain patient. You may face strange drivers on the road, but remaining calm and keeping away from unneeded reckless behavior will ensure your safety.

2.Do not use impolite words, and avoid using hand gestures to insult another driver. These are public rude insults prohibited by law.

3.Make use of RTA –  you can use one of the RTA Dubai apps particularly made to assist you in driving better via the routes and roads in Dubai.

4.Never forget to put on your seat belts while driving in Dubai.  You must always wear your seat belt otherwise will get severely fined and punished.

5.Avoid driving without having a valid Dubai driving license.

6.Avoid using your phone while driving on the roads in Dubai.

7.Ensure you register your car in Dubai before using it on the roads

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