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What are the best investments in Dubai?

Investors in Dubai can easily take advantage of a wide range of investment companies that provide them with the best and most unique experience. While there are lots of great options for investors, it can be difficult to decide which company to select. It is significant to know what investment option best fulfills your needs. Investing in an unexplored market without enough research will not produce the results you are looking for. However, these investment companies have been chosen according to their ability to create good and dependable ventures. Selecting a dependable company will make you feel calm while you concentrate on earning money.

The best investment companies in Dubai

What are the best investments in Dubai?

1. Dubai Investments

As one of the most popular and best investment companies in Dubai, Dubai Investments is a world-class company that focuses on lucrative and valuable targets. This investment company in Dubai has remarkably expanded with investments in different sectors including production and industrial, real estate, education, healthcare and financial investments in not only Dubai but also the whole Middle East Region.

The wide range of investments of the company consists of 40 joint ventures and subsidiaries across various industries. From the very beginning, it has had a challenging attitude toward norms in the market and presented new business methods, various investment strategies, modern and advanced technologies, and unparalleled concepts throughout its various portfolio extending across different markets and sectors. It concentrates on pursuing its journey towards expanding and developing the trade and commercial interests of the Emirates by introducing an example of sustainable and remarkable growth.

What are the best investments in Dubai?

2. Binghatti Holding

It is a universal investment company whose head office is located in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre). It deals with projects which can generate high profits in the FMCG, construction, industrial, education, hospitality, and real estate sectors. It benefits from years of commercial experience. The brand tries to redefine the norms of the area by offering excellent products at reasonable prices on time. It consists of different branches such as Binghatti Developers for real estate, Binghatti Beverages for beverage production, and Binghatti Hospitality which is focused on hospitality management.

What are the best investments in Dubai?

3. Al Tamimi Investments or ATI

ATI is an expanded and dynamic holding company headquartered in Dubai with a various range of successful partnerships and businesses, which works throughout the Gulf, the United States, and the Middle East region. They are mainly focused on making the best use of every business opportunity, which is given to them, and creating bilaterally profitable partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies of the same mind, both in the Middle East and all across the whole world. They cooperate with their partners for making business relationships in the long run, by utilizing their professionalism, skill, and network.

Known as a social organization and an impact investment corporation, they provide a unique solution to the issues of sustainability. This means that they put capital into the businesses and vehicles, which are established for creating a visible impact socially and a financial return.

4.Etjar Investments

It is one of the best investment companies in Dubai that focuses on leasing and property management, and residential sales. It is highly active in the above 20 countries on 4 continents. Having a highly increasing residential properties file in main locations across Dubai, Etjar is highly ambitious to become a key player in the UAE market by providing remarkable experiences through its customer-oriented services.

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best investment companies in Dubai

5.AIX Investments Group

AIX Investments Group is an important investment company in Dubai that offers a wide range of financial services to various customers across the region to accomplish stable and successful growth, both domestically and internationally. So the main strength of this company lies in the ‘financial transparency’ model they have set as the foundation of their operations. AIX’s philosophy consists of several parts including data-driven analytics, proprietary algorithms, and their experience in attending difficult financial markets, which helps them offer returns to their investors. AIX also customized investment strategies to customers’ particular needs. This approach could highly satisfy the customers.

6.DLI Group

Founded in 2010, DLI is a holding company in charge of a wide range of services, assets, and investments in the United Arab Emirates. Having the head office in Dubai, DLI group’s range of activities involves private entities in the fields of healthcare, amenities management, constructions, information technology, F and B, laundry, real estate, and travel and tourism. With its success since its establishment and fame for solidarity and superiority, the DLI Group has become one of the flourishing groups in the region. The Group is proud of its achievements. DLI’s gained customer trust and dependable commitment to growth and development have made the group the excellent company it is today.

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best investment companies in Dubai

7.Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD)

The investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) is the leading investment member of the Government of Dubai. Founded in 2006, ICD is in charge of a wide range of assets, both locally and internationally, across diverse sectors that assist Dubai’s dynamic economy. ICD’s duty is to strengthen and monitor the Government’s different range of commercial companies and investments. ICD also offers strategic supervision by creating and executing an investment strategy and corporate governance policies that increase value for the long-term profit of the Emirate of Dubai.

8.I Project Investment

I Project investment company was established in 2013 by professional people in investment. The company concentrates on investing and supervising different investment projects, particularly investing and supervising health service projects. I Project Investment Company was constituted as a legal corporation by the relevant laws in the Emirate of Dubai, state of United Arab Emirates.


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