free zone company setup:IFZA Dubai

All you need to know about IFZA Dubai free zone company setup:

Dubai is one of the most profitable and attractive destinations in the Middle East. Its vicinity and accessibility to Asia and other countries are wonderful advantages to investing in this city. There are some free zones in Dubai that provide businesses with facilities to develop. Consequently, Dubai has turned into an ideal city for promising startups and great companies.

What are free zones?

What are free zones?

Basically, free zones or free trade zones in Dubai refer to business zones where companies working in them can enjoy all types of tax exemptions like Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Corporate Tax and Customs. Those people who own and run businesses in free zones in Dubai have full ownership of the business. The purpose of these free zones is to support and stimulate foreign investment and upgrade economic activity in the city. Dubai is proud of being the first emirate to start the free zone model in the UAE.

What is IFZA?

What is IFZA?

IFZA refers to one of the cheapest and most appropriate free zones in Dubai that was regulated by Dubai Silicon Oasis. IFZA did not need a long time to gain incredibly surprising popularity among investors all over the world. One of the most captivating points that made it popular among investors is the company setup packages it provides. It offers packages that meet the needs of anyone trying to establish a Dubai free zone company at a competitive and affordable price.

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is proud of being one of the most affordable free zones for company setup in Dubai. IFZA is equipped with advanced and developed corporate offices and storage places.

What are the advantages of establishing a business in IFZA?

What are the advantages of establishing a business in IFZA?

If you want to set up a powerful company in UAE, you can choose and focus on IFZA free zone company setup. The company set up in IFZA has affordable licensing, a straightforward process, and the least paperwork for those who are determined to run a business in Dubai. Some of the most significant benefits of an IFZA free zone business license are explained below:

  1. Affordable choices for your business setup
  2. Limited liabilities for company formation in IFZA
  3. Availablity of different non-visa and visa packages at reasonable prices
  4. Benefiting from the chances to cooperate with other free zone and mainland companies
  5. Phyiscal presence of shareholders is not required for IFZA free zone company setup in Dubai.
  6. Permission to work outside UAE
  7. Increasing the accessibility of commercial services for your company
  8. Authorizes full ownership
  9. Allows full repatriation of profits and capital
  10. Offers a fast setup process
  11. Allows up to six activities on just one license
  12. Open a bank account effortlessly
  13. You are not obliged to have a physical office space

 free zone company setup:IFZA Dubai

What is the process for IFZA company establishment?

Since the majority of the process is online, IFZA company setup is not a difficult and time-taking process. It is just enough to know and choose the suitable package based on your business requirement.


Business Set Up Consultants in Dubai


For businesses providing professional consultancy and multiple types of services, for example technical, lifestyle and similar types of services.


Authorizes the import, export, distribution & storage of specified items.


(AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST)Allows the import of raw material, manufacture, process, packaging, and export of specified products


Foreign incorporated companies may also register a branch at IFZA Dubai. The activity of the proposed branch needs to correspond to the activity conducted by the parent company.

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