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Many people and companies require legal translations for different purposes such as immigration and mutual cooperation. Globalization is rapidly making a bridge between industries across the world, making the legal translation more essential than ever.

Many people have difficulty finding a dependable and professional legal translation in Dubai. Legal translation is a difficult work that involves different topics and documents, from marriage certificates to birth certificates to business contracts. It has many subspecialties, and it requires accuracy and precision which means that the work is complicated and highly significant.

What is legal translation?

What is legal translation?

Legal translation refers to a field of translation that converts legal documents from one language to another, with regard to the original meaning. It can include documents that have legal contents like legislative contents and academic documents related to the law, and legally irrevocable documents, like contracts. Different documents need different kinds of virtuosity. For example, a translator who is an expert in court documents may not be eligible to translate tax declarations or insurance claims.

Documents that require legal translation

Documents that require legal translation

For people, the most typical legal documents that need legal translation include wills, title deeds, licenses, academic degrees, transcripts, financial statements, marriage certificates, and birth, divorce and death certificates. Court documents like witness transcripts, court affairs and testimonies also need a legal translation.

For businesses, legal translators also translate many different documents including:

  1. Contracts and agreements
  2. Merger and acquisition documents
  3. Tax declarations
  4. Trademarks and copyrights
  5. Insurance claims
  6. Intellectual property
  7. Privacy policies

Some other documents may also require legal translation. For instance, if you are designing a bilingual website and are required to translate contracts, user agreements or terms and conditions, you can get help from a legal translator. If you want to translate a patent, you can work with a legal translator to make sure that the translation is correct and precise. Some translation companies also provide online translation services.

Legal translation

Why legal translation is necessary?

Documents are transformed from one language to another by legal translators every day for business, immigration, financial and judicial goals. Investors who are focused on foreign investments are usually required to translate some financial and legal documents. People who are migrating need to give legal and financial documents in the language of the target country. Businesses regularly require legal translations. Some of the most typical reasons are international marketing, international trade, hiring employees or establishing companies in other countries, cooperating with foreign investors and etc.