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Dubai is one of the outstanding tourist destinations in the world which everybody should go to see and take pleasure in visiting it. Dubai has many majestic things not to lose, from magnificent architectural surprises to lavish shopping centers through astounding beaches and exceptional cuisines. Nowadays, technology facilitates every facet of the travel schedule a bit. From reserving your hotels, getting a ride, and dealing with what’s happening — all of this can be done from your cell phone. This overshadows Dubai, too. These regional and international apps are to make the lives of residents and visitors lots easier. Let’s talk about the best apps for Dubai’s tourists in Coverdale.

Best Apps to Download Before your Visit to Dubai

best apps for Dubai's tourists

1. Darb

The app is initiated by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport and is most helpful for utilizing Abu Dhabi’s bus services. The app provides you with actual-time traffic information and gives you all the data before and during the trip. Exactly from the bus locations to forthcoming bus stops, you can know and find everything on the app. So if you are scheduling to take a journey to the UAE within budget, and you are not inclined to spend much, then, employ this app and travel around Abu Dhabi by bus.

2. Caree

Basically the Middle East’s substitute to Uber, the Careem ride-sharing app is one of the most helpful for tourists to Dubai.

Dubai possesses suitable public transport, but according to your needs, the time you want to go somewhere, or even the weather condition (hot, hotter, or melting), there are situations you’ll resort to private transport at some point.

best apps for Dubai's tourists

3. The Dubai Mall App

Since the Dubai Mall is the greatest mall in the world, with 1,200 stores and a lot of shopping, It’s not strange that this place must have its own GPS.

The Dubai Mall app is free of charge and assists people in discovering all that the mall should provide, gratifying every individual’s taste and meeting their needs. In the app, people can select if they want to receive notifications about attractions, fashion, food, or lifestyle.

They may also enter their gender, enabling the smart software to create information appropriate for them. It is taken for granted that the Dubai Mall is great, so the app offers direction for the mall, making it easy to access.

best apps for Dubai's tourists

4. XE Currency

Changing rates in your home currency while embarking on a journey can become a bit monotonous. You either finally do mental maths or don’t care about it and therefore don’t realize where you are spending how much. So for your next journey, ensure to install the XE currency app. This app allows you to devote a tab on how much you are spending, and in a few seconds, provides you with the exact currency exchange rates, enabling you to realize precisely how much you’re spending in your own currency. So if you decide to change your spending from AED to USD, or AED to INR, this app is the most practical tool while traveling in the UAE.

Epic Reality one of the best apps for Dubai's tourists

5. Epic Reality

The Epic reality, an AR-powered trip app, is made to contribute to tourists & local people navigating Dubai securely. The app performs as a city map for tourists. It aims at offering actual-time updates on the safe and dangerous regions, and even critical information connected to COVID-19. It also gives information about health precautions, such as social distance criteria, dress code policies, seating capacity, temperature checks, and relative exposure danger according to outside vs inside activities, etc. In addition to this, tourists can also employ the app to find information about travel tours, events, attractions, cafes, and different other things that the city has to provide.

Wojhati is the best apps for Dubai's tourists

6. Wojhati

This app has been initiated by Road and Transport (Dubai) and is great for budget travelers. It gives you a plan of buses, metros, and ferries. You can simply see your transport choices from the app and can also examine the approximate cost of the travel. Apart from this, the app owns an AR feature, you have to direct your phone in any way, and it will exhibit you all the close bus stops while your existing location is tracked down on the map in actual time.


Purchasing a sim card and buying a schedule for it can be slightly costly in the UAE. And if you are not inclined to invest a huge amount on sim cards and roaming, then the BOTIM app is the best app for you in the UAE. You must have access to Wi-Fi, which is accessible chiefly everywhere, and you can contact worldwide. The best point is that the communication is encoded, which makes it safe.


Visitors must install this app on their phones while making the journey to the UAE. NearBuy is accessible in most UAE malls. Once you enter a mall, the app informs you through notification of sales in the mall you’re presently at.

9. Talabat

When you’re on your journey, you’ll be tired after an entire day of visiting attractions that you are not energetic enough to travel and eat. And who wouldn’t like to order food online and eat with your pj’s on? Although you can use order in-room service, there’s still a better idea. For this, you must install the Talabat app on your phone.

All epicures coming to Dubai have to install Talabat. This food delivery app exists in some countries within the geographical zone, and it’s the easiest way for tourists to back an area business even when ordering their food.

The app cooperates with many restaurants, cafes, and victuals options to order from, and works 24/7, letting you fulfill your late-night desires. It also provides different offers, if you order from various food outlets.

10. Zomato

Another wonderful food delivery app within the UAE, furthermore as in 23 other countries, is Zomato. Although the selection of restaurants on the Zomato app won’t be as great as that on Talabat, it gives an additional service that is essential for tourists: Zomato offers restaurant reviews.

The Zomato app incorporates roughly every single restaurant in Dubai, regardless of how small, letting users test out the menu, see pictures and view reviews. this is often an obligatory app!

11. Bravolol

If you want to improve language learning, just improve your listening and speaking of Arabic using Bravolol.

This app concentrates chiefly on training you how to properly speak and comprehend the language. An animated parrot directs you via the modules, concentrating on frequently-used Arabic words and phrases.

Listen, repeat, and learn by heart words and expressions wherever you are. There’s no internet connection obligatory, as it operates great offline.

12. Visit Dubai

The official app from Dubai’s Department of Tourism is a precious source of information and should be the first app you download when planning a travel.

There’s a large number of information on sights and attractions, which you can then mix to make your own personalized itinerary. The app also involves a currency exchange trait, which will be useful for calculating menu prices during dinner or bargaining at the bazaar.

Information on what’s taking place around town, along with suggestions for opening hours for the different attractions, are also offered. It’s the dreamy place to launch scheduling your trip.

13. Dubai Travel Guide

For more comprehensive information, resort to a genuine digital guidebook such as Ulmon’s Dubai Travel Guide.

The greatest advantage of Ulmon’s city guide apps is that they are equipped with maps. Complete, comprehensive, and easy to use, they’re also completely downloadable for offline use.

The app enables you to scan its menu of restaurants, sights, and attractions, and choose just the ones you want to make your own digital guidebook to Dubai.

14. Dubai Maps and Walks

Feeling agitated and want to explore? install Dubai Maps and Walk and go to the streets.

The app contains some self-reliant walking tours around the city. Select between orientations to those concentrated on one area or a facet of the city such as art and culture or nightlife.

best apps for Dubai's tourists

15. Rehlat

A multiservice, Rehlat enables you to plan your whole travel right from the app. The online travel agency offers a list of hotels and rental cars, as well as flights and full travel packages.

The app is particularly helpful for flights, containing over 300 airlines from great international carriers such as Etihad or Emirates that will take you to Dubai, to smaller local providers such as Salem Air or Fly Dubai to contribute to broadening your trip to another part of the Gulf.

With regard to hotels, don’t be frightened if you’re traveling with a restricted amount of money. Rehlat provides both luxury and inexpensive accommodation, of course, “affordable” is something relative in this part of the world.

16. Dubai Calendar

While it may look that all there is to do in Dubai is eat and shop, that’s not completely correct. Definitely, you’re obliged to do a little (or a lot) of both, but there’s more to the Emirate than catches the eye.

Dubai’s Department of Tourism facilitates it to realize what is happening in the city with its Calendar app. From concerts to short-term exhibits and conferences, or to just generally know what’s taking place while you’re in town, the app is your comprehensive resource.


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