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Do you go to the barbeque in Dubai?

If you are one of those people who enjoys going to the barbeque with your family in your free time, please follow the article. We will speak about the best bbq places in Dubai.

So you can easily find the best and ideal barbeque spots, and create the most enjoyable moments while firing up the grip and making delicious barbeque treats. For an easy access to the perfect bbq spots in Dubai, we have collected a complete list of them. At the following, you can see the best bbq places in Dubai.



List of the perfect bbq places in Dubai

If you are looking for the best bbq places in Dubai, the barbeque places introduced at the following are the best one for choosing. Also these bbq spots can be a great choice for spending the best time outdoors.

Dubai Creek Park is the best BBQ places in Dubai


Dubai Creek Park with its various entertainment

This perfect public bbq spot is located in one of the oldest parks of Dubai called Dubai Creek Park. This park that is about 96 hectares is one of the most famous spots for spending time with your family.

Except the bbq places, the other spots of the park contain several cycling spots, the areas that is designated for children to play there, also gardens and interesting options for entertainment and having fun that include mini-golf and go-karting for the whole family.

One of the favourite and noticeable points about Dubai Creek Park is the cable car, that by means of that you can visit some interesting views of the city. So don’t hesitate to bring a blanket, charcoal and some meats to fire up for planning a perfect picnic.


Jumeirah Beach Park is the best BBQ places in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Park Bbq

Among the best bbq places in Dubai, we Can speak about the one that is based on Jumeirah Beach Road, and it is next to the Dubai Ladies Club. Jumeirah Beach Park is a very well-known barbeque places in Dubai, and also it is a friendly park for people living in that area.

One considerable point is that you can’t barbecue on the sand, and you must use the places with grills and a lot of seats which is dedicated to barbeque.



Al Mamzar Beach Park

The other one that is listed in the category of the best outdoor barbecue places in Dubai is the famous Al Mamzar Beach Park. At this park, you have this opportunity to enjoy simultaneously the ocean to swim in, and also sit on the flourishing grass of the park and relax on it. One of the advantages of this park, especially for those who do not like crowds, is that it is less crowded than other picnic places in Dubai.

Al Mamzar Beach Park with its various facilities such as a a separate spots for barbecue, watersports the same as jet-skiing, a special play place for children, running tracks, and also swimming pools, attract the visitors to experience it, and with a lot of entertainment options, spend the enjoyable times with their family.


Mushrif Park, an adventure park is the best BBQ places in Dubai

Mushrif Park, an adventure park

Mushrif Park is one of the best outdoor barbecue places in Dubai, and so popular among the visitors. One of the highlight points about this Park is Aventura Adventure Park that makes fun for children and for adults too. So you can arrange a picnic and spend an interesting day outside.

Also a collection of elegant miniature houses that are worth seeing, make this park more and more favorite. These houses that are small child-sized with different structures from around the world, are used as chicken nests, peacock houses, and also used as places for fancy pigeons and other birds. You can also visit the rock garden with small rivers flowing through it.

There is a stable and animal shelter in the park  where children can ride Arabian horses and learn equestrian. The other areas in the park that is noticeable to consider ara separate pools for women and men.

Mushrif Park is so big that you can drive throughout the park. This is a great place for those who like to walk outdoors and away from the noise of Dubai. While walking, you will see different types of birds and desert plants.

List of the perfect bbq places in Dubai


Hatta Hill Park; an interesting area for visitors

One of the Dubai’s town that is so attractive for tourists and also its residents, is Hatta; a mountain town. So if you are going to get away from the boredom of your routine even for some hours, don’t hesitate to experience Hatta.

Hatta Hill Park which is established in 2004, has added to the attractiveness of this place. This amazing place that is spread over the mountain, give the opportunity to see the marvelous enormous rocks and also a village that is worth seeing from the top. If you continue your way towards down, you can enjoy a magnificent barbeque. This place with a field dedicated to children’s playing, and also a sports field, makes a lot of fun for you and your family.

Also you can complete your adventure by visiting the Hatta Lake and Hatta Wadi Hub. Then that’s time to have a toothsome lunch at this fantastic barbeque area in Dubai.



Zabeel Park with its barbecue places

The other famous barbecue place in Dubai that can be mentioned is Zabeel Park. This park with its dedicated barbeque spots and lush grass perspectives, can be a favorite place for enjoying the day outdoors.

This park is one of the noticeable park for children. A lot of activities and games at this park provide an enjoyable time for children at a safe place. Therefore, parents can leave their children alone in the playground dedicated to children’s playing without any worry.

best BBQ places in Dubai


Al Qudra Lake; an amazing perspective

If you are looking for an incredible spot for spending the good times, you can have a look at Al Qudra Lake. This amazing camping area is so favorite among the residents of Dubai who looks for a popular barbeque spot.

A lot of wilds birds and also various animals are attracted to this lake, although it is a man-made lake. So you can bring a camera with you and record the interesting views forever. In fact because Al Qudra Lake has a lot of natural and incredible attractions, it has been one of the finest barbeque areas of Dubai.

If you are going to visit Al Qudra Lake and light a fire, it is so necessary to consider some precautions. For example you are not allowed to barbecue in the sand and you must do it in a pot or pit that can be dedicated to the barbeque. So if you don’t obey the special rules of Al Qudra Lake barbeque, you must pay heavy fines that are about AED 500 or even more than this.



The entertaining Safa Park

The interesting Safa Park can’t be ignored, if you are going to choose a popular barbeque place in Dubai. This park which is based on Al Wasl Road provides fun and entertaining hours for your entire family. In fact the play area for children, renting a bike for riding, and also taking a boat ride, brings a lot of fun for all members of your family.

Also the barbeque grills that are beside the beautiful gardens make a great day with a delicious food for you and your family.



The peaceful Al Rashidiya Park

Al-Rashidiya Park is a peaceful place that attracts nature lovers, tourists and most of the local people for relaxation. Al Rashidiya Park has a small covered place dedicated to barbeque.

Also it has a playground for children. In fact it has two large playgrounds that with different climbing frames, small playhouses, slides, seesaws and swings provide an intertaining day for your children.

It is very easy for residents of Dubai as well as tourists to access this park, because Al-Rashidiya Park is located near the metro station and is approximately 690 meters away from the metro station.


Unique barbeque spots of Dubai

Unique barbeque spots of Dubai


Bbq Donut

It is certain that Bbq Donut is one of the smarter barbecues in Dubai. At this place you can experience barbeque on the water. That is a boat in the form of a doughnut which a grill is in the middle of that.



AB’S Absolute Barbecues

If you don’t like the weather, and you think the weather is not favorable, you can think to AB’s Absolute Barbecues; an indoor barbecue.

Every table in this restaurant has the grills, so you have this chance to grill the starters that you want from meat to seafood.

This restaurant located in Media City with a Mongolian Tawa grill, provide this opportunity for you to choose your favorite meat, vegetables or fish, and ask the chefs to cook them according to your taste.

At the end it is noticeable to say that there are various barbeque areas throughout the city, from indoors to outdoors, Just you must pay attention to be responsible for cleaning up after you barbecue.

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