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How much do you know the best gyms in Dubai?

All of the people want to keep in shape. It’s true that sometimes the gym expenses are so high, but always it is not necessary to pay a lot of money for going to the gym. There are a lot of cost-effective gyms in Dubai, that you can look at them and get your fitness aims with signing up at these Dubai gyms. Also, if you are in Dubai, and you are going to get in shape in an affordable gym, please follow this article.

Some cost-effective gyms in Dubai

It is necessary to pay attention to different factors when you are going to select a gym. One of the questions that must be considered will be: Is this gym affordable or it causes us to   waste our money. Here you can look at the Dubai gyms and choose the one you want.

Gold's Gym is the Best gyms in Dubai

Gold’s Gym

Between the Dubai gyms, during the last decades, Gold’s Gym with its cost-effective gyms in Dubai city and also different cities of the UAE has played an important role in developing the fitness aims in the UAE.

At all of these gyms, you can see different modern and new machines. Also at these gyms, different programs which are listed in four categories are offered: power and conditioning, body and mind, dance and cardio.

All of the new members can get a free session with a private trainer. Also, that is an opportunity for you to ask your questions about everything related to the gym and fitness, for example the way of using machine and their usage, the efficiency of the exercises, your diet and the other questions.

The other point about GOLD’S GYM that can be mentioned is its facility that contain a sauna, locker room and a shower. The facility which facilitates the gym’s members.

At the following you can consider some detailed information about the gym:

  • Fees: it can vary, based on different packages.
  • Timings: According to various locations, it can change.
  • Location: There are multiple Locations

Power Gym is the Best gyms in Dubai

Power Gym

When speaking about the Dubai gyms, you can also consider Power Gym. This gym is one of the largest covered gyms in Dubai. It’s about 10,000 sq. ft. At the Power Gym you can use private training sessions or group sessions. Similarly, according to your goal, you can choose your intense areas to concentrate on, the same as weight loss, fitness and management of illness related to each person’s lifestyle.

At this gym you can benefit from the pretty cheaper fitness programs. So, if you are going to start out or you want to preserve your fitness can have a look at this affordable gym.

Also, the other noticeable point about this gym is its various programs with the reasonable prices such as boot camps, boxing and Zumba programs. Its fees is from AED 99 (Burjuman). Likewise, the timing is from Monday to Sunday, from 05:30 am until 12:00 am. And it has multiple locations.

Fitness First is the Best gyms in Dubai

Fitness First (gyms in Dubai)

The other popular gym among the Dubai gyms is Fitness First that has some branches all along the city. Fitness First is a cost-effective gym that provides different services for its customers.

There are various training sessions at this gym. Beside the loaded weights sessions, this gym organizes the yoga sessions, also PT and cardio theatre.

You can have an individual session with the trainer to choose the best kind of fitness program according to your body. That’s an excellent opportunity to get your fitness aims fast with professional coaches and the most advanced equipment and machines.

The fees of this gym are different according to various packages. And its timing is from Monday to Friday from 06:00 am till 10:00 pm, also Saturday and Sunday from 07:00 am until 09:00 pm.

Best gyms in Dubai 2023


One of the factors that can have a good impression on the members of a gym and attract them to select a gym is its environment.

If your lifestyle is becoming boring, you can have a look at the GymNation. In other words, the modern and advanced machines and equipment can act as a challenge to make your fitness routine more interesting.

At GymNation, the whole thing including the equipment, new machines, professional trainers with their guides and its decor, have made the ambiance of the gym like a Hollywood action film which causes your interest towards your fitness goals be at the highest level.

Olympus Fitness is the Best gyms in Dubai

Olympus Fitness

The Olympus Fitness is equipped with the newest technology that record and show the amount of gym’s members.

At this affordable gym, you have this chance to change the method of your workout. It means that according to the respond of your body to the workout method, you can have the best one.

According to your needs you can have various choices, for example fitness approach, bodybuilding and also weight loss programs. And for those that are not sure about their predilections, the professional team of coaches can help them to have their best choices. Apart from all these, one of the best and popular gyms in Deira is Olympus Fitness.

Its fees are from AED 15. The timetable of gym is like this: Saturday to Thursday, from 05:30 am to 02:00 am, and Friday from 05:00 pm till 10:00 pm. It is located on Al Rigga Deira, on the third floor of Fatima Building.

Unifit Gym is the Best gyms in Dubai

Unifit Gym

It is about more than three decades that this professional gym made in 1989, provides the fitness programs for the people of Karama.

At this gym, everything is organized in a way to bring you closer to your fitness goals. The machines that alter regularly cause the best result for gym members.

In other words, at Unifit Gym you are not alone, with professional coaches. Every time you have this chance to get a healthy routine and achieve the best result. Also with private sessions, you can sooner get in shape.

Except bodybuilding and weight lifting machines, the other facilities provided by the Unifit Gym for its members is a steam bath, shake bar and also a sauna.

 the Best gyms in Dubai

Target Gym

Let’s take a look at another cost-effective gym in Dubai that is called Target Gym. A professional gym with the distinctive services.

In other words, Target Gym with its multiple branches in Dubai, provide the modern equipment for its members. Also, the especial plans designed by the hard taskmasters for each member, cause you to get fit or lose weight. For example, sometimes these hard taskmasters force you to cover extra miles for achieving the positive outcomes.