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Best restaurants in Dubai, all you need to know

Dubai boasts some of the best restaurants in the UAE. The best restaurants in Dubai offer their guests the best foods from different countries.

Top restaurants in Dubai

Best restaurants in Dubai

1.Gloestan restaurant

Golestan Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dubai that provides excellent and good quality food cooked by a team of cooking experts who can meet a large number of eating and provision of food needs. It has an exquisite environment to celebrate private parties and events, and a serene atmosphere to dance the whole night. The style is superior, the dressing style is casual, and the atmosphere is comfortable. Their chefs make high-quality and delicious foods with an unforgettable mix of enticing ingredients. But the story of this restaurant exceeds just eating food. An incredibly pleasant sense of hospitality with melodious music contributes to relaxing for an amazing evening.


Amazónico is undoubtedly of the most sought-after places to spend time with friends in DIFC and eat dinner. This restaurant serves an extensive menu of Latin American-delicious small plates, sushi, seafood and grills, all accompanied by an innovative blended drinks choice. This restaurant is an ideal date place to spend a night under a chandelier of shining lights. Amazónico is definitely one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

Bull & Bear is Best restaurants in Dubai

3.Bull & Bear

This restaurant takes its name from an original restaurant that specialized in serving steaks in New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel. Bull & Bear is an elaborate place for dreamy food and correct service. This restaurant makes use of a menu of pleasant American favorites including black onyx beef steaks that are among some of the best in the city – an adult population, carefully selected blended drinks and constant live jazz nights are the ingredients that create a perfect Dubai evening.

4. BB Social Dining

Occupying three floors and with a carefully formed iron staircase revolving in the middle, it conveys the feel of a New York townhouse and the menu is appropriately innovative: a puzzling mixture of Middle Eastern and Asian foods. It is possible to find cauliflower popcorn with a tahini dip at the same time here. One of Dubai’s amazing restaurants, this restaurant creates an unforgettable experience for its guests.

Top restaurants in Dubai

5. Indochine

Recognized as one of Dubai’s best restaurants, this restaurant offers the best in the French-Vietnamese style of cooking in a nostalgic and glossy place that you might be enticed to dance moonwalk to your table. Do not miss the Asian-inspired desserts.

6. Vietnamese Foodies

Simple and modest, this place constantly inspires due to the great quality of its food. Vietnamese cuisine includes lively, healthy cooking utilizing the freshest ingredients, and there are a host of healthy and affordable choices: it is an incredible opportunity to eat delicious foods at affordable prices in this restaurant which is one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

Top restaurants in Dubai

7. Long Teng

It is never reasonable to judge a book by its cover, and this is exactly applicable to this great Chinese restaurant located in a common and quiet building in Business Bay. An aquarium packed with lobster, crab and king prawns overshadows the spacious and well-lit room. The menu is wide and genuinely Chinese, which plays an important role in putting Long Teng among Dubai’s best restaurants.

8. Hutong

The dishes filled with chili turn this restaurant into a destination for spice lovers deciding to try out their ability to resist the heat, however. The menu is avant-garde Northern Chinese and when the restaurant was originally established in Hong Kong ten years ago, it was one of the first restaurants that got a Michelin star. It is one of Dubai’s best restaurants for modern and fantastic cuisine.

Maiden Shanghai is Top restaurants in Dubai

9. Maiden Shanghai

Occupying three floors and with an organic, MSG-free menu that gets inspiration from four different regions including Cantonese, Sichuan, Shanghai and Beijing – this wonderful place visibly always does things thoroughly and diligently. It possesses one of the best outdoor terraces in Dubai where you can take advantage of a sea or marina view from every table, and it is also equipped with a private karaoke room. The well-known chef Luo Bing is in charge of the kitchen, while the 1920s-inspired décor is also another element that adds to the wonder of this restaurant. One of Dubai’s best restaurants that can offer delicious food in an incredibly amazing place.

10. 21grams

Restaurants like 21grams are very rare and scarce in Dubai – because this city has just this Balkan bistro, this restaurant shines exactly like a precious jewel, offering high-quality, incredible food over splendor and beauty. The menu boasts style, impressed by the cooking styles such as Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian and Montenegrin, so you should look forward to eating a host of baked goods, salads, meats and seafood presented in a luxuriously new and luckily much bigger dining room. This is certainly one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

11. Marina Social

Officially launched by chef Jason Atherton, Marina Social is a great place to benefit from delicious foods and handle an important date. Modern British cuisine is always amazing. This restaurant is located on the edge of Dubai Marina; it serves its guests British-Mediterranean brunch.

Twiggy by La Cantine is restaurants in Duba

12.Twiggy by La Cantine

It’s one of the most fascinating places to drink and eat in Dubai right now, this factor along with its golden sands, attractive infinity pool and menu of fresh Mediterranean foods are good factors to guarantee its success. Located on the edges of the Creek in Old Dubai, you can enter quietly in a luxurious lounger and eat everything from fresh seafood and sushi to grills and salads. Go to the Creek to find one of Dubai’s best restaurants.

13. LPM Restaurant & Bar

If you are looking for one of the best French restaurants in Dubai, LPM is most likely the best choice. As a luxurious place for people who want to do business over delicious food and wonderful as it is for groups of friends or partners desiring to spend a romantic night out. Its common foods may be expensive, but always massively great – so it is worth spending too much money on their delicious foods.

Best restaurants in Dubai all you need to know

14. Bagatelle

One of the most popular restaurants among party people who want to complete their night with good food in Dubai, Bagatelle is one of Dubai’s astonishing restaurants for a late-night dinner. It is recommendable to book a table no earlier than 10 pm to get the complete Bagatelle experience, which involves a menu of exceptionally good French meals including garlicky escargot, live music and a large amount of dancing on tables. You will enjoy it.

15.La Cantine du Faubourg

This restaurant with its brassy, lively and stylish design, is a genuine Dubai institution that continuously stays as one of the city’s most elegant and most enjoyable dining spaces. Although this restaurant has recently undergone renovation and redecoration, it still preserves the same Parisian style but with luxuriously new paintings, drawings and interiors from Kokian.

16. OPA

You’ll have an excellently enjoyable time at the dreamy OPA. As you’ll frequently be invited to break plates on the floor as is a custom at Greek weddings or during traditional dancing. Blue and white interiors in addition to a small amount of greenery easily add to the majesty of one of Dubai’s best restaurants, while flavors are certainly genuine with a continuous presentation. Greek food, Greek vibes, Greek brilliance.

GAIA is the Best restaurants in Dubai

17. GAIA

Gaia which takes its name from the Greek Goddess of Earth is a modern place. A mainly white color palette, marble decoration and black-and-white scene create a luxurious backdrop to this contemporary Greek restaurant. The menu is filled with extremely fresh seafood. Make certain to look into the ice market, where seasonal food is hand-picked and prepared to order. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants, and one of the most luxurious restaurants in Dubai.

18. Iran zamin

Iran Zamin Restaurant is the most popular Iranian restaurant in Dubai. It is situated in the Duane Town area in Dubai. It boasts several other branches in the city and is identified by its elegant Persian ambiance. The restaurant offers plenty of traditional Iranian and Persian foods like kebab part, Chelo kebab Sultani and many other tasty foods, plus salads and soups of different types.


Sadaf restaurant in Dubai is regarded as one of the most popular Iranian restaurants in Dubai. The restaurant serves the best and most delectable traditional Iranian and Persian dishes and grills of different types like the famous Iranian kebab plus salads and different kinds of soup. The chefs of this restaurant are professional in offering foods cooked in their traditional ways. The menu also consists of a broad range of salads, soups, and desserts.

Grand Abshar is the Best restaurants in Dubai

20.Grand Abshar

Abshar is known as one of the high-quality Iranian restaurants in Dubai. The restaurant is distinct for its amazing architectural design that illustrates the Persian civilization. The restaurant offers fresh Iranian bread that is prepared daily.


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