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 restaurants in souk al bahar

Dubai boasts a large number of food choices for residents to take pleasure in. The incredible combination of styles of cooking and cultures makes Dubai an amazingly appetizing dining destination. The Souk Al Bahar restaurants are no exception. If you decide to eat delicious food in Downtown Dubai, the restaurants in Souk Al Bahar provide you with an extensive range of food choices with favorite cuisines from all around the world.

Top restaurants in Souk Al Bahar

Souk Al Bahar which means marketplace of the sailor is situated in Downtown Dubai.  This spot represents a magnificent blend of tradition and modernity. Dominating the astonishing Dubai Fountain and the Dubai Mall, it consists of shopping, entertainment and dining centers in the city. It includes some of the most popular and best restaurants in the region.

Patiala is the best restaurants in Souk Al Bahar


The motto of Patiala “From India with love” exactly represents the nature of the restaurant. This restaurant takes its name from a princely state in India, providing delicious and genuine Indian food in a comfortable place. The most sought-after and tasty foods on the menu of this restaurant involve tandoori prawns, Patiala shahi meat, nalli nahari, dum ke khumb, dorra kebab and garbar falooda. This restaurant is one of the best and most popular restaurants in Souk Al Bahar.

2.Shakespeare and co.

One of the best restaurants in Souk Al Bahar is Shakespeare and Co. Identified by the comfortable setting and colors of pastel pinks and greens, the restaurant provides a wide variety of European and Italian dishes.  Those people who are interested in food can enjoy sandwiches, pasta, steaks, paella and desserts. Rainbow pad thai, spaghetti carbonara and beef short ribs are also very sought-after here. This is an amazing setting to hold a baby shower in Dubai.

BICE MARE is the best restaurants in Souk Al Bahar


BiCE Mare is one of the most enjoyable restaurants in Dubai. They have a carefully-chosen menu, presenting an extensive selection of Italian foods and seafood. BICE Mare offers pasta, risotto, ravioli, grilled seabass, seared salmon fillet and breaded veal chop. Their dessert options are also very delectable. They serve dark chocolate soufflé, raspberry cheesecake, a seasonal fruit platter and Italian classic coffee tiramisu.


Abd El Wahab which takes its name from a street in Beirut, transfers the genuine flavors of Lebanon to Dubai. Blending Lebanese luxurious self-indulgence with extraordinary views of Burj Khalifa and you can go through a wonderful dining experience at Souk Al Bahar. The menu of this restaurant provides its guests with plenty of delicious foods including tabbouleh salad, hummus with pine nuts, makdous, makaneh fish, grilled hammour, shish taouk and Abd El Wahab’s special lamb cutlets. You can also enjoy eating shisha there.

KANPAI is the best restaurants in Souk Al Bahar


The meaning of the word Kanpai is “cheers.” You would be extremely elated and excited after eating appetizing and tasty Japanese food in this restaurant dominating the Dubai Fountain. The restaurant prepares and provides just the highest quality, seasonal ingredients for its culinary treats. Many people regard this Japanese restaurant in Souk Al Bahar as one of the top restaurants in Dubai. At Kanpai, you can enjoy sushi, maki rolls, shoyu salmon, tofu steak, yakisoba and green tea tiramisu. They also offer a special menu for kids, which represents chicken strips, noodles, chicken fried rice and shrimp tempura. KANPAI is definitely categorized as one of the best and most sought-after restaurants in Souk Al Bahar.


Jovee Restaurant also known as Jovee Dubai is situated on the second floor. This restaurant presents excellent interiors and extremely delicious food in a casual place. The restaurant offers European and Japanese dishes. You can try out their pizza, steaks or sushi.

best restaurants in Souk Al Bahar ,Dubai

7.GÜNAYDIN (restaurants in Souk Al Bahar)

The story GÜNAYDIN began in 1965 from a small butcher shop in Istanbul and they have left behind a long way. They offer their delicious foods in more than 40 restaurants around the world. The restaurant in Souk Al Bahar was their first experience and adventure in the UAE.  Akin to other restaurants, their Dubai branch conveys their enthusiasm for “quality meat”. They offer steaks, meatballs, kebabs, doners of the highest quality.


Zahr El Laymoun Al Asly is one of the best and most popular restaurants in Dubai. This restaurant which is situated in Souk Al Bahar has a rich menu of Lebanese foods, prepared in accordance with traditional methods. The menu contains hummus beyrouti, moutabbal, labneh, roasted sumac chicken and halloumi cheese rolls, but it is not limited to these dishes only. If are looking for something extraordinary, choose their signature food Ras Asfour Zahr El-Laymoon — sautéed beef in cherry sauce. It’s tasty and desirable! If you cannot make a decision on what to order, do not hesitate to ask the staff for suggestions.

KARMA KAFE the best restaurants in Souk Al Bahar


If you want to spend an enjoyable night with your friends, Karma Kafe is one of the recommendable Souk Al Bahar restaurants that overlooks a fountain. The cafe-cum-bar provides a blend of international and Pan Asian tastes, among a splendid atmosphere and thrilling beats. Their menus are rich in sashimi, nigiri, maki rolls, salmon tartare and Japanese tuna pizza and so many other appetizing choices. Karma Cafe organizes ladies’ nights and Sushi Sundays.


Juan Morandeira and Chef Ruben Romero skillfully designed this restaurant in 2006. La Postreria exquisitely mixes enjoyment and class. A Spanish-designed restaurant offering a wide range of Mediterranean foods with an invigorating and unparalleled atmosphere, La Postreria provides you with a comparison of the formal and casual activity of eating a meal. They offer a broad variety of tasty shishas and a wide menu presenting healthy and vegetarian choices.

best restaurants in Souk Al Bahar ,Dubai


Fuego Contemporary Mexican is an excellent casual restaurant and bar situated in the admired Souk al Bahar, in the vicinity of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. The menu has been skillfully prepared by Chef Anil Kumar and Chef Jose Manuel from Mexico City and contains delicious foods including Trio Ceviche, Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank Barbacoa, Guava & Tequila Short Ribs, Tacos De Azada with Wagyu Beef amid many other delectable foods. Furthermore, the beverages at Fuego present an excellent selection of exceptional Tequilas originating from Mexico. They also have an extensive list of Margaritas and cocktails.


Serafina which is situated in the center of the old town of Soul Al Bahar, provides genuine and tasty Italian dishes such as classic pastas and pizzas. Serafina is famous for its astonishing outdoor terrace dominating the extraordinary and amazing Fountain and Burj Khalifa.


A distinct seafood restaurant, Sammach is an extraordinary, nautically-related restaurant that offers a wide diversity of the best fresh seafood. The unparalleled fish market experience enables you to choose your seafood which is then cooked precisely as you like.

Siraj is the best restaurants in Souk Al Bahar


Siraj has a luxurious, modern appearance improved by multiple allusions to Arabic culture, and its enjoyable terrace is a wonderful place from which to take pleasure in the nightly fountain view. The diverse menu revers the traditions of Emirati and Levantine cuisines, whilst involving fine modern influences. Thy boast to be of the best restaurants in Dubai serving genuine Emirati cuisine with a contemporary approach.

15.The Meat Co.

The Meat Co.’s which is also known as The Meat Company owes its incredible fame to its delicious steaks. If someone is interested in meat, this Souk Al Bahar restaurant should be one of the top choices on your list. From the Mayura Station Signature Wagyu to the tomahawk steak, the variety of foods is really amazing. Having several branches in Dubai, The Meat Co. is there to please your appetite with grilled meats and a tranquil ambiance. From Souk Al Bahar by The Dubai Mall to Souk Madinat Jumeirah, The Meat Co. has branches at some of Dubai’s most famous destinations.

Offering the most delicious foods for meat lovers for years, The Meat Co. feels proud of selecting excellent cuts and cooking them in the best way. The interior consists of intricate decor with private lighting and beautiful dining. Take pleasure in the outdoor terrace during the cooler months in Dubai, with extraordinary views of the flowing waterways at Madinat Jumeirah or the Dubai Fountain. If you are interested in experimenting with new tastes and flavors, there are some amazing international foods that you can try out. The restaurant is also sought-after for holding special events. The personnel here make sure you have an unforgettable time as they can participate in the festivities with some improvisational dancing

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