Having a business in Dubai is an impossible and unattainable dream for many people. Businesses that allow you to be a successful entrepreneur or businessman. Dubai is a commercially and technologically successful emirate that is actually an important part of the UAE. Are you looking for the best business idea in Dubai with low investment?

The biggest advantage of Dubai is its location on the geographical map. This place gives you quick access to the more than one million people living in the neighborhood. This means a huge advantage in global trade and international business.

Given the benefits mentioned above, most people in recent years have shown great interest in investing in this country. Of course, they have succeeded in starting a new business in this country. Accordingly, if you want to invest in this country, follow Coverdale to get acquainted with a business idea in Dubai.


The importance of starting a business in Dubai

High-paying jobs in Dubai, no income tax, residents of more than 200 different nationalities, high level of education and health facilities and modern and advanced laws, have made Dubai an attractive place for many people in the world.

For those who plan to stay and immigrate to Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is: How to make a living and achieve acceptable wealth in the long run? One of the first questions to be asked in this regard is: What business to start in Dubai? Or which business idea in Dubai have the greatest potential and the most profit?

Success in any business depends on your management style and perseverance. It does not matter much what you start. But here we will introduce businesses that do not require high initial capital. But they have a high chance of success and growth.

All of these businesses require between 100,000 and 300,000 dirhams ($ 27,000 to $ 81,000) in capital. They fall into the category of low-capital businesses. Income in Dubai depends on your ability and skill.

One thing that you need to consider when starting a business in the Gulf countries is your experience. Before starting a business in these countries, it is better to have experience in starting a business and, in general, the trade and business market. In this case, you do not face any different challenges and concerns when starting a business in those countries.

Various business idea in Dubai

1- Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are shops that serve coffee, tea, juices, and cold sandwiches. Coffee shops can be set up in stores with small spaces. Most coffee shop customers in Dubai place their orders at home or at work, and you only need a few chairs for the customer to sit on (which can be provided at a low cost).

To start a coffee shop, first, start by renting a shop in Dubai and then think about buying a variety of coffees. Depending on the location of the coffee shop, the business can attract customers from early morning until midnight. It also does not require a lot of staff. You can rent kiosks in hotel lobbies, hospitals, and universities with a coffee shop license.

Despite the small initial cost, this business has a significant profit. Having a coffee shop as a job in Dubai is very reasonable and with a little creativity, you can increase this profit many times over.

coffee shop and cafeteria

2- Cafeteria

Cafeteria is also a good business idea in Dubai and can be a sustainable source of income. The cafeteria, like the coffee shop, is very popular, with the difference that the cafeteria also serves hot food. Therefore, it also needs a kitchen and a larger area than coffee shop.

Due to the location of Dubai, most people are very interested to coffee shop and cafeteria. Accordingly, if you invest in this country, you will reach a suitable economic situation after a while.

3- Cleaning services company

A cleaning service company is also one of the most lucrative jobs in Dubai. According to this business model, an investor can earn a good income in Dubai by obtaining the necessary licenses and hiring cleaning staff in commercial and office environments. With 20 employees, the business needs about 200,000 dirhams, or $ 54,000.

cleaning services company holiday rental house

4- Holiday rental house

This is also a kind of work and business idea in Dubai. The Dubai government considers renting a furnished house and apartment legal in the short term and with a permit. With websites like Airbnb and booking.com, renting a home is not a difficult task. The investor can gradually increase the number of rental homes. This business needs approximately $ 81,000 in capital.

5- Supermarket (grocery store)

This business can be started with a very small shop and a very small number of employees. Shop area can be 13 square meters or more.

Depending on the location of the shop, the business may require approximately $ 30,000 to $ 54,000. You can expect a monthly profit of $ 2,700 to $ 6,700 by obtaining a license for a supermarket, providing round-the-clock services and door-to-door delivery.

supermarket (grocery store) and beauty salon

6- Beauty Salon

This business idea in Dubai can also be started with the least need for facilities. The required staff can be easily hired and the initial investment will not be much.

Providing a variety of cost-effective and high-quality cosmetics services, as well as the proper use of Inbound and social media marketing can attract many customers and turn them into loyal customers. Depending on the location and area of the shop, this business requires $ 30,000 to $ 81,000.

In recent years, due to the increasing demand of people in this field, the hairdressing business in Dubai has developed a lot. Accordingly, if you are thinking of doing business in Dubai, you can think about it. It is recommended that you learn the skills needed for this business before starting it. In the next steps, think about living and starting a full-fledged business with a lot of profit in Dubai.

7- Women’s sewing and clothing

This idea can be very attractive for women who want to start their own business in Dubai. This business idea in Dubai can be very attractive for women who want to start a business in Dubai themselves.

This can start with renting a small shop and having a unique design skill (by the investor or employee) in designing all kinds of women’s clothing. Effective social media marketing, beautiful design and the production of quality clothing can help you to attract a large number of customers. You can also sell your products online.

beauty salon women's sewing and clothing

8- IT, web design and digital marketing

With digital marketing, you can start a company with just one person without renting a shop or an office in Dubai. The Dubai government allows you to obtain a permit for your first year without having a physical office. To start this business alone, you must have the technical ability to do the project and get the result.

The competition in this field is very high, but with effort, an entrepreneur can achieve very high revenues. In mainland Dubai, this business can be started with a capital of $ 9,500 to $ 13,500.

9- Real Estate Consulting & Brokerage

This is a very useful license for those who have a lot of experience in real estate transactions. The real estate consulting business can be very lucrative and can sometimes get very high commissions. The cost to start this business idea in Dubai is about $ 30,000.

real estate consulting brokerage and tourism business idea in Dubai

10- Tourism

Dubai has been known as a tourist destination for decades. In addition, Dubai has one of the most attractive hotel complexes, restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs.

Tourists from all over the world come to Dubai every year for vacation and shopping, and the tourism industry has a lot of potential to make money. Obtaining the necessary licenses to enter the industry and establish an office requires less than 70,000 dirhams or $ 19,000 in capital. Business investment in Dubai in the field of tourism will bring you a significant profit and a bright future.

11- Retail

Retailing is an activity that has no particular restrictions and you can do it wherever you are. If you have a history of retailing in your own country, you can do the same job in Dubai and earn a good income by retailing Dubai locals, investors and tourists.

retail and transportation

12- Transportation

Transportation is also not limited by space and is considered a good and lucrative job in a developed city like Dubai. You can work as a driver for someone else or, if you own a car, use your own car to transport locals and tourists.

If you have more than one car, you can hire a driver for them and earn a much higher income. However, the business world in Dubai is very diverse for transportation-based businesses, as there are many opportunities to provide transportation due to the city’s communication infrastructure.

13- Jewelry design

Designing and making jewelry is a good and lucrative job, not only in Dubai, but in any other part of the world. But given that Dubai is an Asian country and Asian women are also very interested in using jewelry! Then a business in Dubai based on jewelry making and design will flourish more than anywhere else.

Meanwhile, Western tourists will also be interested in Asian jewelry and will make up a large part of your sales and orders.

jewelry design houseplants cultivation business idea in Dubai

14- Houseplants Cultivation

Growing ornamental and apartment plants is another type of work in Dubai that, if done, can bring you good success. If you have the ability to grow and maintain these plants, Dubai will definitely be a good place to welcome these plants.

15- Computer and graphic works

All computer and internet business idea in Dubai are well received. If you have the ability of programming, graphic design, security, editing, etc., you can work with large companies or own an independent computer company by going through the legal process in Dubai.

computer and graphic works beauty and fitness

16- Beauty and fitness

The beauty industry has received a lot of attention not only in Dubai, but all over the world. Today, people attach great importance to their beauty and fitness. You can operate beauty services in Dubai and find your place among the people and tourists of this city. The beauty industry has become one of the most lucrative jobs in Dubai and all over the world.

17- The health

In addition to beauty, health is also very important for people. Activities in line with health-oriented methods such as traditional medicine and other medicines that use the principles and organic materials to improve people’s health are also of great importance in Dubai.

If you specialize in healthcare, you can definitely make the most of this business idea in Dubai

the health and crafts

18- Crafts

Manufacturing and selling handicrafts in a tourist city like Dubai will definitely bring you many benefits. It is enough to be able to produce such products and be able to find a suitable platform in Dubai to sell them.

19- Professional photography

The photography industry is one of the most popular industries in Dubai business; Of course, as long as your photos are professional, because large companies charge you high salaries for taking high quality and creative photos.

professional photography and working in a hotel business idea in Dubai

20- Working in a hotel

If you do not have the special ability to do in Dubai, you can start with the various jobs that you are paid to do, such as working in a hotel. As you know, Dubai is a modern city that houses some of the largest and most luxurious hotels in the world. So when you arrive in Dubai, you can easily find a job in a hotel and work. Then if you identify business opportunities in Dubai, you can become a better business owner.

21- Office work

In addition to working in Dubai hotels, clerical work as well as secretarial work are also good jobs in this city. Along with being the secretary and clerk of various companies in Dubai, you can also get acquainted with various economic activities in this city and start a business in Dubai independently.

office work and entertainment

22- Entertainment

Most tourists come to Dubai to take advantage of the amenities, recreation and entertainment facilities. Now if you have enough capital, you can easily use that capital to create a device or entertainment environment in Dubai and make the most of starting a business in Dubai.

23- Recycling industry

The recycling industry is supported by governments and people everywhere in the world. This is because recycling reduces the amount of waste by reusing the materials used. If you can provide enough equipment and space in Dubai for recycling, this business idea in Dubai will be much more profitable than you can even imagine.

recycling industry and sports services business idea in Dubai

24- Sports services

Most of the world famous athletes travel to Dubai several times a year and some of them have even chosen the modern city of Dubai for their professional activities. The importance of fitness for all segments of society is another reason why clubs and public sports facilities are so popular. By setting up a sports club, you can think of this business idea in Dubai as a full-fledged business with lots of profit.

25- Medical services

Dubai is developing medical and treatment services to have something to offer. So if you are a doctor, nurse or someone who has a special medical ability, the Dubai authorities will definitely support your profession.

It should also be noted that Dubai pays a lot of attention to doctors. Accordingly, if you have studied medicine or paramedical sciences, consider staying and continuing your studies in Dubai and make the necessary arrangements for life in this country.

Concluding Remarks

Dubai is a very rich environment in terms of investment. Which is why business in Dubai is very prosperous for people of other nations.

Expressing job opportunities and jobs that can be implemented in this environment, gives us a model to think about starting a business in Dubai based on our abilities. From the 25 business idea in Dubai that we introduce, you can choose the most suitable idea for your situation and think about implementing it.

Frequently Asked Question

1- What factors determine the amount of income in Dubai?

The amount of business fees in Dubai varies greatly and depends on your level of expertise as well as your bargaining power.

2- Which countries have similar business revenues as Dubai?

Labor rights in Dubai are equal to, and in some cases even higher than, those in Western countries.

3- What are the top business idea in Dubai?

  • Coffee Shop
  • Cafeteria
  • Cleaning Services Company
  • Supermarket (grocery store)
  • Beauty salon

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