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Airports are very important places in developed and advanced cities. The city of Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the cities that, despite its small size, hosts many international and domestic flights every day. This issue has made it necessary to have a big airport in this city. Dubai Airport is known as the main airport of the United Arab Emirates, which has many unique features. Dubai is a very advanced city, and this has caused its airport to have many unique features. That’s why we decided to talk about it and its features for you in this content.

General Information of Dubai Airport

General Information of Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport was reopened for the first time in 2014.  This airport is known as one of the busiest airports in the world and handles a very high number of international passengers daily. This airport is built in a big area and is about 4 kilometers away from Dubai. This airport can handle about 75 million passengers a year, which is an amazing statistic for an airport. there has three terminals. About 8000 flights take place from this airport every week. The flights of this airport lead to more than 270 destinations around the world.

Dubai Airport facilities

DXB Airport facilities

After talking about the general features of it, it is better to talk about the facilities available in this airport.

Free Internet

The most important facility in the Airport is free internet. You can use high-speed and high-quality internet in the airport area. As soon as you turn on Wi-Fi, the available networks will be displayed to you and you can use the free internet by connecting to these networks.

Food facilities

Among other facilities available at Dubai Airport, we can mention restaurants and cafes. It doesn’t matter how many hours you are going to stay at this airport, you can be sure that any food you need is available at this airport. You can get different types of drinks and food at this airport and enjoy eating and drinking them. In addition to popular and usual foods, there are very luxurious restaurants in this airport that can serve a variety of Arabic, international, and seafood foods. The quality of food in this airport is very high and almost all passengers are satisfied with the food available at this airport.

Airport information

Among the other facilities available at Dubai Airport, we can mention the airport information department. To provide widespread information, information staff with special clothes are present in the airport area, and this will help you to find an answer to your questions and doubts as quickly as possible.

Providing financial services

Different banks in Dubai Airport can help you do all your financial affairs. Currency conversion, money transfer, and … are among those financial services that are provided to you without restrictions at this airport.

Lost and found objects

Another facility in Dubai Airport is a section for keeping lost objects. If you lose something in this airport, you can look for your lost object by visiting the lost and found section. There is a lost and found section in all three terminals in this airport.

Dubai Airport facilities 

How to get to Dubai Airport?

Because Dubai is a tourist city, transportation facilities are available in this city with very high quality. You can go to DXB Airport as soon as possible by taxi, subway, and even bus and take advantage of the services available at the airport.

How to get to Dubai Airport

If you plan to use a taxi, you should know that these taxis have odometers and you have to pay an amount based on the kilometers traveled. These taxis are everywhere in Dubai and can take you to the airport as quickly as possible. In addition, these taxis are also present in this airport area so that they can take you to the city center if needed.

If you plan to take the metro to the airport, you should try to catch the red line of the Dubai Metro. There are metro stations at Terminals 1 and 3 in Dubai Airport that can help you get to the airport easily.

To travel by bus, you can take a bus to all three airport terminals and go to the stations in the city center. In addition, you can easily get to the airport by taking buses that go to Dubai Airport and take advantage of the services available at this airport.

Dubai airport terminals

We told you earlier that Dubai Airport has 3 terminals. Each of these terminals is dedicated to unique services. Let’s talk more about these terminals together.

Terminal No. 1 is known as the main terminal of the airport and is usually used for bigger airlines and long-haul flights.

Terminal No. 2 is usually for regional flights, and flights whose destination leads to the Persian Gulf region or the south of the Asian continent provide services in this terminal. In addition, cheap flights are also provided services from Terminal 2.

Terminal No. 3 building is for two big airlines, and the flights of these companies provide their services in Terminal No. 3.  Terminal number three of the Airport is known as the second largest building in the world in terms of size and area.

Dubai airport terminals

How can I entertain myself at Dubai Airport?

In addition to the amazing facilities available at Dubai Airport, you can take advantage of the entertainment services prepared for travelers at this airport. If you need, you can use the prayer hall, bathroom, emergency medical service centers, etc. These facilities are among those essential facilities that should be present in every public place. Fortunately, this airport has fully provided these facilities for domestic and foreign passengers.

How can I entertain myself at DXB Airport

In addition, there is an airport museum in this airport that can keep you entertained for quite a long time. Several massage parlors in this airport will help you experience a relaxing time in this airport. This airport has a small garden that can help you enjoy being in nature. Dubai Airport has many shops and you can buy clothes and accessories if you need them. The stores in this airport do not need to pay taxes, and this has made the products in this airport very affordable.


Dubai Airport

In this context, we tried to talk to you completely about the Airport and the features and facilities of this airport. In addition to the things we told you before, this airport has many parking lots for passengers and employees, which helps you to go to this airport with your car and use its facilities. If after reading this content, you still have doubts or questions about the services available at this airport, you can contact the phone number (+971) 50 586 6060. Coverdale consultants will try to answer all your questions and doubts related to Dubai Airport for free and help you use the services of this airport more easily.

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