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There are reputable and reliable Dubai interior companies that provide their customers with high-quality products.

Top interior design companies in Dubai

1. Aedas Interiors

Aedas Interiors is an international company that concentrates on the best of two distinct worlds – architecture and interior design. Part of the Aedas Group, Aedas Interiors concentrates on presenting an inclusive range of interior design products that vary from commercial to residential and hospitality. The company’s numbers are influential since it has received prizes several times, attended and manifested in different projects around the world and takes advantage of 1,400 innovative minds that produce exceptional design solutions with profound social and cultural comprehension of the communities they design for. Aedas Interiors is one of the best Dubai interior companies.

Top interior design companies in Dubai


ANARCHITECT consists of architecture, interior architecture and design practice based in Dubai and London that is expert in providing custom-made projects for design-driven private and commercial customers universally. Their various set of designed works covers residential, leisure, hospitality, workplace and culture all over the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. Established in 2013, the practice exhibit architecture across various scales of design with magnificent skill, detail, and materiality. ANARCHITECT is known as one of the best Dubai interior companies.

3.VSHD Design

VSHD has been awarded various prizes for its beautiful work all around the world and is one of the best Dubai interior companies. Rania Hamed is the managing director of this firm.  Hamed has managed a distinct brand that’s just one of the most amazing interior design companies in Dubai. Her mastery of minimalist designs that really get everyone’s attention with a combination of classic and contemporary points of view is really unbelievable.

Dubai interior companies

4.Artizan Interior Design

Artizan Interior Design is a company in Dubai that manifests the real spirit of design superiority. Famous for its corporate and hospitality projects, Artizan mixes the research and execution of technological progress while complying with deadlines to offer an excellent service to a developing universal market.

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Among the most excellent interior designers in Dubai are the experts working at the respectable Algedra. They have a skill for mixing various styles and creating beautiful products.  With an experienced and professional team, you can certainly receive the best and most exquisite product.

Top interior design companies in Dubai

6. Belhasa Interiors of Dubai interior companies

Belhasa Interiors is a foremost, environmentally friendly and flexible interior design studio located in Dubai. Part of one of the biggest and most varied holding teams in the region, Belhasa Interiors has taken the best advantage of its huge organizational resources to do the design and implantation of over 50 eye-catching residential, corporate and governmental customers and over 200 projects district-wide like The Chocolate Bar in Mercato Mall, Studio 8 at Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue.

7.Muse Interior

One of the top interior design companies in Dubai is Muse interior design which is highly active in the field of residential interior design. It is a design advising firm professional in the building of lavish villas not only in Dubai but also in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

best interior design companies in Dubai

8.XBD Collective of Dubai interior companies

One of the best Dubai interior companies and London is XBD Collective. Winner of more than 78 prizes in the field of design, it’s reasonable to say they are one of the best in this field. They concentrate their designs on the human experience, offering work that will stimulate you and promote your feelings. They have a huge range of distinct, custom-made work both for interiors and exteriors.

9. Bishop Design

Established by Paul Bishop in 2004, Bishop Design LLC has consistently finished projects throughout the whole MENA region and the world. It is via the studio’s implementation of carefully-arranged design solutions, the considerable skill of product knowledge and expenses as well as committed cooperation and supervision, that their portfolio accommodates hundreds of excellently implemented universal projects.

Top interior design companies in Dubai

10. Roar by Pallavi Dean Interiors

If you’re seeking a more fashionable type of designer, Roar by Pallavi Dean Interiors is the best choice. Architect Pallavi Dean, a former professor at the American University in Sharjah, is the founder of the Roar brand. With 160 projects completed, the design firm has a reliable resume with many prizes to date. Combine a modern atmosphere with a real conveying of a message at Roar. Roar by Pallavi Dean Interiors is acknowledged as one of the best Dubai interior companies.

11. Bluehaus Group

Bluehaus Group is a major design advising company holding versatile Architectural Design, Interior Design and Engineering Design advising skills that offers experience and creativity to partners and clients. With 15 years of experience, the well-known advising company has evolved consistently via a reiteration business strategic model by developing endurable relationships with famous universal and local companies and their brands throughout the Middle East, Africa and the wider globe.

best interior company in dubai

12. Cherwell of Dubai interior companies

Custom-made design products and furniture are what make an interior design project distinct. This is what Cherwell, a reputable company in the design region of Dubai, does truly. Its design group is professional in designing spaces and producing bespoke furniture for residential environments. Cherwell makes custom-made furnishings for every room of the home or office, but they are famous for their exquisite kitchens and dressing rooms.

13. Diane Thorsen/Perkins + Will of Dubai interior companies

Running the innovative design direction and directing the design process at Perkins + Will, Diane Thorsen is the driving force behind the studio’s Dubai office, which she founded in 2010 in cooperation with Steven Charlton. Her designs for international work environments, hospitality and mixed-use buildings, manifest attention to detail, an interest in local art and quality of artistry. Her admirable work and design method are mixed with sustainability, though, creative project provision and user-centered design and research.

best interior company in dubai

14. Falcon Interior Decoration

Falcon Interior Decoration is a main interior design company located in Dubai with excellent renown for offering creativity, quality and excellent designs and services across all interior design solutions like corporate, hospitality, residential, and joinery. They deliver total ready-to-operate solutions offering trouble-free services to customers from planning and designing to project implementation and authority consent. They can manage every single facet of any interior design project so that there is no need for you to look for to find various materials or providers of different products you need in your project.


HBA, or Hirsch Bedner and Associates, is one of the chief design companies in the lavish hospitality industry. They design looks of today’s magnificent brands, self-reliant contemporary boutique hotels, exceptional accommodations, restaurants, and casinos. HBA’s international attendance, the profundity of experience and vast industry knowledge allows its designers to recognize interior design trends at their source, make certain forecasting about new directions and changes, and effective sign standards at a universal level. They are situated across the world and involve the exhilarating grounds of Dubai.

Top interior design companies in Dubai

16.IDC Insignia of Dubai interior companies

IDC Insignia, in charge of a series of projects in the Middle East and Europe for private, commercial, corporate and product design, provides suitable custom-made design solutions, advising services and furniture provision. The company ensures that all its products have an eminent mark of lavish glam and sparkle, whether it is related to furniture, finishes or fabrics.

17. Justin Wells

Justin Wells is a well-known architect with over 20 years of experience in famous projects across all parts of architecture and interior design in the Middle East, South-East Asia and Australia. His endeavors in developing relationships with customers, authorities and skillful partners over 20 years, have guaranteed that he has been capable of making use of an extensive variety of Architectural and ID typologies for his occupation to date. His passion for leisure architecture, hotels, F&B, residential, and Interior Design has undergone a broad journey over a lifetime to present a comprehension of universal trends.

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Justin Wells in dubai

18. Luxury Antonovich

Luxury Antonovich Design is a splendid interior design and interior architecture firm in Dubai. Utilizing exceptional ingenious taste and a sense of splendor, they are professional in interior design works, furniture and furnishing, and deliver excellent projects to key residential, and corporate sectors, palaces, and eye-catching residences.

19.Nikki Bisiker/Da Fonseca Design

Da Fonseca Design is led by its creator and leading designer, Nikki Bisiker Da Fonseca. This design studio consists of a group of skilled and gifted Interior and Architectural experts committed to providing the best quality design solutions. One of the things that is noticeable in any project by Da Fonseca Design is the utilization of nothing but high-quality materials on their projects. Everything appears precisely how it is meant to be, and there is always a sense of arranged magnificence.

Nikki Bisiker/Da Fonseca Design

20.Sneha Divias Atelier of Dubai interior companies

Sneha Divias is an expert in Interior Design. Having worked on projects universally with famous architecture and design advisors in Lisbon and Dubai before the establishment of the Atelier, Sneha Divias manages the company with a correct entrepreneurial attitude. Within a brief period of expanding her activities in a new direction her own, Divias has rapidly achieved permanent recognition as a designer with one of the most varied portfolios of designed projects.

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