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For those who want to immigrate to other countries, choosing the right destination is a big challenge. Here we want to explore which one is a better option: immigration to Turkey or immigration to Dubai?

Comparison between immigration to Dubai and immigration to Turkey

Dubai has flourished and stable economy. This guarantees a high standard of living for the people. The average salary for immigrants is high. While Turkey does not have a stable economy and immigrants receive low salaries.

The real estate market is regularly increasing. New properties are being developed in Dubai. People can easily buy and invest in the real estate market. Many immigrants, relocating to the Emirates, prefer to purchase their own property. This facilitates the process of obtaining a residency. Immigrants can invest in Dubai’s real estate market without paying taxes. When you want to buy a property in Turkey, you are required to pay tax.

Dubai or Turkey: which one is better for immigration?

Suitable conditions for conducting business. In Dubai, taxes are imposed just on financial institutions and companies that extract oil and natural gas. Other companies are not required to pay any tax. Whereas the companies in Turkey are obliged to pay tax.

Excellent healthcare. Domestic authorities in Dubai are eager to develop health care. Hence, doctors pass their training in the most developed countries, employ high-quality equipment for treatment, and benefit from the newest technologies. The local residents do nay pay any money for medicine. Working immigrants can buy an insurance policy annually, which enables them to take advantage of many medical services freely. On the contrary, the quality of healthcare in Turkey is not very high.

Low crime rate. The United Arab Emirates is proud of being one of the safest and most secure countries in the world in the international ranking. Adequately strict legislation, lots of patrols on city streets and security cameras placed everywhere ensure you are safe. But Turkey is not as safe as Dubai, and the crime rate in this country is relatively high.

Dubai or Turkey: which one is better for immigration?

Obtaining a resident visa easily. By obtaining a visa, you can roughly benefit from the legal rights that citizens of Dubai have. The people of Dubai are very immigrant-friendly, many documents are not needed to get a visa and the processing time is usually very short. But the people of Turkey are not very immigrant-friendly.

There is no need to speak Arabic to be able to live and work. All local people can speak English in Dubai. Documentation is typically in both two languages. Hence, you should just be fluent in English (both oral and written) to be able to live in the UAE. While in Turkey, most residents cannot speak English and you are obliged to learn Turkish to be able to live there.

Dubai or Turkey: which one is better for immigration?

Power of passport of Dubai vs Turkey

The most important point in comparing immigration to either Turkey or Dubai is the power of their passports. You should first see the power of which passport is much more than the other one. But in terms of ranking the power of passports in the world, the Dubai passport ranks higher than the Turkish passport. Countries create more support programs and facilities to attract more immigrants and investors. They try to improve the power and value of their passports due to competition with each other. Therefore, the power and value of passports of countries are not the same and are not placed in the same rank and are constantly changing with the aim of competition.

There are other indicators in determining the most powerful passports in the world, such as work and occupational criteria, indicators of health and safety of people against diseases, urban development, infrastructure and economic and financial conditions. In the comparison of Turkish and Dubai passports, it seems that the possibility of traveling to more countries in the world without the need for a visa is more with a Dubai passport than with a Turkish passport. If you plan to travel to many countries visa-free, it is better for you to get a Dubai passport

Dubai or Turkey: which one is better for immigration?

The more important thing is to see in which country you will have more successful immigration and residence. Is a Turkish passport or a Dubai passport better for you? But note that in terms of the health index in 2021, the UAE was one of the top countries in vaccination against the Covid19 pandemic and has safer conditions for living and staying. The passport of the United Arab Emirates, compared to the passport of Turkey, has a higher rank in the level of the most powerful passports in the world.

With the agreements and treaties, it had with the countries of Central Africa, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, South Jordan and Uzbekistan, the UAE tried to raise the rank and score of its passport in the world. Currently, with a Dubai passport, you can travel to more than 178 countries without the need for a visa, and in other words, you can travel to the majority of the countries in the world easily without the need to obtain a visa, for various purposes. The UAE has adopted many programs to attract international investors with the aim of achieving greater power and value of its passport including attracting elites, engineers, doctors, scientists and investors with the aim of buying property in Dubai.

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Dubai or Turkey: which one is better for immigration?

By obtaining a Dubai passport, you can travel to Albania, Austria, Barbados, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Finland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Thailand, Ukraine, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman visa-free. Among other passports, the Dubai passport has great validity and power.
In general, by taking into consideration different indicators such as safety and security, tax, income, power of passport, attitude toward immigrants, language fluency and healthcare, it can be concluded that Dubai is a better and more suitable immigration destination that provides immigrants with a better experience.

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