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Dubai is known as one of the most advanced cities in the world due to the presence of proper infrastructure. Dubai hosts many tourists every year. But this does not mean that the natives of Dubai cannot take advantage of the wonderful facilities of this city. In this article, we are going to talk to you about Dubai schools, tell you what are the characteristics of the best schools in this city, and introduce some of the most popular and famous schools in Dubai. Dubai is known as one of the richest cities in the UAE, and this has caused the budget required to build and equip schools in this city to be relatively high.

Just like in other countries, the education system in Dubai is managed in both private and public ways. Usually, about 90% of educational services in Dubai are managed by the private system, and this has made the quality of education in this city very high. The existing schools in Dubai are ranked by the Dubai government so that citizens can choose the school easily and benefit from its services.

Introducing the best schools in Dubai

Currently, there are more than 100 schools in Dubai, some of which are more famous than others.  Factors such as highly advanced facilities for education, experienced and specialized teaching staff, as well as practical management methods have made Dubai schools ranked among the most advanced schools in the world. Let’s talk about some of the most famous and specialized schools in Dubai.

Dubai schools ranking

Repton School

Repton School is known as one of the best schools in Dubai, located in the Nad Al-Sheba neighborhood. Parents who are interested in their children having the experience of learning lessons in the English language can benefit from the services of this school. This school operates 24/7 and has fully provided education for students aged 7 to 13. In addition to having large classes with adequate capacity, this school has large yards where some sports programs and celebrations are held.  Sports activities such as polo, golf, and horse riding are among the sports activities that are available for students in this school. Access to this school is very easy for all people who live in Dubai. This school from the list of Dubai schools is located in Nad Al_ Shaba 3. Also, this school is ranked among the top schools in Dubai. In general, if you are looking for a high-quality school for your child, you can use the services of this school.

Dubai schools ranking

Jumeirah college

Another high-quality, advanced, and well-known school on the list of  Dubai schools, is Jumeirah College.  According to the national curriculum of England, this school is one of the best and most advanced schools for children aged 7 to 13.  This school has the best and most advanced facilities that can help children learn the subjects more easily. Jumeirah College from the list of best Dubai schools has a library, recreation centers, tennis court, science experiments, fitness center, and swimming pool. In this school, more than 1000 students pass the academic course every year. About 90 experienced teachers are trying to teach the subjects in this school. Jumeirah College is recognized as one of the best schools in Dubai based on the ranking of Dubai schools. This school is located on Al-Wasl Road and has a top ranking from the UAE government.

top ranked schools in dubai

The British School of Dubai

When reviewing the best Dubai schools, the name of the British School of Dubai must be mentioned. This school is one of the best and most high-quality schools that was first established in 2005. Just like Jumeirah College, this school accepts more than 1000 students during the academic year and teaches them educational materials. The interesting thing about British School in Dubai is that it usually focuses on academics and creativity and tries to prepare your children for higher education. This school has a well-equipped library, an equipped laboratory, and a large number of creativity rooms, each of which can foster creativity in your child. This school is located in the city of Dubai, Emirates Hills, and Springs 3. This school, just like the schools we introduced to you, has a top ranking from the United Arab Emirates government.

top ranked schools in dubai

Gems Wellington International School

Gems Wellington International School is another one of the best schools in Dubai, which has very unique facilities.  In this specialized science school, students are taught using the most advanced facilities and the highest standards, and this is the reason why this school received the highest ranking from the UAE government. In addition to the equipped facilities inside this school, the outside area of ​​this school also has very advanced facilities. Gems Wellington International School has tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, dance and music studios, computer labs, and science labs. In addition, this school has an advanced observatory that provides students with the facilities to observe the sky. This school is located in the Al-Safouh area of ​​Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai College

Dubai College is one of the other schools that can be considered in the list of the best Dubai schools. This educational institution has an amazing reputation and every parent tries to send their child to this school. This school is relatively old, but new and amazing teaching methods are used in this school. In this school, extracurricular activities such as music and art are also available to students, and this can help your child to learn art in addition to learning main courses. This school is located on Al-Safouh Road and has a top ranking. If you are looking for a quality college for your child’s education, you can choose Dubai College.

top ranked schools in dubai

Jebel Ali School

Jebel Ali School is relatively old but is currently recognized as one of the best Dubai schools. This school follows the British curriculum, which has led to the use of unique methods for teaching science in this school. In Jebel Ali, there are various facilities such as theaters, lectures, and art studios. This school is located in Akoya, Modon, and has received a good rating from the UAE government.


As we told you before, considering that the city of Dubai is very advanced, as a rule, Dubai schools and scientific and educational centers that provide services in this city should also have appropriate ratings. In this context, we introduced some of the most famous and advanced schools in Dubai. If you have just moved to Dubai or want to change your child’s school for any reason, you can choose a suitable and high-quality school for your child’s education easily according to the list we have provided. If you have any questions or doubts regarding Dubai schools and their ranking, you can contact Coverdale consultants at the contact number (+971) 50 586 6060. These advisors will help you to choose your desired school with more complete information.

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