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Future in the UAE with employability skills!

Do you know about employability skills for the future in the UAE? Which skills are needed for future? In the following, we will talk about these required skills.

For future workforce, the skills needed contain analytic, brainstorming and social skills the same as sympathy and cooperation. Also, the following employability skills needed for the future in UAE can be mentioned:

Employability skills for the future are also Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, renewable resource, waste treatment, robotics and advanced production.

But what various programs and strategies can be done to develop future skills? Follow the article.

The strategies taken by UAE for employability skills

The strategies taken by UAE for employability skills

There are a lot of steps and strategies taken by UAE to provide the good opportunities for young people to get the skills which is required for the future, so they can face the workforce challenges and get the main goals.

There are a lot of new opportunities taken by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that provide the special skills, that don’t exist today.


Different national programs in the context of Artificial Intelligence

The government hold various national programs that highlight and determine different cooperation, initiatives, progresses in the field of Artificial Intelligence. These programs contain:

Internship program; the National program

Internship program; the National program

In this National Program regarding Artificial Intelligence which is hold with an agreement with Dell EMC, 500 students of UAE participate. These students are trained by means of an internship program.

This program provides all of the employability skills for the future that is needed in the technology area. Also, with empowering the youth potential, cause them to face with challenges in the future. The challenges in technology which change so rapidly.


What is First Bachelor Degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Young generation can educate in the British University in Dubai to be qualified for establishing Artificial Intelligence technologies, in every field of life.

The Minister of State in the context of Artificial Intelligence “Omar Al Olama”, has launched the new specialisation related to computer science program. By means of this program, undergraduates can learn coding and programming.

Employability skills for the future in UAE

Training programs hold for government employees

For government employees, there are National Program in the context of Artificial Intelligence that are a one-year programs. By this program, the employees achieve employability skills for the future.


Summer and spring camp’s program

One of the programs to improve students in high school and university levels, and also government administrative is Artificial Intelligence summer and spring camp’s program. So, these programs cause AI, and   with turning it into a strategic power, help the UAE’s economy and enforcing its position widely in all fields.

Except National Programs for Artificial Intelligence, there are the other programs

for developing future skills. In the following, we will speak about them:

Employability skills for the future in UAE 2023

What’s UAE Hackathon?

As you know “data” is one of main aspects in digital era. Also, it is very noticeable to concentrate on data by its understanding and

analysis. So, by this way, it can lead towards a digital and knowledge economy.

Since the data analysis is one the most undivided component of current and future skills, annually, the Government of UAE, holds a Hackathon across the nations for achieving these goals.



The aim of EmiratesSkills is to prepare the opportunities for its learners to increase their capability level, so they can be skilled better for the workplace challenges in the future. In fact

technical and vocational education, causes the youth to be prepared for an economy which is based on a continuous knowledge.

This initiative center by means of various competitions, education strategies and technical programs wants to increase the awareness of youth for the technical career.

In this center, a lot of different national and regional competitions are hold. Also, the students can take part in these events which is based on international skills benchmark.

Also, juniors between the ages of 12-15 can participate in the skills competitions.

The practical and theoretical school (EYPS)

The practical and theoretical school (EYPS)

The Emirates Youth Professional School (EYPS), start working in 2019. In fact, the government provided this professional schools for students between the ages of 15-35. The students who want to develop their vocational skills and find the new opportunities for labor market in the future.

The learning strategy of this school is bases on practical and theoretical method. In fact, different teachers and experts by means of

crowdsourcing model provide a situation for students to be prepared and skilled for the future.


Do you know Madrasa, The free platform?!

One of the free eLearning platforms which is launched by UAE is Madrasa. But what this platform provides? What goals follow this platform?

This free eLearning platform presents about 5,000 free videos that is translated in Arabic. In fact, learners can get different information by watching these videos. The subjects of this videos contain chemistry, science, physic, math and biology

Generally, this platform has an initiative goal. It wants to build a society which is based on knowledge; a society with a lot of skilled and professional researchers and scientists that bring various opportunities and innovations for their country. A country which is qualified in different fields.

What's the aim of ICT Fund?

What’s the aim of ICT Fund?

What programs follow the UAE’s ICT Fund?

This fund wants to improve capabilities and expertness in the context of information and communication technology. The aim of ICT Fund is to enforce the technological education of students in Emirates. Also it wants to improve the technological education of undergraduate and graduate levels in association with universities and research institutions.


Ibtekr platform

The first interactive platform of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI), is called “Ibtekr” that means innovate. The goal of this platform is to provide the opportunity for the capableness and capabilities of the Arab world, also it aims to share the successful innovation models of the UAE’s government.

This interactive platform presents outstanding widespread open online courses (MOOCs) free for all Arabic speakers, and award to students the valid certificates from the MBRCGI.

The Emirati School Model

The Emirati School Model

The new Emirati School model is established in the academic year 2017-2018, by the UAE’s government. This school provide a professional curriculum that is excellent and rich in course material, skill and an undivided education vision at the widespread level. The aim of this rich curriculum is to concentrate on providing critical thinking skills. Also, this school model provides a situation for students to develop innovation and teamwork.


One Million Arab Coders initiative

The initiative is established by H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, In October 2017.

This initiative aims to provide free online course for one million young people of UAE. This course makes them skilled in the knowledge of coding and programming. Also provide the opportunities for them to get the job in a knowledge and ICT-based economy.