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The UAE is one of the world’s most advanced countries.  Due to proper planning and the use of experts in different fields, the UAE currently has one of the best and most advanced economies. This issue has caused many people from all over the world to apply for residency in this country. A freelance visa is one of the most popular visas for residence in the UAE. As you all know, in today’s world, due to the advancement of communication systems, many jobs are done remotely or in other words, freelance.

This issue has caused many activists in different fields to start their work as freelancers. At first, freelance was not known as a stable and reliable job. But when the governments realized that freelancers are known as a very large group of people around the world, they decided to provide different facilities to this hardworking group. If you are also freelancing, you can easily live in this country by obtaining a Dubai and UAE freelance visa.

UAE freelance visa or in other words talent pass visa

UAE freelance visa or in other words talent pass visa

Different Departments in Dubai jointly issued a visa called Talent Pass.  This visa is valid for three years from the date of issuance. Compared to other visas issued in different fields, the three years of this visa are one of its positive features. You can live in the UAE for three years without any problem using this visa and enjoy the positive features of life in this country. You can start your work process and earn money with this visa freely and without needing to be employed in any organization. This type of visa has included a wide range of freelance jobs.

In what fields is the UAE  freelance visa issued?

After talking about the features of the UAE freelance visa, let’s check out which businesses are supposed with this visa.


If you are active in the field of banking affairs such as accounting, information analysis, audit programs, financial institutions, financial consulting, etc., you can stay in this country for three years by obtaining a UAE freelance visa. Note that you must submit your request for a visa to the Abu Dhabi Economic Development Department so that you can receive the visa from this department and finalize your residency process.

Everything about Dubai freelance visa

Educational system

Another field in which you can benefit from the UAE freelance visa service is education. If you are specialized in the field of educational consulting, teaching various sciences and techniques, executive training, and researching, you can stay in the UAE by receiving a visa.


If you are active in various fields that are related to the media, you can stay in this country without any problems by getting a UAE freelance visa. Activists in the field of acting, photography, sound recording, filming, reporting, composing, editing, journalism, analysis, etc., can easily get a freelance visa.

Everything about Dubai freelance visa


The field of design is another platform in which the UAE issues freelance visas. Clothing designers, stylists, image consultants, makeup artists, interior designers, textile designers, etc. are among those job fields that can work in the UAE by receiving a visa.

Computer experts

As you all know, the specializations used in the field of computer science and technology are very practical and important. This has made the UAE issue freelance visas to specialists in this field. People who work in the field of website design, software development, setting up telecommunication networks, information technology, etc. can apply for a UAE freelance visa.

freelance visa dubai

What documents do we need to get a freelance visa?

Note that to get the UAE freelance visa more easily, you need to prepare documents. Usually, the freelance license is one of the most important documents that you must have to get a visa. In addition to this license, you must also provide documents such as the passport, birth certificate, etc.

What are the benefits of receiving a UAE freelance visa?

We told you earlier that the UAE is a very advanced country. Being in this country will surely help you to enjoy amazing benefits. Working in an advanced country helps you to have very good job opportunities available. By using these opportunities, you can pave the path of progress for yourself more easily. One of the biggest advantages of using Dubai and UAE freelance visa services is that you can work for several companies at the same time. This will help you to increase your income as much as you can by managing your time. At the beginning of work, you can attract customers by setting lower wages. In the future, you can slowly increase the price of your services and increase your income. With a UAE freelance visa, you can take advantage of all the facilities available in this country for your progress and reach your main goal more easily.

Procedures for obtaining a UAE freelance visa

After talking about the different features of the freelance visa, let’s take a look at how you can finalize your application process for getting this visa.

  1. In the first step, you have to register your request for a freelance license online. According to the job you have, you should set your request at various sites.
  2. In the next step, you have to wait to receive a response to your request. Next, you may need to go to Dubai in person and sign documents and provide commitments. Note that this action is to obtain a freelance license.
  3. After you get your license, you need to apply for a freelance visa.
  4. In the end, you will be issued an entry permit, and in this period, you must provide your documents in full, and then receive your desired visa in your specialized field.


As you all know, many professionals in various fields are currently working as freelancers. This issue has caused different service platforms to be provided for these people. In the past, work visas were issued only to people who had certain expertise and worked in a particular company. But currently, according to the various developments that have taken place in different fields, as well as the process of improving communication between employers and specialists, the rules in the field of granting residence should be slightly changed.

This has made the freelance visa one of the most popular and demanded visas around the world. Along with getting this information, it might be interesting for you to know that to get a freelance license for one year, you have to pay 7500 UAE dirhams. To get a freelance visa, you have to pay separate fees based on your activity. Considering the improvements you can have in the emirate of Dubai, paying these fees is logical. If you have any questions about obtaining a UAE freelance visa, you can contact the consultants of the Coverdale website at the contact number. These consultants give you the information you need for free.

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