Financial texts require translators who, in addition to being professional, have high accuracy. Coverdale offers specialized financial translation services in Dubai.

Accounting, as the language of world trade, is one of the most important academic sciences in the field of humanities. It prepares financial and accounting reports. Research, development and essay writing are booming in the field of accounting. The history of the presence of this science in the world dates back to the advent of human civilization. Because this science has always been with him as a human need.

Despite the differences in accounting systems around the world, the financial reporting literature regulate according to a standard. So that useful information can be extracted from them, even if written in a foreign language. In the structure of all these reports, you can see terms such as cash flows, income, expenses, balance sheet or profit and loss statements.

Okay! Specifically, the translator in the specialized translation of accounting and the specialized translation of finance, just like the translator of other specialized fields, must have a high level of knowledge in the field of financial and accounting texts in order to be able to guide the translation of the specialized language of accounting to an acceptable direction.

The best translators in finance and accounting are in Coverdale to translate your specialized texts and content. They translate it with the highest quality and the most reasonable price. Coverdale uses translators who specialize in financial management for financial translation in Dubai.


What is the translation of financial texts?

Translation of financial texts refers to the translation of financial affairs and information related to companies, specialized financial articles, as well as the translation of international commercial and financial documents from the source language to the target language.

Financial translation services are in high demand! Because financial companies have become global and have to provide financial information in a variety of languages spoken by clients. English is a common language for the whole world and used in world trade. English is a common language for the whole world and used in world trade.

In many countries, financial texts are first translate into their national language and then into the target language. Today, companies that provide financial translation services are finding success with their clients and investors.

Finance is one of the most popular disciplines in Dubai and other parts of the world and has been growing academically. The field has majors in financial engineering and risk management, banking, insurance, real estate, finance and financing, and investment in oil and gas. Because many scientific and financial sources are in English, the need to translate them is of great importance.

Coverdale provides financial and accounting translation in Dubai with the best quality. These texts include: translation of isi articles in the field of accounting, translation of dissertations and books in the field of accounting, etc.

Important points about translating financial texts

Important points about translating financial texts

The importance and necessity of translating financial texts

Specialized translation of financial texts is one of the main needs of any society for progress in all fields. This science is one of the basic sciences of any society, so the progress of a society in economic and financial sciences is equal to the progress of the whole society and the general welfare of different strata of a society.

This progress and development is also conditional on mastery and awareness of the latest scientific achievements in the field of financial and economic texts, and this is where the specialized translation of financial texts and articles shows its key importance in the success of any society. Without the help of an expert translator, it will be difficult to achieve this progress and success. In the specialized translation of financial texts, because the result is particularly sensitive, the accuracy of the translator is very important and a small mistake can lead to damage to the company or incorrect transfer of concepts in scientific articles and books in the field of accounting.

The translation of financially specialized texts is just as sensitive as the translation of medical texts, and the reason is quite clear: even inserting a comma “,” can change the scientific meanings of the text in general and misinterpret these meanings.

At Coverdale, we provide a variety of specialized services such as specialized Financial Translation in Dubai, translation of articles, translation of books, simultaneous translation, official translation of documents, editing and articles, etc.

Financial Text Translation - The Benefits Of Using Professionals

Choosing a translator of financial texts

Choose a good translator to translate financial texts

Before giving your financial texts to translators for translation, it is best to first determine what kind of translator you are looking for:

Localization Translators

Such translators have a high level of foreign knowledge as well as linguistic knowledge, and translation companies re-evaluate the work done by these translators for quality assurance. If you are looking to localize your content, it recommended to use this type of translators.

Language translators

The specialty of these translators is based on translating texts from one language to another. If you are planning to translate financial texts from English to other languages, using this type of translator considered as the best option. Translation companies and centers will use professional translators who have extensive experience in translating financial texts.

Coverdale is a place that translates specialized texts for everyone, especially for students and university professors. If you are looking for a specialized translation center for Financial Translation in Dubai, instant translation of abstracts, proposals, dissertations, etc., Coverdale translators are at your service as soon as possible.

Necessary abilities to translate financial texts

Financial conditions are improving day by day, and this is the main reason for the change in financial terms. Translators in this field, in addition to mastering the language, must have sufficient knowledge of the terms and culture of financial texts. why? Because some of the terms in the source language do not exist in the target language and do not make sense.

Important aspects should be considered when translating financial texts professionally:

  • Numbers: Numbers are the most important factor in this profession. That is why they should not be moved or changed. Considering the marking and interpretation system is also very important. Especially since the decimal system or period may differ between the source language and the target language.
  • New financial terms: When looking for equivalent words in the target language, you should pay more attention to new accounting and financial terms.
  • Abbreviations: Abbreviations in financial texts are usually only known among financial experts.

In order for these aspects to be realized, there is a standard requirement: Translators must specialize in this area. They have the necessary knowledge of current financial terminology in both the source and target languages.

So when you are looking for a translator to do this, you should be aware of his professionalism and knowledge for translating financial texts. Having a deep financial knowledge of both languages is important. Because in the absence of equivalent translation terms, the translator must rely on his or her professional translation expertise to explain the terms.

charactristics financial translators

Features of Coverdale Financial Translator

Coverdale uses English-speaking accounting experts for specialized Financial Translation in Dubai. If you need to translate specialized accounting or financial text for your business, contact us. A translator must have the following skills to provide the best quality translation of financial texts:

1- Financial translators should pay attention to the details of the text.

When translating financial texts, the translator should consider several aspects. Providing relevant and coherent translations, avoiding ambiguity and errors in translation, having general information in the field, paying attention to minor differences in specific terms, and observing the specifics of the original text, Avoid changing text by creating incorrect words and translating word for word. Pay attention to the fact that a good translator not only recreates content, but also pays attention to form.

Financial documents require a great deal of precision and sensitivity! Because they contain a great deal of information and must be translated correctly. This information includes: dates, policies, specific numbers and terms, etc. Which should be translated according to the conditions of the target language. Therefore, the translator must be familiar with the terms and understand their meanings simultaneously. This is effective in preventing translation errors and ambiguity in the general and specific meanings of financial text terms.

2- Financial translators should Pay attention to numbers

Because translators of financial texts deal with numbers and figures, they must be very careful in translating these texts. Therefore, due to the sensitivity of these texts, not even the slightest mistake should be made. Because mistakes in translation cause a lot of problems for both parties.

3- Financial translators should have sufficient experience and knowledge

It is necessary for translators in this field to have sufficient experience and knowledge in finance, and this knowledge must be updated to be compatible with changes in finance. Professional translators have a great deal of experience in conveying concepts. Translators of financial texts should be familiar with up-to-date information and have previous experience in this field.

4- Financial translators should having scientific competence and formal education in the related field

The most important issue for all translators of the specialized field, especially translators of financial texts, is to have qualifications. Competence in translating financial texts is very important. In such cases, the translator can provide accurate translations to clients. Translators need to be familiar with terms, grammar, financial formulas and other related issues. For this reason, it recommend to use translators who are familiar with the principles of financial texts in the country in question.

5- Financial translators should Observe the aspects of confidentiality

Financial information and data are confidential and the translator must be careful in maintaining them and observe the side of fidelity. Legally, financial and economic documents require certain confidentiality. Translated documents often contain private information that must be protected from rapid dissemination or distribution to non-governmental organizations. Maintaining the confidentiality of this information and ensuring the security of translated documents are important issues. Non-disclosure of information is one of the basic principles of confidentiality of documents in the translation of financial texts.

6- Financial translators should have Up-to-date information

The translator of financial texts must be updated as financial conditions change, as finance and its terminology are evolving every day. The financial translator should always research and search for up-to-date terms used in the economic and financial field, find their meanings, and try to find equivalents in the target language and, if necessary, provide a definition for them.

7- Financial translators should read the text before translating

Translators should read and analyze the text before starting to translate. Critical analysis of professional translation helps to identify inconsistencies and ambiguities. These translators are responsible for communicating with the client, analyzing and clarifying financial documents, if necessary.

8- Financial translators should have high writing skills

Translation service providers use specialized teams that have high ability and skills in writing. They know very well how and by what means to translate texts. Each country uses a specific language for its financial texts. For this reason, it is necessary for the financial translator to be aware of these matters. Translated texts must be very accurate in all respects and provide a complete understanding of the original text.

Specialized translation of economics and finance is very important for people who are studying or doing business in this field, because of their familiarity with how these sciences are develop in the world and in other nations. At Coverdale website, translation of financial done in Dubai with the best quality.

Important practical tips in professional translation of financial texts

In translating financial texts, it is necessary and important to pay attention to things to prevent possible damages. These tips include:

  • Never use machine translation when translating financial documents. Machine software is incapable of understanding and translating financial terms.
  • An error in the specialized translation of financial texts can lead to the loss of an important contract and even heavy monetary losses, which sometimes result from a very small error. In accounting articles and books, it can lead to incorrect transfer of concepts.
  • Do not let inexperienced and financially unfamiliar translators translate your text.
  • A poor quality translation of financial statements prepared for legal or governmental purposes can have serious legal consequences.


The translation of economic and financial texts is one of the most accurate and time-consuming translations that requires a lot of attention and concentration from the translator. The translator must examine various aspects, such as choosing the correct word equivalent and its use in the context, and use equations that are stylistically identical to the original text and translate the terms correctly.

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