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The luxurious jewelry shops in Dubai

How much do you know luxurious jewelry? If you are a fan of costly jewelry, and you are going to know about and visit different jewelry shops in Dubai, you can easily take a look at the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai.

At this place where there are the perfect gold shops, you can see the residents of Dubai who are looking for the modern gold ornaments and jewelry. So, what are different aspects about the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai? In the following we will speak about that.


Do you know the famous Gold and Diamond Park?

Do you know the famous Gold and Diamond Park?

The Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai is newer than the well-known gold souk of Dubai. This place was inaugurated in 2011. It became a place for selling the best and perfect ornaments brands of the world. Also, in Gold and Diamond Park different stores which offer valuable pricey accessories have been established. In fact, you can find more than 76 stores at this place.

Do you like a special kind of jewelry, for example a specific design that maybe you have an emotional relation with it? So, you are lucky. Because except the gold ornaments and diamond that are premade at these shops, here the stores give you this opportunity to have the designs that you want. Also, at this place the price of repairs is very reasonable.

Another point worth mentioning is that you can receive your unique order or repair when you come back to your home. Then don’t worry when it is the time to leave Dubai and your order is not yet ready.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park was established in May 2001 and is located 20km from Dubai International Airport

Experiencing different purchases is on of Gold and diamond park in Dubai

Experiencing different purchases

Various metals and jewelry at this mall are certified. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. You can be completely assured about an authentic purchase. Except the diamonds and gold, there are also different elegant emeralds amethysts and also rubies belonging to Sri Lanka and India.


Different stores

The Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai involves more than 76 jewelry shops. In actual fact, there are so many luxury and fine jewelry stores in this mall that you really don’t know which one to choose. At the following you can mention some of these famous stores:

Do you know The House of Windsor jewelry store in Dubai?

Do you know The House of Windsor jewelry store in Dubai?

As we said in this mall there are various stores, and one of them is The House of Windsor jewelry store, which is located in the building number 1. The interior theme of the shop is blue. The House of Windsor jewelry store with the glamorous platinum, gold and silver ornaments makes a charming place for visitors and tourists.

In fact, the valuable metals and precious certified diamonds which are used in different settings attracts everyone. For real this store with its unique valuable pieces and ornaments that are created with an accurate attention to

the smallest details have been so popular among the meticulous seekers. Its Contact number is: +971-4-340-8324. And the Timings of the store is from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm, and on Fridays is from 04:00 pm till 10:00 pm.

The Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai is newer than the well-known gold souk of Dubai.

Al Ras Jewelry

As mentioned before at the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai that the various kind of gold products are offered, you can also benefit from the customization services offered in this mall.

Dubai Star Gold which is based in building number 1, offer diamond and gold ornaments. In fact, the unique designs of Dubai Star Gold cause a lot of visitors and tourists to come to Dubai for visiting this luxury place, and purchasing different artful designs. At the following you can see more detail:

  • Contact Number: +971-4-347-5350
  • Timings: from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm, and on Fridays from 04:00 pm till 10:00 pm.

Tejori Gems of Gold and diamond park in Dubai

Tejori Gems

At Tejori Gems that has nine locations across Dubai, a lot of professional specialists in the field of pearls and diamonds are present. These specialists offer to the customers precious, fine and custom- made ornaments.


Kanz Jewels

All of the products of Kanz Jewels, consider the taste and predilection of the customers. In fact, both craftsmanship and list of their creations are designed in a way that contemplate the preference of customers.

With visiting the products of Kanz Jewels, you can mention their philosophy in the offered services. In real, consistent working with professional experience at Kanz Jewels has caused the offering of the finest 18 and 22 karat ornaments.

Kanz Jewels is located in the building number 1. Its phone number is +971 4 3400557. And the shop hours are from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM on Sunday – Saturday, and from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Fridays.

Gold and diamond park in Dubai

Kuntal Gems

Kuntal Gems with an outstanding worthy proposition in a short period of ten years, has inaugural two branches. In this mall, you can find diamond ornaments, valuable gemstones,

worthy jewelry. Also, a wide range of semi-precious-colored stones are provided for visitors at this place.


Arabian Gems

Arabian Gems is so experienced in the context of diamond and gold. Actually, it is about 16 years that Arabian Gems with it services welcome its customers and visitors.

The jewelry made with complicate and fine designs, cause the customers to admire these valuable ornaments. The supreme patterns of jewelry combined with elegance, attracts every visitor’s attention. So, for your various events and occasions, you can have fine gold and diamond ornaments with a reasonable price. It is located in building 1. The shop hours are Sunday – Saturday from10:00 AM till 10:00 PM, and from 4:00 PM till 10:00 PM on Fridays.

  • Also, its phone number is: +971 4 3473444.

Al Liali Jewelryon of Gold and diamond park in Dubai

Al Liali Jewelry

Al Liali Jewelry with making the valuable metals and gemstones has been so successful in creating the good memoires for people who look for the fine gold and diamond ornaments.

All of the diamond and gold jewelry at this store are collected carefully to make a good impression on its customers.

Also, the professional staff working there, welcome the visitors warmly and with their efficient guides make it easier for customers to choose the best ornaments according to their preference, their budget and also the desired occasion or the person you are going to purchase the jewelry for.


Al Matrooshi Jewelry

Al Matrooshi Jewelry is a retailer that has three branches. This retailer with 38 years of experience has obtained the loyalty of its customers, and also with its unique experience has gotten the industry stature.

Al Matrooshi with its unique collection of ornaments, which involves 18 karat gold, valuable gemstones and also a big collection of diamonds attracts customers from all over the Emirates.

This exceptional store is located in the building 1. Its phone number is: +971 4 3477677. Also, the shopping hours is:

Sunday – Saturday from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM, and on Fridays from 4:00 PM till 10:00 PM.

Al Nobala Diamonds on of Gold and diamond park in Dubai

Al Nobala Diamonds

Al Nobala Diamonds is a retailer with 17 years of experience in the business of fine jewelry.

At this store, the staff provide the distinguished platinum and diamond for all customers with different tastes. Also, this store concentrates on bridal ornaments and jewelry.

For the customers who look for authenticity, at Al Nobala the ideal diamonds are present. These diamonds that are certified internationally by HRD, GIA and IGI welcome the customers with ideal choices.



This prestigious store, has earned a big glory in offering fine jewelry especially bridal ornaments. The jewelry at Cara involves various ornaments such as earrings, bracelets and also attractive diamonds. So, you have this opportunity to discover yourself in a glamorous and splendid World.

Also, at Cara you can see the couple-groups which are created for showing the significance of relationships they are responsible to signify.

Gold and diamond park in Dubai

Various options for dining (Gold and diamond park in Dubai)

After visiting the unique and beautiful stores of this luxurious collection, maybe you feel hungry. Then don’t worry. There are five eateries at the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai

that you can fuel there. These eateries involve Baker & Spice, SoHo Café, Coffee Day Cafe and Restaurant, All Day Mini Mart and also Alma 560 Café.


Baker & Spice

At this popular place with excellent staff,

you can order organic and healthy food as well as wholesome mocktails.



Alma 560 Café is a Portuguese café that offers various items of breakfast that involves sandwiches and all-day snacks. Also, visitors who search more healthy food and a late breakfast can come to this café. Its contact number is: +971-4-340-5060


Coffee Day Cafe And Restaurant 

If you are going to shop at this glamorous mall, you can go to the Coffee Day Cafe and Restaurant for ordering a fresh hot cup of coffee and some nibbles to make a more enjoyable shopping. Its phone number is: +971-4-341-5335

Gold and diamond park in Dubai


If you are a conscious person about your health, you can take a look at SoHo Cafe. At this place different kind of wholesome smoothies and the cafe’s specialties which are award-winning are served. Its contact number is: +971-4-341-5335

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