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Dubai is one of the most well-known cities in the world, which is known as a center of progress. IT engineer is currently among the most used specializations. It doesn’t matter what field you specialize in or what job you have, you can be sure that by living in Dubai you can achieve your short and long-term goals. Along with the different types of specializations required in Dubai, IT engineering is one of the most popular specializations that is needed in various fields in Dubai. If you specialize in IT engineering or have studied in this field, you can easily move to Dubai with your basic knowledge, expertise, and experience and start your life in this city.  IT engineering and fields related to it, are currently among the most used specializations. In today’s world, where everything is computerized, the need for specialists in the field of managing and categorizing this information is felt more than ever.

Is moving to Dubai as an IT engineer the right thing to do?

It does not matter if you are working in other cities of the UAE or if you want to move from another country to the UAE and Dubai. In both cases, if you have a predetermined goal, you can achieve your goal by living and working in Dubai. Along with the advancement of Dubai, the close connection of companies and service providers in this city with other service providers around the world is a great opportunity. This opportunity will help you to showcase your expertise at the global level and get better and more useful experiences.

What specializations should I have in the field of IT engineer to live and work in Dubai?

We told you earlier that computer science and IT engineering expertise is a specialty that is needed all over the world. But IT engineering includes a very wide base of sciences and techniques, and each of these sciences and techniques is used in a specific field. Graduates of the IT engineering field can work as information technology consultants, computer game developers, system analysts, web developers, production managers, software engineers, cyber security consultants, programmers, network security, etc. The more expertise you have in these fields, the more you will be paid and the easier you will be able to find a job.

What specializations should I have in the field of IT engineer to live and work in Dubai?

Reviewing the process of moving to Dubai as an engineer

If you have finalized your decision to live in Dubai as an IT engineer, you need to know more about the steps to achieve your goals. Let’s explore these steps together.

The first step is to find a job offer

In the first step, to start your life as an IT engineer in Dubai, you need to find your desired job offer. You cannot immigrate from another country to the UAE without any job offer. Even without job support, you cannot leave your life and go to Dubai. Therefore, in the first step, you should find the job offer you want and make sure that this job offer is what you expect.

Reviewing the process of moving to Dubai as an IT engineer

The second step is to talk and reach an agreement with the employer

After you find your job offer, you should talk to your employer. You must present all your qualifications, expertise, experience, and generally your resume as an IT engineer to your employer so that you can convince him that you have enough expertise for the job. If you plan to immigrate to the UAE from another country, the employer is obliged to pay the costs of your visa and home in Dubai. In addition, all the documents you need to obtain a work license and visa in the UAE must be completely submitted by your employer to the relevant departments. For this reason, you should do your best to convince the employer that you have sufficient and necessary expertise in your field of work.

The third step is to get a work license

If you are a resident of the UAE, you can move to Dubai and start your own business after agreeing with the employer. But if you plan to go to Dubai from another country, you have to go through more steps. The steps we will mention from now on are for people who want to move to Dubai from another country. After you have agreed with your employer, you need to get a work license to apply for a work visa.  This license allows you to travel to the UAE and Dubai and go through the process of applying for your work visa in person. The MoHRE will issue you a work license.  In the next step, your contract with the employer will be recorded. Next, your visa will be issued and you have two months to go to the UAE and get an official work visa. Note that in these two months, your employer must complete the medical tests, Emirates ID, work hard, and residence visa.

The fourth step is to get a valid ID card in the UAE

After you have received your temporary visa as an IT engineer, you must apply for an ID card. You must personally attend the EIDA so that you can easily receive their ID card. Your presence at this stage is very important and vital because your fingerprints and complete identity information are required to receive an ID card.

moving to dubai as an IT manager

The last step is obtaining a work visa

In the final step, when the temporary work license, as well as the Emirati ID card, are issued, you can start your activity as an IT engineer in the company you want. UAE work visa is valid for about one to three years and you can extend this visa if needed.

process of moving to Dubai as an IT engineer

What documents do we need to work in Dubai as an IT engineer?

Earlier, we told you completely what is the process of working in Dubai as an IT engineer.  But now we want to tell you completely which documents you can easily go to the UAE and work as an IT engineer in Dubai. In the first step, you need a work license to work in Dubai. To get a work license, you must find the job you want and agree with the employer. In addition to the work license, you need other documents such as a valid passport, the most recent university degree, a resume, and an employment contract.

How to move to Dubai as an IT engineer


In general, fields related to computer science and IT engineering are very much in demand all over the world. Because the city of Dubai has a bright future, the expertise of IT engineers is needed to provide more advanced services in this city. You can easily go to Dubai and work in this city by spending a little intelligence and finding a suitable job. For more information regarding moving to Dubai as an IT engineer, you can call Us for free. Coverdale consultants try to answer all your doubts and questions about moving to Dubai and help you make a logical decision.

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