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Dubai is proud of a Public Library Network which consists of seven libraries in various areas for people. Some other libraries are available for children. There are also multi-function halls and classrooms. All Dubai Public Library network is connected with other contemporary libraries, giving readers access to immense information resources on various topics in both Arabic and English. Dubai accommodates a large number of amazing public and private libraries where you can both study and borrow books on different topics!

list of the best libraries to study in Dubai :

libraries to study in Dubai

1.The Mohammed bin Rashid Library

This is one of the biggest libraries not only in Dubai but also in all Arabian countries which possess some of the most significant works from across the world. It is also a cultural center to start conversations. Regardless of the great workshops, you can enjoy regular programs like film screenings. The seven-floor building itself is also amazing.  Only children under five aren’t allowed, all other people of different ages will find a lot of appealing activities here. The Mohammed bin Rashid Library is one of the best libraries to study in Dubai.

list of the best libraries to study in Dubai

2.Al Mankhool Public Library

Dubai Public Library in Al Mankhool is a wonderful place to learn, gain knowledge and become familiar with different cultures in Dubai. The library hosts plenty of books, periodicals, journals and other materials. This is one of the best libraries to study in Dubai.

3. Umm Suqeim Library

Dubai Public Library in Umm Suqeim gives readers access to a lot of reading materials and books on different topics. It’s a wonderful spot to take pleasure in reading or studying in a serene environment. Possessing plenty of works that include both fiction and non-fiction books, you’re certain to find something that’ll attract your attention. This knowledge center is full of other reading material too, from periodicals and maps to materials that help with all types of research projects. Apart from print sources, a large amount of information is also accessible in audio and video formats. The Umm Suqeim branch, similar to other public library branches, has devoted a specific section to children with a reading hall, activity room and AV amenities. Umm Suqeim Library is one of the best libraries to study in Dubai.

libraries to study in Dubai

4.Al Safa Art and Design Library

The Al Safa Art and Design Library is designed for fans of art and design. This is where you can gain knowledge more about the history and development of arts and design. The books and reading materials provide deep knowledge about the effect of arts in the universe. Al Safa Public Library is one of the most popular public libraries in Dubai. You can find an immense collection of wonderful books connected to all available genres in this library.

The location of this library increases the popularity of this place. Librarians can easily access the Al Safa library in the commercial part of Jumeriah. Plenty of reading material is accessible in all languages, but the number of Arabic books is more. Whether you are in search of a fictional or a non-fictional book, Al Safa will is committed to its duty as a valuable source of great reading and research for all purposes. This is considered one of the best libraries to study in Dubai.

libraries to study in Dubai

5. Al Twar Library

Al Twar Library is a part of the Dubai Public Libraries which was founded to improve reading and research. It is a great choice for those who want to study for a school or university project.

6. Hor Al Anz Library

The Hor Al Anz Library in Deira Dubai is a wonderful library with plenty of books and periodicals on different topics. You can take pleasure in reading your best-loved books in a friendly environment.

libraries to study in Dubai

7.Hatta Public Library

The Hatta Library is particularly built to satisfy people residing in the outer parts of Dubai. It has many facilities, such as a multi-function hall and bus service for people who wish to go to the library. The number of books is increasing.

8.Beach Library

Dubai has also started the “Beach Library” project to support reading. These libraries are established on various beaches in Dubai. Each library possesses a small cozy and calming reading area. Anyone can get a book for reading. The beach libraries are well-lighted for people who want to read a book after the sun sets.

9.E-Library in Dubai

In addition to many public libraries in Dubai, this city has started an all-inclusive e-library service to fulfill a part of the mission of the Dubai Smart Government program. The e-library portal will enable students, researchers and university members to easily search for historical sources, books, journals, research papers and other sources online. You can effortlessly find any book and its place by utilizing the e-library services.

libraries to study in Dubai

10.Al Rashidiya public library

There are a huge number of topics accessible at the Al Rashidiya public library in Deira, situated south of Dubai International Airport and close to Al Rashidiya Park. The library possesses a huge range of fiction and non-fiction books from many famous writers. Similar to all public libraries in Dubai, this Al Rashidiya branch has devoted a specific section to children with a reading hall, activity room and audiovisual amenities. Only UAE nationals, GCC citizens, UAE residents, or UAE-registered companies can gain membership in this library. Those people who come to visit Dubai are allowed to read newspapers, magazines, and books accessible in both English and Arabic on the premises.

11. Old Library

The Old Library is Dubai’s main English Language Library which has over 1800 group and individual members. It is a non-profit organization that is managed completely by volunteers for the Dubai community. The Library is situated in the vicinity of the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center. As the oldest English Language Library in the country, existing earlier than even the founding of the UAE, the Old Library has an important spot in Dubai’s history. It was established in 1969. Its original name was- Dubai Lending Library, offering books from commercial companies and members of the expatriate community allowed the library to burgeon.

The Library today possesses over 19,000 books for librarians including teenagers and children. It includes a wide range of General Fiction, General Reference, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Classics and other topics and genres.

12.Al Ras Public Library

Al Ras Public Library is a turning point at Al Ras that is a spot in Dubai. This library is in the service of people as a public library that is open for those who are interested in reading or searching for a great place to conduct comprehensive research via books. There is a broad range of good books accessible at the library, connected to different topics and genres.  In addition, Arabic books and foreign language-based readable material is available too, you can simply find a good book

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