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When it comes to translation, and especially the translation of texts, many questions arise: What is translation? Why is translation necessary? What is the translation medium? How many types of translations are there? What is the basis of the book translation classification? What are the genres of translation? What is technical translation? What is engineering translation? What is the difference between technical and general translation? What types of technical translations are there? This article answers these questions.

Definition of Technical Translation: What is Technical Translation?

You may ask, what is technical translation? If you refer to a dictionary, you will come across this definition:

Technical translation is a type of specialized translation that is usually done for specific topics. But this is a vague definition and does not give us a full understanding of the term technical translation and what technical translation is. Therefore, we will expand the definition of technical translation.

scientific translation examples

scientific and technical translation

Coverdale specialized technical translation in Dubai include specialized translation of books, articles and academic texts, especially article translation.

On a large scale and in general, technical translation is a type of  texts translation that deals with scientific, technical and engineering topics. It uses its own terminology. Technical translation is a type of translation that requires a technical translator. A translator who has a good understanding of specialized terms. He / she is familiar with the specialized vocabulary and knowledge of the source text and the target text.

The types of texts and books that fall into the category of content that require technical translation are very diverse. This includes articles and books in science, medicine, engineering, and technical journal articles. These texts often require someone who is train in the field and has good translation skills. Computer engineering related content that requires a high level of IT knowledge is also a technical translation. It requires a translator with sufficient knowledge of computer engineering terminology.

Translation developments in 2022

Today, the cooperation of domestic and foreign companies has expanded widely. This has led to a very significant increase in the exchange of information. Therefore, technical translation services are increasingly need.

Technical translation has its own nature and its main features. It  include the need for a correct description of technological processes, capable translation of specialized terms and observance of appropriate display style.

Translating technical documents, including instructions for using hardware and software, requires professional linguistic and specialized skills and abilities. The translators of the Coverdale technical translation team have all these skills.

By employing translators of specialized texts in all disciplines and fields, Coverdale Institute reduces the concerns of customers and offers specialized technical translation in Dubai, as well as other translation services in this city.

The translation ability of this team in combination with the superior language skills of our specialists has enabled us to provide highly professional and accurate technical translation services, especially the translation of technical and engineering books.

the main types of technical translation in dubai

The main types of Technical Translation in Dubai

Technical translation categorize in different ways. There are various groups of documents and books that need technical translation. The following are the main types of technical translation:

Translation of technical documents

Translation of documents and writings that contain specific technical information from various fields and specialties. The complexity of this type of translation is not limited to the translation of any technical words, phrases or sentences. The translator must know the specialized translation of a specific field or area. He/she have the qualifications to translate a specific field.

Translation of Machine Equipment Manual

Due to the special importance of the information specified in the manual of technical equipment and machinery, the translation of these manuals is challenging. A translator can translate these manuals who have good technical knowledge and can transmit the information provided in the language and style of the author of the text. Also, this type of technical translation requires compliance with all applicable regulations and standards in the relevant industry.

Translation of scientific and technical books

Translation of this type of content requires specialized knowledge and experience. This type of translation not only conveys the meaning and concept of the content but also the style of the source text must be conveyed. The audience should be able to easily and relying on their previous knowledge of the standards and principles of writing scientific and technical texts, use the target text.

Translation of technical texts

Translation of technical texts requires the careful use of specialized terms without losing their general meaning. This type of content may be related to automotive technical topics, building construction, mechanics and computers, or other very technical topics. The translator must understand the content well. He/she will be able to translate technical terms into the target language.

Software localization and user interface translation

It includes a full range of services to adapt the software user interface elements along with their auxiliary and complementary files. Translation of the text of the software guide and user interface is also part of it and requires scientific knowledge and technical translation skills.

Equipment catalog translation

usually done in close cooperation with the client. In most cases the translator must use the company’s glossary and internal standards for translation. It format the document according to the client’s wishes.

The types of texts and books that fall into the category of technical translation in Dubai are very diverse. This include the translation of articles and books on science, medicine, engineering and articles in technical journals and so on.

Regardless of the type of content, the Coverdale technical translation team is ready to translate all your texts and technical books into different languages. In the meantime, the Coverdale  has the strongest team for translating texts, books, articles and technical and engineering dissertations.

Technical translation guide for manufacturing industries

It is almost impossible to ignore the successful global nature of new business and technology. The role of translators in helping with this expansion of international cooperation and commercial success and technology exchange is quite clear. A very important part of this expansion of cooperation and success of customers lies in ensuring the transmission of the message and brand identity of companies by technical translators. In any case, it is one of the key areas of global growth in the manufacturing industry. Translators have a key role to play in supporting the international development of these industries.

It is common in the manufacturing industry that their technical press contains highly specialized language. Which means that technical writers are use to write these texts and technical concepts and terms are accurately share. Therefore, the possibility of misunderstanding in the translation of such texts is very high. The technical translator of manufacturing industries must have good technical knowledge and sufficient experience in working with manufacturing industries in addition to complete mastery of the target language.

Are you looking for a professional technical translation in Dubai at a reasonable price and excellent quality? So contact Coverdale experts to find the best translator.

Industrial & Manufacturing - International Language Services

Technical Translation Services For The Manufacturing Industry

Technical translation of manufacturing industries

There is a different definition of technical translation in the manufacturing industry. Technical translation is a type of specialized translation that is done on documents produced by technical authors (ownership manual, instructions for use and user guide, etc.). Or more specifically, texts that deal with technological issues and relate to the use of scientific and technological information.

Technical translation is any kind of translation that is done on specialized texts and requires a high level of knowledge of the subject and complete familiarity with the terminology and rules of technical writing. The difference between technical translation and general translation or colloquial translation is that mastery of the target language is not enough to translate technical texts.

It is estimated that the share of technical vocabulary in specialized texts of the manufacturing industry is between five to ten percent. To ensure the transmission of the meaning and concept of this important technical information in the translated text, the technical translator must have direct knowledge of the industry to ensure full understanding and compliance with the standards and rules of this branch of industry.

Technical and scientific translation

Technical translation is a type of scientific and professional translation. The Coverdale technical translation team is all technical and engineering graduates who are also fluent in a second language and specialize in translating content and technical texts, including:

  • Translation of patent certificate documents
  • Translation of catalogs and brochures of technical devices and equipment
  • Translation of technical specifications and datasheets
  • Translation of product usage manual
  • Translation of the manual for the use of electronic devices
  • Translation of executive and operational manuals
  • Translation of staff vocational training manuals
  • Translation of safe operation instructions
  • Translation of technical introductory designs
  • Translation of scientific reports
  • Translation of technical datasheets

Concluding Remarks

Technical translation is often considered to be a type of translation in which the source text can only be understood by a certain percentage of those who speak the source text. The purpose of this translation is to convert the source text into text that can be easily understood by the target language audience.

Technical translation is used for many source texts, ranging from user manuals to technical websites and software. Getting the best out of a technical translation project requires real knowledge of the subject matter and linguistic skills. It is almost always necessary to understand the content and knowledge of the relevant industry.

To facilitate technical translation and achieve better results, translation assistance tools such as translation memory, glossary and technical vocabulary database are usually use. This helps to guarantee the quality of the technical translation. Technical translation can be achieved using computer-aided translation (CATs) tools that are more complete and qualitative.

Although technical translation in Dubai is not just about accurately translating key terms, the translator must not only have expertise in the subject, but also understand the rules of writing.

The best translation company in Dubai

best technical translation company in dubai

The Coverdale translation service

The Coverdale technical team consists of a group of university graduate engineers who are also fluent in a second language. This team is ready to translate technical and engineering books as well as industrial technical documents of companies.

All you have to do is fill in the technical and engineering book order registration form and send us the source file. Shortly after sending and after reviewing the source file, one of the Coverdale  translation coordinators will contact you and make arrangements for your technical and engineering translation project.

Keep in mind that the Coverdale translation technical and engineering translation projects have a lifetime warranty that guarantees the quality of the translations.

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