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Coverdale translation bureau provides instant official translation services. Obtaining the approvals of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translating English articles under the supervision of certified translators is another service provided in this institute.

Language is one of the most important human tools for communication. Due to the vast needs of today’s world, people need to communicate with each other from all over, and in these circumstances, the presence of translators strongly felt. Sometimes it is necessary to translate documents, or for scientific and educational resources or various commercial purposes, the need to communicate with other parts of the world is important.

A translation bureau is an institution or organization that is responsible for translating texts and documents into another language. Translation agencies divided into two categories, formal and informal, depending on the type of activity they perform, and we will introduce each of them in detail below.

Some official translation agencies also operate online. Due to today’s lifestyle and the need to do things quickly, translation agencies have a special place among the people. You can visit these offices in person and leave the translation process to them by submitting the documents.

Where is the translation bureau?

A translation bureau is an institution, agency or office whose main job is to translate various documents, documents and texts in all fields from one language to another. The equivalent of the word translation bureau is translation agency or translation office. These offices performe all translation services. It is not limit to the translation of documents. Due to the expansion of various types of media and international communications, translation job has flourished.

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What is the Translation Bureau?

Translation agencies also carry out activities such as film and audio translation, conference translation and interpretation. Translation agencies operate in a wider range of translations than ever before. In addition to providing a variety of services, they can be categorized, which we will discuss in the following.

Reasons why translation agencies are important

Given the widespread learning of English in the community, you may think that translation agencies are no longer needed and that people can afford to translate themselves, but in fact the existence of translation agencies is important and necessary for several reasons:

  • Due to the responsibilities and licenses of the translation agencies, they are obliged to perform the translations correctly in the appropriate format and according to the prescribed rule.
  • In addition to translators of English and widely used languages, translation agencies have translators for other languages that are not widely use and cover all languages.
  • You need translation agencies to demonstrate the authenticity of a document. And you can cite them in the courts of other countries.
  • Most translation agencies offer English language classes, and translators can attend to reinforce and fully learn the rules of the language. Of course, these sessions are not free and you have to pay the tuition fees.

Types of translation Bureau

As we said, there are different types of translation agencies:

  1. Official (formal) translation agencies
  2. Unofficial (informal) translation agencies
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Official translation bureau

The official translation bureau is a translation agency or institute that translates authentic texts, documents and papers at the international level. Official translation agencies usually cooperate with reputable official institutions such as ministries.

The most common and important reasons for people to go to official translation agencies are translating a tourist visa, a student visa or an immigrant visa. For example, when you want to study at a foreign university, all your documents must first be translated by the judiciary. So, with the help of the translation bureau, your documents will become official and legal and will be valid all over the world.

In general, as the name implies, official translation agencies are institutions for translating official documents. Official documents are documents and texts that used in a variety of formal contracts or for tasks such as equivalence of documents, etc.

In recent years, due to the increase in immigration and study abroad, most international relations and cooperation with foreign institutions and institutions, etc., has led to the expansion of the field of activity of official translation agencies.

Services provided in the official translation bureau

Most of the activities of official translation agencies can be summarized as follows:

  • Translation of all kinds of official documents for official and governmental institutions such as ministries
  • Issuance of a certificate to confirm the authenticity of the translation of books or articles
  • Certificate of employment in private companies as well as government agencies
  • Translation of business licenses and licenses to establish a medical office
  • Translation of testimony, international certificates and police certificate
  • Translation of university diplomas
  • Simultaneous preparation of translators for international meetings and lectures and conferences
  • Translation of documents related to the judiciary and international courts and papers containing statements of plaintiffs and defendants
  • Translation of all types of real estate documents and letters of credit related to real estate
  • Translation of medical certificates required to submit to a variety of official institutions
  • Translation of various international contracts and documents related to rent and sale
  • Translation of all types of diplomas in elementary, middle, high school and pre-university
  • Translation of qualifications related to the Ministry of Science
  • Translation of relevant degrees to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  • Translation of financial balance sheets and other documents related to companies
  • Translation of documents by the official translators of the Judiciary on the official letterhead of the Translation Bureau
  • Possibility of obtaining approval from the Judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if necessary and at the request of the applicant
  • Possibility of obtaining embassy approval if needed and at the request of the applicant such as the Ministry of Science, Health, Medical System
  • Possibility of obtaining approval from relevant ministries if necessary, such as the Ministry of Science, Health, Medical System
  • Translation of insurance and third party insurance contracts
  • Translation of arrival and departure reports
  • Translation of judicial notices and warnings

Information about official translation bureau

Official translations usually have special stamps and letterheads. Three types of letterheads used in these translations and have two or three stamps depending on their use and function.

  • Judiciary seal and letterhead: This seal must be present on all leaves and is its main letterhead. This seal means the approval of a document by a judicial authority.
  • Translator’s seal letterhead: Translators in the official translation bureau have a special seal and letterhead that use their seal after accurate and legible translation.
  • Presidential Office Header: Each official translation agency has a representative from the Presidential Office. Some documents must have a special letterhead stamped by the president. This stamp does not appear in some letters that have nothing to do with the Office of the President.
Official and unofficial translation

Official and unofficial translation: What is the difference between them?

Unofficial translation bureau

Informal translation agency is one of the types of translation offices. Some people have misunderstandings about this type of translation agency. An unofficial translation agency does not mean that such offices are invalid or unreliable. A translation bureau is called informal because it is not a subset of government agencies and does not provide official translations.

The number of informal translation agencies is large because they cover a wider range of activities. Because every person in the community may need an informal translation office. For example, if you need to translate a video or training file, you can refer to these centers. There are also translators of all languages working in informal translation agencies and they can meet your every need.


Services provided in informal translation agencies

Most of the activities of informal translation agencies can be summarized as follows:

  • Translate English text and other commonly used languages into the languages requested by customers
  • Translation of various types of general and specialized texts
  • Teaching translation techniques
  • Translation of reference books for all disciplines and trends and preparation for publication

Due to the above, which includes only translation services, these offices may perform other activities such as the following:

  • Content writing with the help of foreign sources in the languages requested by the customer

Depending on what said about informal translation agencies, these offices can do all kinds of translations related to any content. Translations done in informal offices mostly include translations of texts and content that are general or scientific in nature and do not need to be used in any government or official institution. As a result, informal translation agencies have a wider scope, and different sections of society will need these offices.

The main differences between formal and informal translation bureau

Formal translation agencies are generally very different from informal translation agencies, and the tasks performed by each of these offices are quite different. These differences noted in the following cases:

  • Proof of authenticity of the document: The original of the document will be checked before translation and the compliance of the translation will be checked by the representative and the judiciary.
  • High accuracy translation: Due to the legal importance of official translations, these types of translations must be done with the highest quality and correct meanings, and if these documents are wrong, they can be rejected.
  • Translation without reducing or increasing the text: In official translations, the entire text must be translated exactly like the text and the items mentioned, and the translator cannot have any analysis or distortion in the documents.

The difference between translation agencies and specialized translation institutes

Specialized translation institutes are centers that perform the process of specialized translations without any problems, and the only difference between them and translation agencies is that the translation of their translations is less than that of official translation agencies. For this reason, it is not possible to present them to offices and other similar matters.

The difference between interpretation agencies and specialized interpretation institutes

Specialized Translations or General Companies

Translations done by specialized translation institutes are for you only and no guarantee will be provided to you. While when you go to a translation bureau, you can refer to them and use your translation archive for a certain period of time if you lose a translation. Of course, translation agencies refuse to accept translations of materials such as translations of articles, short texts, etc. Because these things done by specialized translation agencies.

In addition, the final price in specialized translation offices is much lower than the translation in official translation agencies.

What are the conditions required to establish a translation bureau?

In general, the following is common for the establishment of formal and informal translation agencies:

  • Age at least 25 years
  • Lack of moral and ideological corruption
  • Police certificate
  • Trustworthy
  • No drug addiction
  • At least having a bachelor’s degree
  • Acceptance in exams and scientific and written authority


1- What is the validity period of a translated document in a translation bureau?

The duration of a translated document depends on the nature of the document. For example, the translation of a degree is never invalidate, and this is because the nature of the document will not change.

However, documents such as title deed, birth certificate, etc. need to be re-translate due to changes that may occur over time. International authorities and embassies recognize the validity of these documents in less than 6 months. The judiciary and ministries updated every two years.

2- How much does it cost to translate documents at an official translation bureau?

Every year, the General Directorate of Documents for Translators provides a translation price tariff, and through this, all translation agencies and individuals informed about these prices.

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