In this article, you will get acquainted with the types of translation services offered in Coverdale. Different texts require different translations. So the services provided for translation will also be different. The translation of any text should be done by an expert so that it can be used and not be problematic.

In the age of the digital world and living in a large global village, people from different countries have the opportunity to visit or live in a geographical area. These people are part of the global community that interacts with each other. But this interaction requires factors to communicate effectively and constructively. Translation is one of these communication bridges that facilitates such interactions.

The expansion of communication also affects various fields and industries and does not exclude them from the need for translation services. Industries that offer their products, whether goods or services to global customers, must necessarily use translation services to provide the grounds for the development and growth of that industry globally. In this article, we intend to address the types of translation services that provide significant assistance in various fields.

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Types of translation services offered at Coverdale

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1- Office (Administrative) translation

This type of translation related to the translation of administrative documents. It often used by various organizations, companies and business classes in administrative and executive management. Its another use is to define and interpret documents used in government offices.

Translator should observe the rules and writing points of the target language when translating texts. Why?Due to the differences in the manner of writing and the manner of administrative declarations in different languages and due to cultural differences. For example, it may be necessary to summarize several sentences from the original text into one sentence when translating. The translation of official letters, in addition to being done in a polite and formal tone in a certain framework and in a clear and understandable way, should be far from any mistakes, even minor ones in the text.

2- Commercial translation

This type of translation done for those documents that used in business and commerce, including business reports, tender documents, manuscripts, accounts and partnerships, business documents, business correspondence, written reports and even business journals. It often used by companies operating in the international market.

Companies dealing with global markets usually need an expert translator to translate the documents, as well as to know the terms of the transaction and the terms of the other party’s contract. For specialized translation in this field, translators must be thoroughly familiar with market and business terminology. Since companies have legal documents along with their business documents, there is an overlap between commercial translation and legal translation.

3- General (Public) translation

One of the simplest and most widely used types of translation services is general translation. This type of translation is the same as colloquial language. It does not have much technical terminology and specialized nature. Translators are more open in this type of translation and have more freedom of action because the original text contains common terms and vocabulary and everyday conversation. Therefore, there is no need to know and understand specific words and expressions. Since this type of translation is the most basic type of translation, most translators can do it easily.

4- Computer related translation

This type of translation includes the translation of all texts and documents related to computer and information technology. It also includes computer hardware manuals, program manuals, operating system manuals, etc., and is generally expressive. Computer translation can be divided into four groups in terms of the content being translated: translating e-commerce website content, translating games, content writing for travel websites, and translating social media content.

5- Literary translation

Literary translation refers to the translation of literary texts such as poetry, poetry, prose, literary books, short stories, plays, and novels. Literary translation is one of the types of specialized and complex translations. Because literary translation is more than just a literal or sentence-by-sentence translation, the translator must have literary talent and flair.

He should also be well acquainted with the phrases, allusions, and terms that make up literary sentences. Even knowing the culture, feelings and religion of the country of origin is essential for translating and recreating in the target language. A translator of literary texts must be proficient in translating jokes, feelings, emotion, silent and hidden elements of the text.

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6- Medical translation

Specialized medical translation includes the translation of all medical books and texts, articles, packaging and brochures of medicines, medical equipment manuals, medical journals, clinical research results, drug test reports, drug information and methods of use.

Medical translation is one of types of translation services offered in Coverdale. It requires knowledge of specialized medical terminology. Because the slightest difference and mistake in translating words can lead to bad results. Other services in the field of medical translation include translating texts from other medical disciplines such as medical history, diagnosis, medical findings, prescriptions, dentistry, veterinary translation, nursing translation, etc.

7- Financial translation

International financial transactions must always comply with legal standards so as not to violate trade laws. Therefore, all financial documents related to asset management, banking, stocks and bonds, contracts, reports, correspondence, bookkeeping, accounting, etc. should be translated in accordance with domestic and international regulations. Given that timing and capital turnover are extremely important in the industry, make sure that there are no legal issues.

8- Legal translation

It is one of the most difficult translations because it requires high expertise and knowledge of legal terms and various legal systems. The simplest type of legal translation includes the translation of treaties, agreements and statutes. Legal translation requires a specialist who has a high knowledge of the legal systems of the countries of origin and destination.

Legal translation services cover a variety of documents, including summonses and warranties, management documents such as registration licenses, company articles of association and draft remittances, technical documents such as expert opinions.

In some countries and institutions, legal translation distinguished from statutory translation and official translation. Legal translation refers to one of types of translation services that take place in a court environment. This type of translator has expertise and experience in translating documents such as legal bills, judgments and court rulings, trial reports, prosecutors’ notes, consultant theory, inspection reports and interrogation sessions, and so on.

9- Technical translation

Technical translation is the work of translators who have technical knowledge and experience, especially knowledge in technical, scientific and engineering industries. Having experience in this type of industry is very helpful and important because manuscripts, booklets, catalogs and manuals of machines and technical devices translated in this field.

Technical translation divided into two categories. Extensive mode that including translation of all financial, commercial and technical texts such as specialized computer translations. And special mode includes translation of documents, texts related to machinery and technical fields of engineering.

Technical translation services require in-depth knowledge of the specialized vocabulary in the field from which the text originates. We note that only 5 to 10% of cases in a technical document requires knowledge of terminology and the rest is ordinary language.

Scientific translation is also a sub-branch of technical translation that deals with documents in the field of science such as translation of articles, slides, theses, conference booklets, dissertations, pamphlets, study reports and abstracts.

10- Official translation

It is a translation in which the translator uses his signature to verify the official documents of the translation. This type of document usually requires legal approval. The translation of the document must be officially approved and equal to the original. These types of translators usually work in courts or notaries and have specialized legal knowledge. Official translation includes legal documents, personal documents, marriage certificate, divorce, death and wills, etc.

11- Immediate translation and editing services

The coverdale, by providing types of translation services and instant services in all specialized fields by the best expert, specialized and experienced translators, translates and edits your projects in the shortest time and with a guarantee of high quality and accuracy. Send us your instant orders, texts and articles and receive them as soon as possible.

Types of Translation Services

FAQ – Different types of translation services

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How is the cost of translation services calculated?

In general, the cost of translation services done on the basis of words. If content needs to be edited, printed, translated or researched, it is charged at an hourly rate.

2- How many words can a translator translate daily?

Experience has shown that a professional translator can translate between 1,500 and 2,500 words a day. Formatting, technical nature and other factors can be influential in this regard.

3- What translation is called good translation?

In fact, there is no real and completely correct translation because there is no perfect equivalent to expressing a concept or an idea from one language to another. A person can express the same idea in a wide range and in different ways in language. However, to do a good types of translation services, you can do the following:

  • Accuracy of translation
  • Respect for technical terminology in translation
  • Clear presentation of the subtleties of the text
  • Appropriate culture and native translation
  • Using the right and eloquent tone
  • Knowing and understanding the purpose of the author of the article (especially in specialized translation of the article)

4- What is the criterion for counting words in the coverdale? Are all words, even prepositions and pronouns counted!?

Yes, we counte all words, including letters and pronouns in the translation price.

5- Does coverdale use machine translation in the above-mentioned designs?

In order to respect and protect the rights of customers, the coverdale policy in this regard is not to use machine translation.

6- What is quality assurance like? What can I do if my article rejected due to poor text writing?

As long as the reason for the rejection of your article is the language and quality of writing, you will be able to use the free reading and editing service.

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