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The United Arab Emirates is known as one of the best countries for immigration due to having suitable infrastructure for development, suitable facilities, connection with advanced countries of the world, etc. In addition to these points, free taxes for businesses as well as the presence of suitable and high-paying job platforms have made it easier for people to immigrate to the UAE and take advantage of the benefits available in this country. In this context, we intend to talk to you about the step-by-step process of obtaining a UAE residence visa and tell you through which methods you can obtain a residence visa in this country.

Note that the procedures for obtaining a residence visa are different in each of the existing methods. So we can’t have a predetermined process for you in this regard. Based on the different immigration methods you are considering, you can find out what steps you should go through with more research. If you are curious to know more about getting a UAE residence visa, we suggest you follow us to the end of this content.

How can we get a residence visa?

As we told you earlier, there are different ways to obtain a UAE residence visa. Most residence visas issued by the UAE government are usually valid for three years. That means you can stay in the UAE without any problems for up to three years. But according to the existing conditions, you can extend the time of these visas and stay in this country for a longer time.  Unfortunately, there is no visa for permanent residence in the UAE and you have to renew your visa once in a while based on your living conditions. Now let’s check the procedures that can help you to get a UAE residence visa.

How can we get a residence visa?

residence visa for purchasing a property

The first method that can help you get a UAE residence visa easily is buying a property. It doesn’t matter if you are going to buy land or want to invest in a house, you can get a six-month or two-year residency by investing in this country.  Pay attention to the fact that by buying a property, you will not be allowed to work in this country and you can only live in the UAE.

marriage visa

Another method that can help you get a residence visa is marriage.  If you marry a person who has the original citizenship of the UAE, you can get residence in this country.  Of course, you should know that you will be granted a UAE residence visa only when you, as a woman, marry an Emirati man. If a man marries an Emirati woman, he will not be granted UAE residency. Usually, there are a lot of strictures to be granted a UAE residence visa through marriage, and a marriage certificate alone cannot convince the UAE government to grant you a residence visa. It must be fully proven that you are married with love and you live in the same house as him.

visa for the establishment of a company

Another method that can help you get a residence visa easily is investment and company registration. Due to its amazing features such as completing the company registration process in just one to two weeks, without the need for paying taxes, and offering a three-year residency, company registration in the UAE is usually recognized as one of the best ways to obtain a UAE residence visa.

UAE residence visa step by step process

In addition to this, due to the suitable platforms for progress and presence in international markets, it can be said that establishing a company in UAE can help you progress a lot. If your goal of immigrating to the UAE is to improve your work condition and you want to enter international markets more easily, the best option for you is to register a company in this country. There are different companies where you can get a residence visa by registering each of them.  Of course, keep in mind that before choosing the type of company, you must do lots of research so that you can choose a suitable company to establish.

UAE residence visa for work

Another method that you can use to get a UAE residence visa is to find a job in the UAE. Due to the advancement of the UAE, there are many job opportunities in this country. You can apply for a  residence visa by finding a job and talking to your desired employer. Keep in mind that the wages paid in the UAE are relatively high and you can easily start a good life yourself in this country by getting a work visa. Of course, keep in mind that you must have the practical expertise to be able to easily obtain a residence visa.

UAE residence visa for education

An educational visa is another visa that can help you stay in the UAE.  In the UAE, educational infrastructures are well provided. By getting a residence visa in the field of education, in addition to living in an advanced country, you can also benefit from the suitable educational infrastructure. Many universities in the UAE are currently recognized as the most advanced and top universities in the world, each of which can somehow connect you to global markets.  Due to the proper connection of the UAE with foreign countries, you can easily find your way to progress in international fields by studying in this country.  Of course, keep in mind that if you want to be admitted to UAE universities more easily, you must have a suitable academic resume. In addition, you can easily look for a job with the specialization you have acquired. So, you don’t need to return to your country. You can change your educational visa to a work visa after finding a job.

UAE residence visa for education


In this context, we tried to talk to you completely about the different methods of obtaining a UAE residence visa. Each of these methods can somehow help you to start your life in the UAE.  Keep in mind that if you plan to get a residence visa, do extensive research before taking any action in this regard. This research will help you to apply for residency with the proper information. Check all accommodation methods completely so that you can choose the best option among them. If you have any questions about obtaining a residence visa or if some of your doubts are not resolved in this content, you can contact the phone number (+971) 50 586 6060. Coverdale’s consultants and specialists will help you to improve your information about obtaining a UAE residence visa for free. This and start your life in the UAE without any worries or stress.


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      It depends on the type of your Activity In the UAE, so call our support team and they will guide you

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    Is it essential to be in Dubai for receiving ID Card?

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    I want to continue the nursing career in Dubai, what is the first step?

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    Is it possible for applying for parent’s residence?

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      Yes, It’s possible. You can call our support team to help you get more info.

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