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Dubai is one of the biggest and most important emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It has created and stabilized its position as one of the most shining cities that mesmerizes tourists and travelers coming to this city to spend a family holiday. Dubai is categorized among a few of the cities around the world that are known to have such impressive glamour and attractiveness to captivate the heart of every visitor. This city is equipped with everything to meet the needs of those who are selecting this city as a holiday destination and investment target as well. The main attractions it gives to tourists and visitors consist of the world’s splendid hotels, world trade centers, remarkable infrastructure, and attractive beaches. Music festival Dubai is very popular among people.

In addition to providing different opportunities and attractions, the location of Dubai has also turned it into a very appropriate place to visit for any reason. This geographical location boasts some amazing countries of the Gulf region such as Qatar and Oman. Although, it has become one of the popular tourist and business destinations, state and private organizations are still increasing their endeavors to make more money from the travel, tourism and service industry. Art and culture festivals including the music festival Dubai are a good opportunity to make money.

In order to achieve this goal, people belonging to various industries such as hoteliers, mall management, sports organizations, and government travel and tourism companies are cooperating to expand festival-like activities in the city such as shopping, sports, music and film festivals. They provide different motivations and discount packages during such festivals in Dubai to captivate more visitors around the world. Even airlines also allot special packages during Dubai festivals in cooperation with travel and tourism agencies.

The music festival Dubai will concentrate on the ideas and musical compositions of the youth. It will be launched in a musical evening while young citizens and residents of the UAE bring on the stage performances.  The festival will admire students who have accomplished remarkable levels of musicianship in the mediums of vocal performance, composition, instrument playing and kinetic performance. The festival intends to truly celebrate the UAE’s young musical talent and motivate many more to pursue the footsteps of these super-gifted youthful musicians.

The arrangement of the festival, which will be held each year in November, is in accordance with Dubai Culture’s responsibility to contribute to infrastructure for the cultural and innovative industries, providing a sustainable and flourishing ecosystem that accelerates Dubai’s economic development and solidifies its position as the main hub for arts and culture.

Application process music festival Dubai

Application process music festival Dubai

Dubai Culture request young musicians, citizens and residents within the country, aged 15 and 35, to apply to engage in the festival with their musical work. Applications will be received till November 19 through Dubai Culture’s website, only if these works are created by bands or collectives verified in the UAE.

The festival intends to illuminate the inventiveness of public and private musical arts centers and individual companies situated in the UAE, besides appreciating individual engagement, such as public and private school students. It will also offer a medium for presenting young talent and their musical potential, like singing, composition, instrumentalism, and performance, among others

Each year, the festival will also appreciate a creative and influential musical arts individual. The Dubai Festival for Youth Music is regarded as a praise to the artistic and musical sector in Dubai. This is the first edition of the festival and they will try to guarantee its continuity and accomplish the authority’s strategic goals of finding young talent in these different musical fields.

Award categories

Before the ending ceremony of the festival to be held on November 24, the participants will go through an assessment and choice period for less than one week, and the winners will be declared and awarded at the ceremony based on the special categories including Best Singing Award, Best Arabic Playing Award (Oud), Best Classical Playing Award (Violin), Best Piano Playing Award, and Best Integrated Orchestra Award.

In accordance with the authority’s continuous eagerness to deal with those who are insufficiently or disproportionately represented, they will also give prizes to people of determination in each of the musical categories.

An overview on Youth music festival Dubai


1.The age of participants must not be less than 15 years old and not more than 35 years old

2.Only people who live in the country are allowed to participate in the festival (local and residents)

3.It is stated that the duration of singing or playing does not go beyond a maximum of 5-10 minutes for a single musical act.

4.The musical works taking part in the festival must be created by public or private bands or an individual production recorded in the UAE (under intellectual property law) or musical works by famous producers or composers in the art field in the MENA.

5.In the case that a musical sample ascribed to persons or institutions is performed, it must be granted a license by the producer of the work or the business owner.

The arrangement committee of the festival in the Department of Performing at Dubai Arts in the Culture and Arts Authority, has the unlimited right to accept and refuse any musical work that is considered unworthy of the festival or the emirate of Dubai.

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The benefits of music festival Dubai

The benefits of music festival Dubai

Most people take pleasure in a good music festival at almost any time of year. They provide an effortless weekend activity, the opportunity to pass time with friends and family members, see numerous bands and music artists in one place, shop, and take pleasure in tasty local food. When they occur in different cities, music festivals also provide many advantages to the surrounding community:

1.Reinforce the local economy.

Music festivals attract people not only from the communities hosting them, but all around cities and towns. When the attendees come from farther places, they make use of local hotels, gas stations, shops, and restaurants. All of this provides excess income for the communities that arrange these festivals.

2.Raise community and artist visibility.

Visitors who enjoy themselves at music festivals very probably come back for other activities and events. This creates still more income for communities. The more visitors share their experiences on social media, the more attention, interest, new visitors, and new income enters the city. Newer music artists also take advantage of expanded regional recognition, which can assist in burgeoning their careers.

3.Bring communities together and flourish local pride

Event arrangers and performing artists, sellers, volunteers, and officials—are all determined to turn each music festival into a success. The success of each one produces a standard by which the next is evaluated, which develops local traditions and burgeons a healthy sense of personal and community pride. Music festivals are also a wonderful way to create business cooperation and enable attendees to merge and share a positive, improving experience.

 Youth Music Festival in Dubai

4.Assist people in taking time to take pleasure in life.

Especially during hard times, such as the paralyzing pandemics, and civil turbulences, music festivals can contribute to people bearing in mind to make room for happiness in their lives. They also offer alleviating solace from long work weeks and other stressors. The best way to take advantage of a music festival is to seize the opportunity, above all, to enjoy it wisely.

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FAQS about the first youth music festival Dubai2022

FAQS about the first music festival Dubai

1.How should the sample be submitted?

1.the artists can send their singing or playing sample that doesn’t go beyond 5 to 10 minutes.

2.Just one piece can be sent by each artist or band.

3.All entries must be produced by artists and bands in the UAE.

4.Only those who are citizens and residents of the UAE can participate in this festival.

5.The sample that is to be submitted should be recorded under the UAE intellectual property law.

6.The potential candidates’ last chance to apply is November 19.

Who can attend the music festival Dubai?

2. Which musical works are permissible?

The festival’s arrangement committee will consider all submitted musical works that obey pre-determined principles and in an entirely unbiased way.

Who can attend the music festival Dubai?

All the selected participants will be informed between November 20 and 23. The major event on November 24 at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Library will determine the winners. Those selected by the jury during the choosing process can participate in the main ceremony.


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