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There is a common interest in living life in the sun, it’s that our desires for the Dubai’s best ice cream are unquenchable. So as to find the best ice cream, it is better to make a personal mission to try out everything from traditional Italian gelato to surprising flavors and real feats of exploratory gastronomy in the best ice cream places in Dubai. Life is undoubtedly difficult, but it’s a task we would happily do from the beginning.

Dubai’s best ice cream

1.Arabica Coffee

Although this is a place most people go to drink hot cuppa Joe produced using some of the world’s best coffee beans, they probably do not know that – they can also dive into ice cream here. You can take pleasure in your favorite hot drink in ice cream form which is great for summer. Arabica Coffee has many different locations such as The Walk JBR and Mall of the Emirates and is one of the best ice cream places in Dubai.

The top places to get ice cream in Dubai

2.Black Tap | Dubai’s best ice cream

It is a debatable issue whether ice cream shakes can be regarded as ice cream, but since the maddening shakes at Black Tap are thick, creamy and delectable, we consider these shakes as ice cream. Black Tap is one of the best ice cream places in Dubai.

3.Cone Street

if someone is looking for traditional Italian gelato in exciting Dubai-popular tastes like Vimto and Lotus, then Cone Street is the best place. Produced using all-natural ingredients, the gelato is thicker than creamy. It is recommendable to test sorbet there too, which is produced using pure spring water, fresh fruit and sugar. Cone Street is located in Jumeirah Beach Residence.

The top places to get ice cream in Dubai

4.FLOE Desserts

FLOE Desserts is the best choice if you are busy. Apart from ice cream, you can also enjoy cakes, crepes, hot and cold beverages, and other sweet foods. Their ice creams are prepared in scoops form, as an ice cream bar, or with additives like additional chocolate sauce and fudgy brownies.

5.Gelato Divino | Dubai’s best ice cream

You are probably familiar with gelato, but have you ever tasted gelato in tastes such as ginger, lemongrass and parmesan cheese? Yes, Gelato Divino serves over 100 gelato tastes, such as these try-if-you-dare ones. They also serve vegan and sugar-free choices.

The top places to get ice cream in Dubai

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6.Ice Cream Lab

You can enjoy newly made ice cream utilizing liquid nitrogen at this ice cream store with a branch at The Dubai Mall. The ice Cream lab is very much similar to a lab, you may imagine yourself a scientist while choosing the base and different layers of food for the machines to immediately turn into a tasty dessert. It is undoubtedly one of the best ice cream places in Dubai.

7.Ice Kream

This is a place that can help you make your ice cream dreams come true. You are allowed to taste different flavors, whether you prefer your scoop in a cone or in a chimney cone with chocolate or vanilla bean. You cannot restrict yourself to just one scoop.

8.Khau Galli | Dubai’s best ice cream

This vegetarian restaurant is usually famous for offering delicious Indian foods, but that’s not all. In the summer, Khau Galli is also offering special falooda tastes. Falooda is a combination of vermicelli, chia seeds, and ice cream, all decorated with layers of nuts, sauces, candy, more ice cream, and fresh fruit. If you have never tasted falooda before, it is suggestible to taste it at least once. Khau Galli is accessible in different locations such as Jumeirah Lake Towers, Mall of Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall.

The top places to get ice cream in Dubai

9.Massimo’s Gelato

If you are looking for the right Italian gelato, there is no need for a further search. Not only does Massimo’s offer tasty pizzas, but you can also take pleasure in some really tasty and genuine gelato. They even offer soft-serve gelato. Massimo’s Gelato is one of the best ice cream places in Dubai that is located in Dubai Marina.

10.Morelli’s Gelato

One of the best places to enjoy gelato on a list of ice cream spots is Morelli’s Gelato. Morelli’s Gelato was founded in 1907, and afterward, they produce fresh gelato every day in all their stores across the world. Each flavor of gelato is produced by using completely natural ingredients. Morelli’s Gelato is located in The Beach JBR and Bluewaters Island.

11.Pickl | Dubai’s best ice cream

Yes, that is right. Pickl is usually famous for its tasty and delicious burgers, but do not hesitate even a moment. Their ice cream sandos are also incredible. You can enjoy Pickl’s desserts along with its burgers. Pickl is accessible in different locations such as JLT, City Walk and Motor City.

12.Pop City

This brand produces very delicious pops and is all about flavor. It is a blend of fruity, funky and even cool regional flavors. If you’re interested in fruity pops, you can try out lychee, lemon, or strawberry. But their flavor is very much like strawberry Nutella, and regional flavors like sahlab and ghazal lebnen. It’s the summer foodstuff that all need. Pop City is accessible in different locations such as Bluewaters Island and Dubai Studio City.

The top places to get ice cream in Dubai


There’s a soothing element about soft-serve ice cream. It is not clear whether it’s the nostalgia from childhood, the fact that it’s amusing to eat, or just the flavors. They also offer the softest serve, so don’t be worried while you’re there for tasty burgers anyway. SALT is accessible in different locations.

14.Succharia Ice Cream | Dubai’s best ice cream

This place which is located in Jumeirah Lake Towers offers wonderful ice cream since there is no need for you to stop at just one or two scoops. You can eat at this place ice cream comfortably since it is organic. Eat organic ice cream in tastes that are chocolaty, fruity, and even a blend of them.  Succharia Ice Cream is accessible in different locations.

15.Temple Creamery

It may want a soft serve joint at first, but it is better to look carefully. Temple Creamery is not a usual ice cream shop offering soft serve. They mix your selection of blondies, brownies, whole cookies, cereal, and even potato crisps with a vanilla base to make tasty sugar fixes.

Dubai’s Best Ice Cream

16.51 Rainbow Ice Cream

Whether you’re hunting for scoops of ice cream or sorbet, or perhaps you want a milkshake – all of them are available at 51 Rainbow Ice Cream. This is where you’ll find these so delicious ice cream rolls, which you must try them. There you can test a collection of live and gluten-free choices too. With over 22 flavors of ice cream, choosing what you want will be a hard choice. 51 Rainbow Ice Cream is located both in Al Wasl Building and Al Nahda 2.

17.HÄAGEN-DAZS | Dubai’s best ice cream

Häagen-Dazs is a worldwide ice cream brand with 900 shops in more than 50 countries. 16 of these stores are located in Dubai and across the UAE which turns it into one of the most popular ice cream spots in the region. There’s a spectacular list of flavors and toppings to select from on the Häagen-Dazs menu in Dubai. The menu also contains delicious frozen desserts shakes and ice cream sundaes.

Dubai’s Best Ice Cream


Mochi ice cream products are soft, tasty Japanese rice cakes with an ice cream center….and they’re really delectable! Here in Dubai, homegrown UAE brand M’OISHÎ is adroitly mixing popular flavors from the region with the glamour of these skillful Japanese delights. You can take pleasure in these really delicious treats at any of the many stores this adorable Japanese confectionary has inaugurated across Dubai.

19.Amorino | Dubai’s best ice cream

If you’re willing to dive into ice cream that’s as elegant as it is appetizing, consider Amorino. There is no artificial coloring and flavors in it. This traditional Italian gelato is made to be similar to a rose when you order a cone. You can mix as many flavors as you would like, but be certain one of them is the distinctive product, unbelievably rich ‘Cioccolato Amorino’ that is produced utilizing South American cacao.

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Dubai’s Best Ice Cream


With branches all over the world, from Milan and Paris to Osaka and Dubai, Grom has gained a universal reputation for its excellent gelato and sorbet. Produced by making use of fresh milk, free-range eggs, and cane sugar, a refreshing scoop of traditional gelato from Grom will send you to the attractive cobblestone streets of Italy.

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Dubai’s Best Ice Cream


21.Booza | Dubai’s best ice cream

Encouraged by the indeterminable nostalgia made by childhood memories, Booza offers traditional Lebanese ice cream with really global attractiveness. Select from fruity choices such as pomegranate, strawberry, and lemon if you’re on the hunt for something light and invigorating, or local flavors like ‘Meghli’ and ‘Halawa’ for something a bit different.

22.Scoopi at Time Out Market

This professional team at TimeOut Market Dubai knows how to offer the right cone of ice cream. Scoopi produces all of its ice cream utilizing liquid nitrogen to serve a smooth, buttery scoop that is unique. Be watchful for special flavors with a unique local flex. Scoopi is available at both Time Out Market and Souk Al Bahar.

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