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It can be very difficult for parents to choose the right required equipment to buy for a newborn baby in Dubai – particularly if they aren’t acquainted with the baby goods brands in this city. From diapering to sleeping products and setting up the nursery, there’s so much to consider. Luckily, there are many great shops for newborn baby shopping in Dubai.

Clothes for newborn baby

Clothes for newborn baby

When it comes to purchasing newborn baby needs in Dubai, clothing is the most important one. Babies that are just a few days old do not need a very wide wardrobe. Until their umbilical cord detaches, you can use side-snap or side-tie T-shirts for them. Other significant items you may require to buy for a newborn baby shopping in Dubai are:

  1. Booties or socks
  2. Bodysuits
  3. T-shirts
  4. Long pants
  5. One-piece clothing

Four to six pieces in each category should be sufficient to meet the needs of your little one through the first six weeks after birth. Babies usually grow bigger quickly so that their clothes fit no longer— particularly during the first few weeks! Hence, a practical method is to purchase only what you must shop for a newborn baby in Dubai in each size. To keep your baby at ease in the Dubai weather, it’s recommendable to search for clothing consisting of light material such as cotton.

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Where to purchase clothing?

Whether you would like to purchase baby clothes as a present for new parents or your own baby, you can go to these baby shops in Dubai:

Best Places for Newborn Baby Shopping in Dubai

1. Baby bazaar

These popular supermarkets sell second-hand toddler and baby clothes, along with nursing wear, and take place each month at Times Square Center throughout the year, with customers shouting to buy clothes at a lower price. This requires arriving early. Sooner than you imagine. Booths differ in content and quality, but you can predict to find clothes, booklets, toys, gadgets, and other items. Business owners also can succeed in selling their goods, so it’s a wonderful chance to visit some small businesses as well. Push through the crowd and don’t be frightened to bargain. Check the calendar for another opportunity. It is located at Times Square Center Dubai.

2. Mom store is one of the baby shopping in Dubai

Mom Store is another shopping center where mothers can go for newborn baby shopping. This store offers everything required “from the initial days of motherhood into her baby’s birth.” The best part is you get an additional 20% discount on all orders above AED 500. It has multiple branches.

3. Smart baby

Smart Baby is a shop that supplies all the required products for babies, beginning with newborn babies aged 0 to 36 months. Aside from being one of the best shops in City Centre Deira, they have a great range of clothing such as one-piece clothes, nightwear, shirts, tees, and more. In addition, there are numerous branches of this baby shop where you can go for newborn baby shopping in Dubai.

Diapers and nursing newborn items in Dubai

Diapers and nursing newborn items in Dubai

Nursing products and diapers are essential items for pregnant women. Newborn babies need several diapers during the day. So it’s rational to search for stores that provide regular sales on goods so you can purchase a large quantity. Your checklist should include:

  1. One-use diapers
  2. Reusable diapers
  3. Changing mats
  4. Wipes

It is easy for you to find your favorite diaper brands such as Pampers, Baby joy, and Sanita in main supermarkets. Of course, you will require to save a good many if you are going with your newborn, in which case, a multi-storage diaper bag becomes another necessary item. Aside from diapers, nursing mothers can facilitate their lives by purchasing nursing requirements such as a breast pump and one-use nursing pads.

Where to purchase them?

Where to purchase them?

1. Carrefour

It is probable for parents to find regular sales on diapers at Carrefour stores in Dubai, some of which are open all day and all night. Aside from its large number of physical items, the popular store also has an online shop which makes possible newborn baby shopping in Dubai. It has multiple branches.

2.Baby souk is one of the baby shopping in Dubai

This retailer can provide you with many high-quality diaper bags from various brands such as Beaba.

Cribs, Prams, and car seats

The crib is usually the first pre-birth item to add to any nursery. Not only should it be agreeable, but it should also obey all the essential safety needs. Future parents, particularly those who regularly travel, can include a pram and car seats in their newborn baby essentials list in Dubai.

Where to purchase these items?

1. Just kidding

This retailer is famous for its choice of smart travel gear for babies. Their Baby Car Seats for 0 to 15-month-old babies turn them into a great option if you want to purchase these items in Dubai. Apart from the physical shop, you can also buy at the JustKidding online shop, which frequently gives considerable discounts on products. It has branches in both Al Safa Store and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Baby shopping in Dubai

Storage essentials

Those additional diapers, clothing, and other essentials must be bought somewhere! Hence, the next choice on your list should certainly be storage containers. These aren’t just great for holding everything in place and keeping your nursery or living spaces clean.  But which kinds of storage containers will fit you best? While purchasing newborn items in Dubai, you could search for:

  1. Boxes and baskets
  2. Nursery wardrobes
  3. Toy storage boxes

Where to purchase these items?

1. Ikea

IKEA is a suitable place to search for storage items and nursery accessories. You can select from their different categories in accordance with your taste and needs. You can find all kinds of storage essentials in this part, including hanging toy baskets, easy-to-store categorized boxes, sets of drawers, and others. It has multiple branches.

Baby shopping in Dubai

The best baby shops in Dubai:

There are high-quality baby shops with different branches in Dubai. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1- BabyShop is one of the baby shopping in Dubai

BabyShop is one of the top baby shops in Dubai. Different collections of bottle brands and clothing for newborn babies, child car seats, rockers, strollers, along with nursery soft accessories are available. A few hours here could prepare you for the arrival of your new baby. There is a broad range of baby store online websites where you can get your ordered items for free on sale days. You can also buy online launch titles, with delivering and click-and-collect choices accessible, along with Mommy Mondays, where you can receive a 25% off once a week.

2- B-Safe is one of the baby shopping in Dubai

This wonderful store provides travel cots, high chairs, and toys, but it is famous for its safety gear.

3- Bumble Bee

This appealing store is well known for its foreign goods from European companies. Their major concentration is on quality and has a leading center in The Dubai Mall and a branch in Category Kids at CityWalk. It also has a wonderful collection of gadgets, like Bugaboo stroller adaptors and extra pieces of equipment. Other products involve reflux putters, bottle brooms, bath time items, and baby monitor gadgets. Surprisingly they also have some appealing nursery decorations and playing mats. This is one of the best baby shops in Dubai which is located at both The Dubai Mall and downtown Dubai.

4. Dubizzle is one of the baby shopping in Dubai

This great website is a necessary website to visit if you’re going to search for second-hand products without the large and heavy price tags. Also, by thorough search, you can find some expensive brand jewels, like Platinum Cross pushchairs and Pottery Barn cribs. Buying car seats without first knowing their thorough history is not suggested, as collisions can endanger their safety.

5. Five Little Ducks is one of the baby shopping in Dubai

When talking about the best baby stores in Dubai, there is another great baby shop in Dubai. Five Little Ducks does have two branches, one in Jumeirah Town Centre Mall and the other one in Arabian Centre. While still not massive, the shops provide a really carefully chosen and organized range of products from top brands.

6. Mothercare

Are you looking for the best-quality baby goods for your newborn babies? There is no need to search anymore because Mothercare is an amazing top-level brand for every mother’s taste. If you don’t have a set of white sleepsuits, so hurry up to buy a set for your newborn baby. The size spectrum of these garments and sleepsuits is great; the term “newborn” can refer to a diversity of weights. And yet Mothercare has options for “tiny” and “small” newborn babies. So mothers and fathers of newborn babies may find some clothing here. They also wash well. You’ll also find a broad range of bottles. Other items involve essential chest pads and prenatal pants for after birth.