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Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most desirable destinations for foreign students since many top-ranked universities have established their campuses in this city. The United Arab Emirates is internationally recognized for keeping high standards with regard to education. This is guaranteed by Dubai’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and different related institutions.

Advantages of studying in Dubai

Advantages of studying in Dubai

Dubai is an unparalleled city that captivates students from all across the world. Dubai provides many advantages to foreign students, such as affordable education, affordable accommodation, and affordable cost of living. Dubai is also very popular for its variety of life experiences and high quality of life. Studying in Dubai is a good opportunity to learn about many various cultures that you may not be familiar with them. If you are seeking a new life experience, Dubai is the best place to experience it.

Although it is not the most inexpensive location, studying in this city has many advantages. It is a wonderful place to learn the Arabic language and also better your English language.  Dubai is a land of unique opportunities. Dubai is one of the top cities to set up and do business and the cost of living is lower in comparison with New York, Singapore, London and Hong Kong. Furthermore, Dubai presents a curriculum adjusted to international standards with a diversity of programs, diplomas and degrees in various fields at top-ranked institutions.

Dubai Student Visa

Dubai Student Visa

In addition to owning one of the most prosperous economies in the world, Dubai is also a universally-known education center – offering excellent facilities with regard to education to local and international students. The number of international students studying in the universities of Dubai is increasing constantly. International students deciding to study in Dubai are needed to apply for a Dubai Student Visa.

Types of Dubai Student Visa

Dubai Student Visa can be classified into three groups:

1.Dubai Student Visa Sponsored by Family: Full-time international students planning to study in an educational center may be required to apply for a UAE student visa under their parents’ sponsorship.

2.Dubai Student Visa Sponsored by Educational institute: If the educational center has specific qualifications, full-time international students may be authorized to get sponsored by the educational institute.

3.Dubai Student Visa for a Short Stay: International students who want to study in Dubai temporarily, may be qualified to apply for a temporary Dubai Student Visa

Who is eligible for a Dubai Student Visa?

Who is eligible for a Dubai Student Visa?

The eligibility is dependent on the type of Dubai Student Visa you apply for. In general, in order to be eligible to study in Dubai, you would be obliged to fulfill the following requirements:

1.Must not be less than 18-year age.

2.Must be officially accepted in a university and have an official acceptance letter from the university.

3.The senior students must deliver a certificate of continuation of study.

4.Pass medical exams successfully

5.If required to be sponsored either by the institute itself or a parent.

6.Consent of the pertinent General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

What are the supporting documents for a Dubai Student Visa?

When deciding to apply for a Dubai Student Visa, you would be required to deliver the following documents:

  1. The passport must be at least 6 months valid with two blank pages.
  2. Passport copies.
  3. Photographs
  4. Passport copies as well as an entry visa to the UAE
  5. Official acceptance letter from an accredited UAE tertiary institute
  6. Bank statements proving sufficient funds for studying and living in the UAE
  7. A tenancy agreement (if applicable) or a letter from the institute if residing in the university dormitory
  8. Copy of the tuition fee payment for the ongoing academic year
  9. Copy of the visa fees payment for the ongoing academic year
  10. Post-graduate students will be required to have their undergraduate degree certified

educational migration to Dubai

How to apply for a Dubai Student Visa?

Stage 1: Scrutinize carefully your choices. Before you select to study in an educational center in Dubai – consider what you would like to study, where you want to live, total costs, and other related issues.

Stage 2: Get ready. You must get ready for entrance exams and required tests like IELTS or TOEFL – depending on the requirements of your chosen educational center.

Stage 3: Sufficient funds. You must examine if you have enough proof of funds to support yourself during your stay in Dubai. This consist of tuition, housing, travel, food, and other such costs.

Stage 4: Apply to the chosen educational institute. Your chosen educational institute in Dubai may have its own specific requirements –regardless of the eligibility criteria which are applicable to all universities. Prepare the required documents and carry on with the application process.

Stage 5: Pay the mandated fees. Once you’ve met the eligibility criteria, your selected educational institute will send you a verification of acceptance letter. Then you must pay the mandated fees.

Stage 6: Apply for a Student Visa. When you have received the admission letter, you are eligible to apply for a Student Visa. The processing time for Student Visa is almost 10-15 business days.

(Dubai Schools Ranking)

educational migration to Dubai

The top-ranked Universities in Dubai for International Students

The following list consists of the 10 best universities in Dubai that captivate the greatest numbers of international students:

  1. Zayed University
  2. American University in Dubai
  3. University of Wollongong in Dubai
  4. Middlesex University Dubai
  5. Emirates Aviation University
  6.  MBRU
  7. Al Falah University
  8. Canadian University of Dubai
  9. The British University in Dubai
  10. University of Dubai

Top programs to study in Dubai

Dubai, which accommodates top-ranked university campuses offers all the study courses a student can apply for. It covers a wide range of courses from Management to Hospitality, Fashion to Computer Science, and designing to Data Science, the study courses are diverse for students who want to study in this amazing city, either, general
Considering that the city is now being admired as an education destination that competes with top countries like USA, UK, and Australia, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and different related institutes are mainly concentrated on retaining the highest quality of education service. Universities, colleges, and schools are always being assessed which maintains quality services. From advanced facilities to infrastructure, universities to curriculum, Dubai ensures that the students get the highest quality services with regard to money they pay as tuition fees

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