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Searching for a job

It is a wonderful opportunity for people who are looking for a job to find a job in Dubai. Finding a job in Dubai is a great opportunity because it can help you advance your career, earn a good salary, and experience living in a different country with a diverse culture. It is important to know how to find a job in Dubai. This modern and amazing city is full of encouraging job opportunities and is turning into the world’s innovation hub in sectors like green energy, healthcare, education, technology, etc.

Searching for a job in dubai

Practical tips to find a job in Dubai

It is a time-taking and difficult task to find a high-paying job in Dubai and it may be even harder than you think. You must consider the following points when looking for a well-paying job in Dubai:

how to find a job in Dubai

1. The job market in Dubai is very competitive

There are many people who are trying to find a good job in Dubai which makes the job market in some industries highly competitive. Consequently, it is not an easy task to find a job in some industries effortlessly. Some of the applicants are ready to accept lower salaries to get the job. There is very intensive and high competition in industries such as Finance, IT, HR and Administration. People who are working in industries such as healthcare, education, consumer and industrial products and engineering and construction may find a job in Dubai easier.

how to find a job in Dubai

2. Make yourself much better than other applicants

You must try to be much better than other applicants so that the potential employer prefers you over them. Ensure you highlight your skills and experience that distinguish you from the other applicants. Your chances of winning a job will increase tremendously if you are fluent in some languages, have cooperated with reputable multinational companies, have had the experience of working in other countries other than your own country and have recognized qualifications or certifications.

3. Your CV is highly significant

Your CV must be highly perfect: well-formatted, free from spelling or grammar errors or insignificant information. You must prepare a professional, correct and relevant CV. You can get help from online resources to prepare a good CV. Also, you count on a professional agent to help you to find a good job in Dubai.

4. You must focus on future

Many employers in Dubai would like to choose somebody with job experience in the Middle East (particularly in Dubai). They are not very willing to select an applicant who does not have a work experience in Dubai. Or they prefer to hire those applicants with a lower salary. It is acceptable to receive a lower salary for your first job in Dubai. You can regard it as the first step in your career in Dubai. It will pave the way for you to find a better job in the future.

5. Make use of job portals

Check and use the main regional job portals. Job portals like Dubai Task, Naukrigulf, Khaleej Times Jobs, Dubizzle, Gulftalent, and Efinancial Careers are good options and you should also use Indeed.

How to Get a Job in Dubai

6. Make your LinkedIn profile up to date

Ensure your LinkedIn profile reflect your home country, your visa status particularly if you hold a valid work visa, and all important information about you and your skills. You must be highly active on LinkedIn. Focus on the recruitment advertisements of Dubai companies. Try to find the right people in the right way. It is recommendable to send a LinkedIn request since you have a better chance to get accepted. You can highlight skills, visa status, etc. in the note.

7. Get help from recruitment agencies

It is a good idea to send your CV to recruitment agencies. You must concentrate on those recruitment agencies that have the best performance in the Middle East and are professional in your industry. The significant thing to keep in mind when trying to find a job via an agency is to find agencies that take a commission from the employer. You must be careful with recruiters that get high fees from job-seekers.

8. Visit Dubai’s leading companies’ websites

Check the websites of the main companies in Dubai and scrutinize their vacancies pages. If you find a good job position, it’s better to apply directly via a company’s website.

The benefits of working in Dubai

The benefits of working in Dubai

1.Tax- free income

One of the main advantages of working in Dubai is that your income is almost tax-exempt. You are not obliged to pay a portion of your income to the government as a tax. This can help you have a higher available income and a better quality of life.

2.Experiencing a multicultural environment

Since the majority of people who are working in the workplace are ex-pats, it has led to diversity in the workforce where employees come from different countries. The advantage of working in Dubai is that you will experience working with people from various countries and also familiarize yourself with people from different nations. You can create the ability to work with people from various cultures and backgrounds.

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Searching for a job in dubai

3.Work on international projects

Many international companies are working in Dubai, by working in these companies you gain a wonderful experience and if you are working on a famous project, you can add to your professional experience.

4.Advantages for employees

As an employee, you can take advantage of different benefits. These benefits are health insurance, one month of vacation for each year and airfare for a round trip to your country of residence. In addition, you can benefit from accommodation allowances, salary bonuses, flexible working hours and contributions for extra education.

5.Safe environment

Dubai is proud of providing a safe environment with a low crime rate which makes it a good place to live and work.