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Dubai is a land of interminable opportunities for burgeoning entrepreneurs. It has a functional environment in the Middle East that is liberal and favorable. This convinces many young entrepreneurs to consider launching their businesses in Dubai. You can start a retail business or a grocery store in Dubai.  If you want to know how to open a grocery store in Dubai, you must follow a few steps for the finalization of the standard procedure to start a grocery store in Dubai. Business establishment in Dubai becomes easier than ever when you cooperate with the business advisors at Coverdale. We look after documentation, licensing, and everything else you require to launch one of the Dubai grocery stores. We can help you to become familiar with how to open a grocery store in Dubai and launch your store successfully.

Necessary steps to start a grocery store in Dubai

Step 1. Decision making

Before you decide to launch a grocery store in Dubai, you are obliged to first specify your primary budget, business location, company structure and the type of license you will need, and investigate the present market trends. In addition, you must consider the expense of a grocery license in Dubai, along with any other authorizations that you may require so as to set up a completely developed grocery store in Dubai. Decision-making is a very important step to knowing how to open a grocery store in Dubai.

Necessary steps to start a grocery store in Dubai

Step 2. Preparing the required documentation for grocery store

Documentation is a need that must be fulfilled. It is essential to deliver the trade license application with the owner(s)’ passport and visa. Then, there is the occupancy contract, Ejari, authorizations from the Municipality, trademark registration from the Ministry of Economy, and any other documentation that may be required. When requesting a grocery store license in Dubai, having all of these documents available is essential to making sure a trouble-free experience.

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Step 3. Initial Sanction

So as to launch a grocery store in Dubai, the required documents must be filed according to the rules arranged by the Dubai government and the Department of Economic Development in the city. The Department of Environmental Defense issues initial clearance after meticulously evaluating all of the documents. Acquiring initial clearance means that the UAE government has given authorization for your company to run in Dubai. Without getting this authorization, you will be inhibited from keeping on to the next stages in the application process.

Necessary steps to start a grocery store in Dubai

Step 4. Acquiring a Trade Name

The Department of Economic Development must give official permission for the trade name. It is necessary that the trade name on the license and on the signboard of the grocery store be exactly like on the license. The trade name, which is usually known as the commercial name, must be according to the standards set up by the Department of Energy. Ensure that your official name does not involve any derogatory or controversial phrases, since doing so may get you involved in legal problems with the authorities. In addition, if you want to make use of a person’s complete name as your formal company name, eschew making any allusions to gods or using the name of a fictitious character.

Step 5. Selecting a Location

In the case that you have formerly filed your occupancy contract and decided on your location before getting initial clearance, you may be able to avoid this step. It is essential to get DED authorization before launching a store if the location has not been finalized or may change. As soon as you’ve finalized a location for your grocery store, write the leasing contract and apply for the Ejari license.

how to open a grocery store in Dubai?

Step 6. Issuance of the License for grocery store

In Dubai, every type of economic activity is categorized under a specific license category. Licenses are bifurcated into four groups: commercial licenses, professional licenses, tourist licenses, and industrial licenses. Commercial licenses are the most typical type of license. A business license is needed so s to launch a food store in Dubai. Only items that are determined as grocery products are authorized to be sold under a grocery license. It prohibits the selling of any products that are connected to medicine, herbal remedies, pharmaceuticals, or even cosmetics in any way. Paying the grocery license cost in Dubai within the determined time frame is necessary to make sure that the license is always valid. So it is essential to know how to open a grocery store in Dubai and what are you allowed to sell.

how to open a grocery store in Dubai?

Step 7.  Visa Application and Processing

The processing of visas happens concomitantly with the application for a business license. You will obtain your investor visa at this point, and you will capable of applying for future family and employee visas through the business at this time.

Step 8.  Train employees for the store

You must also train staff for the store so that they get acquainted with all the procedures of handling a grocery store.

Step 9.  Get the goods for your grocery store

Another step is to get the products for your grocery store. You are required to find providers who are eager to provide you with quality products at competitive prices. The best way to find these providers is by meeting them in person or via their agents. When you meet with the providers, you should ask them questions regarding their product providing and how they will offer it to you. You must check if they have sufficient capacity and if they can provide on time.

how to open a grocery store in Dubai?


Step 10. Advertise your store online and offline

There are many different methods of advertising for a store and other products. You can make use of newspapers, magazines, flyers and direct mailers along with radio ads. If you want to be accessible to people on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you can make use of these platforms for advertising your products. Besides this, you can also utilize website banners on the website that has been designed for your business.

11. Specify prices for products in your grocery store

It is necessary for you to specify how much each product should cost at your grocery shop so that you underhand what prices to ask for them later on. It’s essential that you also take into account factors like how much space each product occupies on the shelf and whether it is temporary or not (e.g., milk).

What are the crucial directions to follow when launching a grocery store in Dubai?

What are the crucial directions to follow when launching a grocery store in Dubai?

Besides the above-stated steps, you must keep a few more things in mind to start a grocery store. Here’s an arranged list to facilitate it for you:

If the store’s location is to be altered, then the owner must have sanction from the DED in advance. It’s better to rent a store in Dubai rather than putting money into real estate as a rented shop permits trouble-free relocation.

The DED must be aware of all the goods being sold at the store. Make sure that you don’t sell any medical, pharmaceutical, herbal, and cosmetics goods as a grocery license don’t have the needed authorizations to sell these products.

Set up a correct sale invoice system that visibly mentions the policies concerning replacement, return, and refund of the bought goods.

Any modification/change must not be conducted without the sanction of the concerned authority. Any departure from the anticipated business operation must be reported to the authority.

The owner must obtain sanction from the concerned authority to make use of any advertisement, stickers, posters, or banner ads.

Make sure that all the goods have a valid production and expiry date labeled on them.

Selling goods with counterfeit trademarks is forbidden by the law and should never be done under any circumstances.

You must also have a VAT registration number and file tax returns as given permission to cat by the government of UAE.

How a grocery store is a profitable business?

Grocery stores are one of the most significant businesses to set up in Dubai since it is an industry that is growing quickly. There are many advantages to launching a grocery store in Dubai.

The first advantage of starting a grocery shop in Dubai is that there are so many people who are obliged to purchase food regularly.

The second advantage is that the city is experiencing such a high population increase rate that there will always be new consumers for your business.

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How a grocery store is a profitable business?

The third advantage is that there are many various kinds of households in Dubai, and each household has various needs when it comes to purchasing groceries. For instance, some people need organic foods whereas others just need goods consisting of preservatives or artificial colors or additives. You can meet these various needs by providing various goods at variable prices according to how much you sell each kind of product.

The fourth advantage of starting a grocery store in Dubai is that you can make money from advertising with big companies.

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