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clinics and hospitals in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its excellent medical services. It is equipped with a huge number of hospitals that provide the best medical solutions to patients. If you are in search of the best clinics and hospitals in Dubai, there is no need to be worried, since there are different medical teams there. The following list includes some of the best clinics and hospitals in Dubai.

The best clinics and hospitals in Dubai

Offering the best healthcare and medical services with safe and modern equipment, these are the best clinics and hospitals in Dubai that can meet your clinical needs.

The best clinics and hospitals in Dubai

1.Emirates Hospital

Emirates Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Dubai which offers the best medical, cosmetic and rehabilitation services all over the city. This hospital offers clinical solutions based on the personal conditions of the patients in order to enhance the quality of their life and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. This hospital takes advantage of a team of the world’s famous medical doctors and modern technology. It offers medical solutions in different areas such as Cardiology, Dermatology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, and Urology.


Mediclinic is one of the biggest and most well-known private hospitals in Dubai and all over the UAE which possesses over 22 clinics, 7 hospitals and 35 medical centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Providing the most modern medical treatments to patients, it includes the main values of simplicity, dexterity and accessibility. A suitable option for those living in Al Qusais, Al Sufouh and Mirdif, Mediclinic offers excellent healthcare services in areas such as Obstetrics, Family Medicine and Dermatology. It boasts a team of leading medical professionals. This is one of the most renowned chains of hospitals and clinics in Dubai that presents trustworthy medical solutions.

list of clinics and hospitals in Dubai


Considered one of the best hospital chains in Dubai, MedCare meets the medical needs of the patients. No matter whether it is a regular fever or any severe disease, this hospital has the best medical solutions to offer. Providing unique treatments in Cardiology, Urology and E.N.T. with the assistance of very skilled doctors, nurses and other medical staff, MedCare is famous for its comprehensive approach to health. There are different branches of MedCare in Dubai that you can go to see if you need to take to a doctor or receive over-the-counter medicines. The most extraordinary among these are the branches in Al Safa and Sheikh Zayed Road. MedCare also possesses several famous clinics in Dubai all over popular residential neighborhoods.

list of clinics and hospitals in Dubai

4.Aster hospitals

Aster is one of the main hospitals in the UAE. It includes a wide range of medical centers from clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals to a state-of-art Medical city. With different branches all over the region in Bur Dubai, Karama and Al Qusais, Aster is one of the main players in the Dubai medical services industry with a promise to solve all the medical problems of patients. It is equipped with a team of skilled medical professionals. It offers both medical and diagnostic services at very affordable prices. Whether you are looking for an appointment with a doctor or seeking medicines, Aster knows how to satisfy you. Regardless of the reputable multispecialty hospital in Mankhool, Aster also runs clinics, medical centers and pharmacies in Dubai and across the UAE.

5.NMC Healthcare

NMC is one of the most prominent hospitals in Dubai. Recognized for its honest commitment to the health of the patients, it is counted among the best hospitals in the city. Their doctors are experts in many areas such as general practice, ENT, gynecology, and dentistry, hence you can simply use their advice during times of emergency. Officially connected with leading national and international insurance companies, NMC is a suitable choice for those living in Deira, DIP or Al Nahda. This is also one of the more inexpensive hospitals in Dubai.

The best clinics and hospitals in Dubai

6.Thumbay hospital

With different branches all over Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubai, the Thumbay Chain of Hospitals is one of the most trustworthy healthcare systems in the UAE. It has different medical parts in the country- from numerous clinics and pharmacies to a group of diagnostic labs. Being proud of an advanced Accident and Emergency Department, the Thumbay group of hospitals also provides different other services. This consists of dietician’s services, day and night pharmacies, electronic kiosks, a coffee shop, as well as a terrace restaurant. In addition to the Thumbay hospital in Al Qusais, this chain runs several other medical centers and clinics in Dubai.

7.Prime Medical Centers Clinics

Prime Medical Group is one of the most reliable medical suppliers in the UAE. It has various branches in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. With regard to Prime Medical Centers in Dubai, there are various branches in Deira, BurJuman and Sheikh Zayed Road. Prime Medical Center Dubai offers services in general and specialized disciplines.

8.Dr. Joseph’s Polyclinic

One of the best clinics in Dubai is Dr. Joseph’s Polyclinic. With a committed team of doctors and paramedical personnel, the clinic delivers the best dental, radiological, urological and pathological solutions in Dubai. In addition, it has a reliable pediatrics department that guarantees each child receives the best medical services. It possesses two branches in Dubai. One is set in Al Qusais while the other is in Al Karama.

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list of clinics and hospitals in Dubai

9.American Hospital

The internationally recognized private medical center, American Hospital runs two clinics including Al Barsha and Dubai Media City.  Being considered one of the best hospitals in Dubai, American Hospital guarantees each clinic provides complete one-stop care in Dubai.

10.Dubai London Clinic

One of the biggest private clinics, Dubai London Clinic provides the best healthcare. It consists of a committed team of doctors who try to add value to patient’s life by providing them with the best medical, dental and other associated medical services.

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clinics and hospitals in Dubai


Defining new horizons in medical services excellence, Medeor has become one of the top hospitals in Dubai. With a dedicated team and modern medical equipment, it guarantees maximum effectiveness while providing the best medical solutions. Providing each patient with the personalized treatment they need, the hospital shows amazing empathy for the patients. The leading branch is situated in Bur Dubai and is open 24/7.

12.Al Zahra Hospital

Al Zahra is a flourishing medical group in the UAE, which is concentrated on patient-focused healthcare. It has different branches all over the popular neighborhoods in Dubai, such as Al Barsha and Al Safa. Adopting advanced techniques and equipment, it guarantees quality in the clinical sector. Its services are not restricted to offering assistance to local patients but it also helps foreign patients with modern medical facilities.

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